Wednesday, January 28, 2009

peace and love baby

picture perfect.

this dress was given to me as a birthday present last year from jian rick and william, yes! can you imagine them having such great taste? hahaha looks can be deceiving i guess :) well let me share with you a little story... it's pretty straight forward and simple. they got me one size wayyyy too big including this outfit lz got me as well. both were from Forever 21. tsk, naughty boys thought i was fat or something ==, so anyway i told them about the problem and the next day lz and i went to exchange sizes for both the outfits. after looking high and low for the dresses, i finally found the right sizes for both dresses but lz told me to get something i personally liked myself so i went around looking for something i liked and being myself, super fickle minded couldn't find the perfect outfit! omg that was the very first time ive ever felt so stressed out when im SHOPPING! hahahahaha! poor guy was just following me around and at the same time complaining how slow i was just to pick something but hey! there were way too many to pick. anyway to cut the long story short, we spent 2 over hours in Forever 21 HAHAHA some record eh? :P yes yes well eventually i did find what i really liked la after modeling in and out of the changing room lol pretty fun though!

love u, u lil brat!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy CNY!

wishing everyone a happy chinese new year! gong xi fa cai, selamat tahun baru cina! :D
ang pau ang pau ang pau!
i hope everyone's having a great time! dude, 10 days of hols...woot!

edit. 7:30pm
oh man, i feel like going to pavilion! earlier shep asked me to join them, whoever them (?.?) is to pav but yeah as usual my parents didn't allow me to. pfft.

OH and guess what?!?! ive not taken my shower since i woke up! yup, im still in my PJ's! HA! i feel so dirty but at the same time im loving it. :P say EW! rofl *bunny teeth* stayed at home the whole miserable day bumming around the house and eating baby mandarin oranges, seedless baby! hahaha! there you go... the spirit of chinese new year! mandarin oranges.. pathetic but it makes keeps me contented.

these days i feel lost, whats wrong with me? am i doing the right things or am i not?
anyway off to take a shower now, yeah finally.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Times

people come and people leave, sad but its reality so suck it up and move on. sounds harsh? well life is.

okay...think happy times!
2 days ago i had a dinner date with tien, her farewell party.. just the two of us pirana's "slurping" kimchi chigae and "chomping" beef, korean style *wink wink* (inside joke)! yup! Korean it was :D we went all the way to Sura, Desa Mont Kiara. before that, i was stuck in a massive jam in KL... was practically crawling! never knew i would reach Mont Kiara on time but guess what? i did. well i was actually 30minutes early! and my date was 30 minutes LATE cause she couldn't find the place! harharhar!

Mel: you've gotta try this (kimchi chigae)!
Tien: OK
Mel: you like it?
Tien: its so salty!
Mel: ==" no it isnt!
Tien: *haves MORE*
Mel: then why are u drinking it? 0.0''
Tien: cause.. its NICE! *grins*
Mel: omg! *lmao*

yeah we're so cool.

when we were still saint *halo*

getting high with the infamous kimchi chigae!

kimchi chigae went into the wrong track!
horrible experince! lol

please tell me this doesn't have drunk written all over her forehead...and her cheeks!

identical twins. ive replaced li yun. i just need to fluff up my hair a lil lol

litien in action :)


damn we're attractive!

our famous poses!

retardedness! omg elf on the right!!!

hot stuff. i dont know why tien likes to taste the after scent of bbq lol

hahahaha! wasn't able to make that face expression or wtv u call it :P

the i feel fat look.

dessert! ice blended korean barley, quenching!

quote of the night,
"i will slap ya with the...BONE!!!"

hey Tien, have a safe trip back to Sydney yeah? Don't feel sad, always look at the bright side of things and everything will be fine. More stories and gossips will be waiting for you when you come back again HAHA! take care hun. love you loads!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sushi Sushi!

good morning my fellow readers!

i dont know why but i've been waking up at 9 o'clock sharp every weekend and i love it! this gives me the advantage of starting my day early with a smile on my face. last night i fell asleep at my cousins place on the sofa and mosquitoes started attacking me!! T.T i felt so frustrated and everything cause i was so tired and i wasn't home where my bed was. you can't blame me == i was just bitch tired.

