Saturday, August 28, 2010

Feeling Alive

on Jone's balcony, barbecuing away. felt so skillful :P

this is getting on my nerves, what the heck is wrong with my blog skin? -.-'' seriously very ugly okay? the weird part is that it's only like this on this particular page! does anyone know why this has happened?

oh and the reason for me removing the chat box was because i hated random unknown spammers leaving crap on my pretty chat box. so if you wanna drop your thoughts concerning my blog or whatever, just feel free to leave comments on the post itself :)

since i have been using a Blackberry, i can tweet anywhere and at anytime! woots! :D
follow me will ya :)

looky here, my hair condition is way better but in order for it to look real good, i will need to brush up on my blow drying skills and that is going to be so much work. can i? discipline myself to wake up every morning at 6am or maybe even earlier just so that my hair stays in perfect condition when i'm in college? haha i doubt so :) i don't think i'm THAT vain lah. still very vain but not till that extend. maybe just once in awhile when i feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel like it :3

Reactions to my new hair do
*stares then looks away and takes another glance* "Eh! I thought you were a Korean girl! hahahha!"

*stares* "wtf? you're not Melissa right? haha!" *points at some random chick* "that's Melissa right?"

"ohemgee! hehehe"

"what? i thought you were somebody else!"

"nice!" *thumbs up*

"eh Melissa, what did you do ah?! you look different" (wtf. i gave him a damn stupid answer that i do not remember lawls)

"you cut your hair? you look so cute! like a doll!"

"you look like a Japanese girl!"

well only remember these few! in general, loads of people said i look either like a Jap or a Korean or that i look cute. so Kawaii like that lu :) hahaha! loving my new look :) cute, kawaii.. whatever it is. i just think it was a good change!

me right after my last driving lesson :) test is on Monday, hope i don't get cold feet :/

ps: Olivia Tan is a party Poop-er!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kiss Goodbye

Wang Lee Hom's showcase that was held at One Utama to promote his new album :) it was quite an epic event for the fans and also the non-fans. Overall, the whole showcase was quite a disappointment to me, maybe because my expectations were a bit higher? anyway.. Why I say so? well he only sang one song, the infamous Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi. yeah that was about it! after waiting an hour under the scorching sun and not being able to breathe properly in the stuffy crowd! one miserable song? damn. felt kinda cheated in a way. And i even heard some of the fans waited since morning :S till that extend? how insane! it was supposed to start at about 6pm but ended up starting at around 7 ish.
But ya know what? to me that was just one small tiny winy problem cause as long as he was there for me to lean on and just be there for me, I was one happy girl :)

A very lucky one as well :D

without me knowing, he got me his album the day before the showcase :'( shooooo sweet! huh? it also came with a limited edition key that you can actually take to the key maker dude to have it shaped :) pretty awesome stuff. Oh and i also got a poster :D
thank you sooooooooo very much babyboy :)

camwhored like mad! what? it was quite a long ride wokays :P

not sure why i like this picture of us but we seem so happy :)

HAHAHA! babe u look like er..... :) just smile next time okay? :D

this boyfriend of mine, woah i salute! he carried me up so that i could watch LeeHom sing on stage cause we were both practically blocked by everybody in front of us! couldn't see for shytz lah. wtf. was quite the tu lanz. anyway, what i had captured...

pathetic? haha :( i know.

that's about it, these two pictures of two tiny LeeHom's :D
but woah look at the number of cameras phones! kewl.

at that point i wanted to be his height :(

you stick to that guy over there and he will do whatever it takes to go all the way for you haha! nah not you, just me :D

we were one of the first 20 to get an autograph! don't ask how ;)

the one who got the chance to see him up close :) it seemed like a dream at first.

Churros! coated with cinnamon :3 ohhhhmygawd.
HEAVEN I TELL YA! craving for him now. dammit.

