Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 1, ^.^v

An overdue post on the homestay!

well was a great experience hosting a Jap for the first time, no regrets!
Endoh Akihiro, he was more of an introvert but that was obviously due to the fact that he can't speak much in english which made things harder for communication wise and especially i do not speak a word of japanese, muteness and akwardness was in the air most of the time hahaha! oh well at least I had a heap full of fun during those 3 days!

Before they came to Sri Garden in the morning...

'De Wushu Team' who worked their arses off for the past weeks! i've never seen so much dedication before! they practiced every morning and even after school hours. They are all from 5Sc3 btw! aw i'm so proud of you guys! woot :D If you're wondering, the one in pink is their couch! ain't he adorable? haha wait till you see his wushu skills man! very chun! :D i award them the best performance!

haha! jun's cacat name tag :P

woot! they're here :D

the corsage we had to pin to their thick blazers and and guess what?! coincidentally Akihiro was next to me so i got to pin the corsage on him! :D

Jun spotted these pretty girls while we were walking towards the hall!

their presentation

learn and play time in 5sc3!

SUKI! very kawaii :D

at home..
his electronic dictionary that he carries along everywhere he goes

met everyone else at Madam Kwan, Pavilion


Team B won tickets to watch F1!
with MY help :P lol

wheres my champagne?

Kai having fun racing!

lz and i
and errr ben at the back XD haha!

Jac and i, aww :)
love this shot of us!

group picture! without the japs though hehe..

we even got free pens HAHA :P

after that we walked to times square which was pretty far from pav! thank goodness i wasnt wearing heels, i would end up breaking the shoe!!

times square is mostly about entertainment right? haha so if its not the bowling centre or theme park, its the arcade! plus the guys and fong bee love playing games :D so they had a ball while i watched, laughed my ass off and played a lil of air hockey HAHAHA ;) oh oh jac and ben were at starbucks gossiping the whole entire time when we were at the arcade! how anti social TSK :P

how intense!

i pity the ride hahahaha! typical of boys don'tcha think? will never grow up HAHA

we sweated, played, walked and took ages to get a lift from taxis, what can i say? only that malaysian taxi drivers are assholes! *grins* they pick, choose and charge according to their whims and fancies! we all should fart at them HEHEHE

anyway we got to Royale China in one piece :D
lz's papa treated us, how generous of him! thank you uncle!

ignore my face and look at theirs! one word! CUTE :D

Kimochi!!! :D

our final stop
KLCC, to visit the twin towers.

he was over exhausted at this point!
Akihiro: ahhhhh! very very tired!!! very sleepy but very very ENJOY!

sexy :O

HAHA someone looks fierceeee :P

posers at the back! they think they're cool ;)

Day 2 coming up soon!

what a blardy nightmare...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Can you feel this?

YS annual dinner at the Royal Lake Club

Chris and i burning the floor!

chris and i before our dance performance
all pumped up!

Cleopatra and i ;)

a very happy uncle John :D

after a longgggggggggggg day of practice!

the great result!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm Your Number 1!

crazy, hot, mad party, shorty drop it low for me

you can keep me company
your look sweet, smell like honey

tonight is the big show! so wish me luck will ya? :D
after all the hard work, it should and MUST turn out frigging AWESOME!!!

last night i was scared to my pants that i might be coming down with some kind of illness, thank goodness i feel so much better now :)

will post up vids of the dance soon!


Friday, March 13, 2009

A whole day of all that...

Today a big group of us Sri Gardeners attended KLASSMUN, which stands for Kuala Lumpur's Alice Smith School, Model United Nations!

Costa Rica babyyyyy! haha!

well in my opinion day 1 was honestly boring! i almost fell asleep during the debate == oh i'm upset they didn't give us name tags! probably it's because we didn't pay any fee?! hmmm...

but there are always the SUPER FUN parts :D
which were...
gossiping and having freakingawesomesmoresum conversations on our long journey back to school at the back of the bus!!! scandalous and vulgar! what can i say? we had a korean in the bus! hahahaha jk :)
the driver even stopped the bloody bus to tell us off, well he just said "HELLO!!!" HAHAHAHA! pretty much knew what he was hinting at :P sorry la uncle, what to do? we are TEENAGERS :D at one point he kept shouting at us in chinese! "bu yao BLA BLA BLA" == haha and he stared at us alot too! must have been all the improper language we were using, not only that.. we spoke at the very top of our voices like nobody's business! LOL
having these bus-conversations is what we do! a MUST kinda thing! especially when we have all the RIGHT people! you know who you babis are! :D

anyway, SGMUN was much more fun in comparison :)

with ms. awesomenesssss! XD

i know, awkward! buttock to buttock pose, rawr!

the most disturbing couple alive! LOL

aww, zhao expressing his love!

bus fun!

picture of the day! PRICELESS! please do open this picture to have a closer look at their FAB expressions :D

well i thought of not going for tomorrows conference but i think it's only fair to finish up what i've started :) so here i come! more masturDEBATING tomorrow! HAHAHA! some dude came up to us and said....

dude: see ya guys tomorrow for more MASTURDEBATING!
me: 0.0!!! *lmao*

damn, that was a good one!

gosh what a long day without you! sigh..