Sunday, June 29, 2008

i feel like eating pasta right now! i love pastas with creamy sauce, SEAFOOD! yumm, especially the white creamy pastas which have a gazillion calories in it, who cares about the calories..pfft!! its HEAVEN!

i'm currently in love with Declan Galbraith's voice! dude, this dude is so talented! he's not only talented, he has such a sweet face... way too cute!, he kinda reminds me of David Archuleta :) sharp features and their wide smile which shows such sincerity. He is part Scottish and part Irish (hee i have this thing for Irish men after reading and watching PS I Love You :P) anyway, he is now 17 years old and he started singing in public when is was only 7 years old. My favourite song of his is 'An Angel'.

when he was a lil kid!

and guess what? my cina apek classmates were the first to introduce me to him!! how shockingly awesome is that hah? never thought they would appreciate such music haha :D

Friday, June 27, 2008

John's Multi Party *pout* =D

these past weeks i've been going out and driving my parents crazy with all the fetching and waiting! i really have to stop going out for awhile. hahaha luckily my moms getting a facial today so i have a good excuse not to go for interacts IU Day! hah! lol i'm sorry guys, not in the mood for school events! though i was excited... at first :D Carmen: i hope you rocked the stage with ur fantastic acting my dear! soooo sorry i aint there to watch you! loves! xx

young min and i, can you see that red ekky thing on my shoulders? i got that from kim's bday party, my aunt aka Dr. Goon said its some sun burn == and my skins too sensitive thats why it turned out like that, they look like sun strokes.

the last party i attended was John's super late birthday party + farewell party + after exam = MULTI PARTY party on the 21th, June and i had tonnes of fun! thanks a bunch john! :D i'm so glad i didn't get sun burnt, thanks to the weather which was psychotic that afternoon it was going from cloudy to sunny then cloudy and then sunny again. i was the first to get dumped in the pool by ez and ym, well actually it was more of them putting me in the pool instead of throwing HAHA! gee how gentle of you guys :) *rolls eyes* hehe.. since i was the only one in the pool, everyone were staring at me. Kim eventually joined me and then ym got pushed in by ez! lol

miss loner in the pool took a candid of kim trying to pull ez and dan waving at the cam?! :D

ez on the phone, how relaxed eh :D

kim and i, *splash splash!*

a cat underwater!

wooo, someone camwhores *wink*

john's so out of place in this picture haha!

they were having FUN splashing at each other alternately :D

such an adorable picture don't cha think?! sweet brotherly love!

such great laughter we shared!

a very watersplashingspontaneous shot of us! :D

hahahaha!!! ym farting with style!! i wonder who took this lovely picture :D *hint*

teehee kim looks like she has a mustache which is made out of water? hahaha!

he is ever so keen to give me a piggie back ride!

lovin' his hair eh? :D

After all that crazy fun in the pool, it was time to EAT!!! the lamb was soooo gooodddd!
John catered, so we had loads of food to eat and all the yummy food came along with...


and a "make up artist"? HAHAHA!

mel: *taking some random stuff out of bag*
ym: *spots make up* EZANIE EZANIE!! make up :D!!
ez: *rushes to the table like a mad man and starts taking out my make up*

yeah eventually had to let him haha! i'm lucky he improved!

aww! ez and risa :)

2 very sexy fishes!

the host, Johnathan Beechey! :D

him enjoying his food :D

hahaha!!! he was trying to smile with his eyes open and failed tremendously :P

so he ended up squinting like he always does :D

hehe! someone needs to clean up!

now with dan and chris on the right :D

the girls! *rolls eyes*

weee! playground y'll!

we played hide and seek! i couldn't stop laughing when we were hiding hahaha, it was hilarious and cause of my hyper self, we got caught!

when i finally got a decent picture with him :D

OOOLALA! yes give me angry! *grrrr* :D

xoxo mel

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kimchi's Awesome Party!

someone has not even hit 16 years old and has already celebrated her birthday! hahaha! on the 15th of June, a big group of us went all the way to Sunway to have a wild time with Kim, the "birthday girl"! :D from lunch to great load of fun and dinner at Tony Roma's :D

lunch at pizza hut, i didn't realize that we were making a hell lot of noise untill i turned around and saw dagger eyes staring at us!! hahaha!

my baby lion, wearing the pink tee i bought him!! :D


my bubbly and lovable friend! Sue Shen :D


the huge blue ducky and i!

a blur pic of kim and i

very wet and excited us!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


today was definitely a gossipy and interesting day.
Guess what I've been doing for the past days this week??
GOSSIP GIRL MANIA!!! I've watched 17 episodes on Jine's ipod already and the last part of episode 17 was oh so utterly jaw dropping! and the suspense is killing me!!!! i so can't wait to watch episode 18 tomorrow!!! :D thanks to Jine and Carmen making me watch it, my ears are wide open for Gossips right now. bring it on bitch!

Damn.. now, i regret not reading gossip girl.

Christopher Chace Crawford a 22 year old hottie who plays Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl. Damn....... He can really make out *imagines* HAHAHA!
hey, you can't blame me! he is has such sexy blue eyes. =/

seriously!? do i look like a bitch? geezers people!
i guess i have gotta admit that everyone usually judges the book by its cover.... well thank god you know the true me now..

I know you love me...
xoxo *wink*