Funnel cake topped with caramel and chocolate, well i don't recommend it though.
quite a waste of money. just order different types of churros :)
they could have tasted better if they hadn't over fry it :(

i spy with my little eye, some chi yok!!
diet and dance. that's what imma do :) will need to deprive myself.. aih.

fans were still queuing up for his autograph when we were on our way back home, we wind down the windows and blasted Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi :D everyone gazed at us like we were celebs. chey!

well that's all folks! just for now that is :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Konichiwa ^^

Surprise surprise! :D hope you guys like the new look :)
the bangs wasn't what i had in mind at first, all i wanted to do was to trim my damaged hair plus also maybe change it a little bit but didn't think of a short fringe. After perming and coloring my hair a month ago, my hair had loss its shine and a part of it was quite badly damaged by all the bleaching and perming. sigh. it saddens me cause previously my hair glowed and was very healthy i must say :3

I used to have bangs once, back in 2009.
was a tad bit reluctant to do it at first haha, knowing me i like to change my mind. still am not entirely used to the fact that i have a short fringe now but what the heck :) no regrets though! A change is healthy! definitely happy with the cut overall, thanks a lot Mark :D

Oh and if you guys have been following my facebook you'd know that i'm having this dilemma, where which phone i should use.. a Blackberry Bold or an Iphone 3Gs. well daddy wanted to pass down his Iphone 3Gs to me but i think he has changed his mind, or maybe i wasn't persistent at all so yeah. anyway i have the Blackberry Bold with me now and i wanna familiarize myself with it and see if i really do like using it or not. so far so good actually :) the smsing is a little challenging but whats the fun without a little challenge right? haha :P

My dad subscribed for Digi so that i can surf online and so forth, but unfortunately Digi sucks to the max! -.- there isn't any signal at my housing area so that means i can't make calls nor can i text people! and yeah since i do not have wireless at home, i can't even go online. wtf? this is why i always say, Maxis is the best! no problems at all. sigh much. nothing is permanent at this moment but hopefully things would flow my way :)

nights all!

Monday, August 23, 2010

王力宏 ♥

I was part of the press so I got to attend their press conference! nyek nyek. why? you nono believe me? too bad then *hand* :P

:3 i wish. hahahaha! stole off those pictures from some random website I stumbled upon.
I will only blog on his showcase a little bit later, have not uploaded the pictures yet :(

currently in the library, class in another half an hour. hmmm :) listening to his album right now! it's love <3 thank you lz, you ze bezt! :D Taylor's Lakeside has officially opened up a Subway at the commercial building! woohooo! :) was a loooonnggg queue, expected. had my Subway Melt, not too bad! prefer steak and cheese though :3 hahaha, oh my. i'm supposed to go on a diet, well subway is pretty healthy and breakfast is a must right? :) hopefully SNOWFLAKE will come, that would be the ultimate man. the hot weather plus soya ice series, set 2, add ocha balls! HOLIAO! :D Wong Kok is almost done with their renovation, but isn't that restaurant like non halal? porkerinaaaaaa :)

class gonna start soon so, ttfn :)
xoxo, Mel

Sunday, August 22, 2010


was it too much to ask?

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Music Man

I have been a fan of his music for quite some years now, not exactly crazy crazy about him but he is absolutely gorgeous is so many ways! every girls dream boy? no? I have never attended any of his concerts or whatsoever but that doesn't mean i ain't a fan right? haha. so anyway i will be going to his showcase for sure! This Sunday at Central Park Avenue, 1 Utama 6pm. Be there if you want his autograph and hear him sing Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi and his other awesome pohsome hit, 18 Martial Arts!!! I fell in love with these two songs immediately when i watched the movie Love in Disguise! haha yeap, watched a Mandarin movie last week :) with Kim the cousin who is a big fan of him!

the storyline was rather quite the typical boy meets girl and they end up falling in love with each other kinda thing, but just with a little twist here and there :) the mix of classical and pop music was genius! this movie was also directed and produced by Lee Hom himself. see how talented this guy is? how can we not love him? :3

i can't deny that there were super cheesy scenes in the movie, he and co starring actress Crystal Liu start floating in the sky where they're surrounded by mountains and clouds in China? hahaha! some cornyshytz yesh? there were also many hilarious moments where i burst out into laughter! heh. Must watch if you love Wang Lee Hom!

Not a big fan of classical music but the Erhu is definitely an exception!

Ah de and Xiaoqing

Mufan, hahahaha :P his name is somehow funny :)

i love her skin and that long hair, damn girl!

hello there handsome ;)

one more session of driving and good to go! go as in sit for the test :D haha! i can't wait. hopefully those hours pays off and i would breeze through it :)

let me end this post with this song :)
till then, xoxo,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


sharing a beautiful song with you :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

With A Touch of Boredom

this little guy keeps me company when i take a nap in the car :) the best friend.

fringe is getting longer and boring, shall i snip it off again?

prolly the emo-est picture of me

when i run out of ideas, anything goes baybeh!

it's 10pm and i have not had my dinner :( feel bad wasting so much time online and watching tv. oh well, it's just one day. was dead tired from college and everything! but failed to take a nap, not too sure why though.. hmm :3
well it's best to call it a day :) nights

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Korean Food Is No. 1!

Located in One Bangsar :) happened to chance upon this really cozy little Korean BBQ restaurant when mom and i were looking out for a nice place to have some yummy food!

only realized it was called Zens Korean BBQ when i scrutinized the table mat and immediately sent a message to lz when he was all the way in Hong Kong to tell him about it :)

you can have the choice to sit outside too :)

side dishes, the best part of a Korean meal! no?

it'z ze Ribzeyez :D the mushroom is love!

their Kimchi Jiggae was GOOD as well :D i finally found an awesome place to chill and have my favourite stew and also watch KBS World ;)

day dreamer no. 1

i know i look like a hamsaleh but i was seriously way too lazy to make up for dinner lawl.

mommy says she looks horrible in all the pictures i took so no pictures of her in this post :(

Mrs. Potato!

huge thang right there!

go! indulge ;)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

An Overdue of Anger

Was there was a carrot shoved up your ass or you were naturally born a moron? OR maybe you're one unloved child who desperately needs mommy's tender loving care but just way too arrogant to admit it? tsk. shame on you and your parents! Unfortunate for your generations to come though. sigh.

What happened was this, i don't know whether it's my "karma" or just my luck kinda thing having to encounter these kind of people in just a week. not only was i surprised but was very flabbergasted and it extremely ticked me off! literally pushed me against the wall. and now for the stories....

Scenario no. 1

One day, grandmother, mom and i headed to The Gardens for a little shopping. it was the day after MTV World Stage and in my super blur and lethargic state of mind. while mom was scouting for a parking spot in peace and it was pretty quick when we found one :) lucky us indeed. okay i think i would have a trouble describing the incident so i shall draw it out! shall AMAZE you with my artsy farty skills :D *a few minutes later....* AHHHHH my drawing turned out quite bad but it's sufficient enough i suppose? haha.

as the drawing shows, mommy parked her car to the side so that other cars have space to overtake her in front but this jerk at the back was probably a stupid ass cause..... i really don't know actually, Maybe cause any IDIOT would have known that she wanted to park, with her signaling to indicate to the left =.= my gawd. he started to honk us from behind and so....

with consideration, mom drove a little further up. who knew, after a few more honks from the jerk he drove right next to our car and wind down the window and so did my mom...

Mom: I wanna park.
Asshole: (pause for a few seconds) BITCH! GO FUCK YOURSELF!
(while the father of the asshole showed a middle finger)
Mom: (in shock) hahahaha why?

by the time my mom could finish her sentence, he already sped off. what a pussy. right now, just visualizing the situation all over again makes me wanna laugh though. especially when the old man stuck his finger at us. wow! hahahaha. no seriously, it tickles me now.

my grandmother thought she heard him say "GO PARK YOUSELF!" omg. hilarious la phor. Mom was like "yi kong ("he said" in hokkien) GO FUCK YOURSELF! lah" Grandmother: "AIYOHHH! kong chao wah! ("say bad word")". ZZzzzzZzzzz

everything just happened in a blink of an eye and i was so mad at myself for not being more alert towards the situation! dang. i would have totally shouted 1000 bad words at him! a straight combo of vulgarity. urgh, how wasted. too bad lah the wuss ran away like that so quickly. anyway, it wouldn't have been worth it right?........nah it would have been a farking absolute 100% satisfactory to blow him off his top for bullying my mother. farktard. pfft.

Scenario no. 2

My classmate was driving, forgotten who drove lah must have been Darren. anyway he was just driving normally on the road then all of a sudden when i turned to my right i saw a fat ass Indian dude on a motorbike sticking his middle finger at us and continued with a big laugh. wtf? i have no idea what he was trying to prove but he did look like an idiot for sure.

ps: excuse my french throughout the whole post ;)

this is irrelevant but i love my manicured nails! The Nail Parlour in Megamall, they're also in KLCC :) strongly recommended. Rm30 only! for a Pedicure it's only an extra of Rm10 :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

All Dogs Go To Heaven, Yup Certainly!

Tora Owell, i miss you my bullmastiff. hope heaven is treating you well :3 ♥

I know what you guys are staring at, and it isn't that adorable creature on the right but the one on the left :O how dare you!!!! well ya know what? those pair of bushmen eyebrows are the greatest thing god gave me so buzz off :) without them my eyebrows wouldn't be so thick plus it's now perfectly shaped ;) and of course having the advantage of more hair i would never fear lacking of eyebrow :D as the eyebrow plays a big role on your face! gengengeng. my school mates used to call me Russian and McDonald and also Unibrow! yeah well i just took those comments with a pinch of salt! didn't affect me much cause i usual am confident of myself in a way :)

ok more about those sexy thangs later on! :) for now i will go hit the sack cause i am needed to wake up at 6am AGAIN.

Those Were The Days

High School Love

ps: open up for a better view :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Only I Will Know

impatient is what i am, this picture doesn't show it but i really am >:( pfft.
you owe me big time for leaving me alone in Malaysia :3

Today's Agenda

1. Facial at 1pm
- It's going to be one excruciating session thanks to late nights and bad skin :( i have to constantly remind myself, "flawless skin, flawless skin, FLAWLESS SKIN!" as a consolation.

2. Manicure & Pedicure
- Need pampering badly, my nails were screwed up by my own attempt of a manicure. sigh

3. wondering what time you would arrive :3
-but you would probably be very tired and might just go to bed straight away and since i am such a considerate gf *cough* i wouldn't complain :( :( double sigh

4. Sleep latest by 11pm for college the next morning!
- procrastinate is what i might do and end up sleeping at 12am instead though. man i'm hopeless.


my baby boy, Bruno Tan :)



Saturday, August 7, 2010

Early in the morning...

Big Bang, Koe Wo Kikasete ♥

I suppose whenever i listen to a Japanese song, it will only by them :D listen to it!

in 4 minutes i would be going for my driving lesson, sigh i am so not up for it -.- can't wait to get over it soon! well i guess he will be here anytime now! enjoy the weekend y'all :)


Friday, August 6, 2010

Cloud Nine ♥

Lately i have been seeing and listening to sweet sweet stories and super duper romantic moments that my friends experience with their lover or companion, that very special someone in life. just having to see my loved ones so happy and at times not being their usual self's because of that little love bubble their in makes me so satisfied and happy for them :) truly am.

when you just smile for absolutely no reason and people probably think you're mental. yeap! that's what love does to you :)

Keep the love going on and on guys