yesterday i attended fong bee's birthday party at her lovely home, i had loads of fun! i so wanna live in her neighborhood!!! its like a dog heaven!!! omg. we were walking around the neighborhood and i was literally running here and there just to pet the dogs! hahaha. yeah i do love dogs that much. pfft. :P i couldn't resist. they were soooooooo adorable! almost every house had a dog or two or FOUR lol.

anyway, here are some pictures from the day!


swing. weeeee!

feelin' the breeze at top speed!

sachie the sexy devil *wink* rofl XD

living their childhood all over.

aw, how appropriate! monkeys hanging on to monkey bars ;)

monkey off :P

friendly German Shepard and some hound looking dog. hehe! x

the crowd.

a very happy child!

Bee's tiny little Bubble! look at her, she is wearing a chinese new year outfit!

lz: hand, hand!
== yeah sure. lol

all of us

ah peks from 5sc3 :p

they look so cute together XD

jac and i, mini skirts rule!

monkey boy! aha :)

chef Jone caught picking on food. tsktsk!

i can predict his future

priceless expressions on their faces i see :P

bee, haha kawaii!
and lastly,
the birthday girl and i. not forgetting that fury thing over there me and lz got her haha :D
thanks for everything bee!! hope u had a great time :D


Friday, January 16, 2009

Faded Alphabets

baby, you boggle my mind...

i'm currently using my dad's lapitop right now, it feels so nice using a Compaq in my room snuggled in this little cozy corner surrounded by very random things typing whilst listening to slow tempo-ed music.

my lips has been so dry it practically feels like sandpaper, not only does it feel like a shriveled up prune ... it hurts quite badly! i don't know why i have such sensitive lips. application of lip balm is gonna be more frequent now. the thing is that i don't really like applying lip balm and stuff on my lips, i love it bare and natural. lip gloss is definitely an exception though, the stickier the texture is, the better! whoever who feels the same way, i encourage you to buy MAC's lip glosses!
so whoever who plans to give your boyfriend a "juicy" kiss, apply some sticky wicky lip gloss and im sure it would turn out to be one sticky-licious kiss! *wink*

paint me pretty pink

Happy Birthday Fong Bee!!
see you later at your papapaparty!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Autumn in my heart....

won bin, god he is hot as ever. from head to toe. don't cha just wanna feel him....oh yeah.

school was the same ol' shyt, only that many of my classmates got their haircuts and they were quite interestingly cut!

thanks to sachie im addicted to Gee by SNSD! yay! another nice song added to my itunes list :D their music video is beyond entertaining! the way they dance like holy moly! super duper cute and sexy! i so want their bodies, so darn perfect.

oh and guess what!? my anti-korean song cousin downloaded Haru Haru by Big Bang, tsk tsk Kim :P you'll be one of us soon! teehee!

Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby
Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Morning

yeah lovely edit, don't cha think? =)
credits to Lancerie a.k.a. Chris

i shall go bring the laundry bag down now. rofl!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wishing Everyone a Terrific New Beginning!

Happy New Year everyone! we've already stepped into the year of 2009, wow time does fly extremely fast don't cha think? gosh, school is gonna start next Monday! my last year of high school, gonna make the best out of it!

so, how did you guys spend your new years eve? i'm pretty sure most of you were burnin' the floor at some awesome party or club till midnight!
well mine was rather quiet, no dancing till midnight this year =( instead i went out to have dinner with my family. went home, drank tea and watched Korean Pop Night on MTV it was surprisingly held in Singapore...most of the singers i didn't know except for Jewelry, Wonder Girls, 2pm and V.O.S.. i still remember one of my friends said....
"Wonder Girls can't sing for shyt in real life but their recordings are really good"
sadly to say this but omg he was so right! they seriously have no voice =S not literally of course, you know what i mean. well no voice or not i still LOVE them! ha ha ha =P they're songs are so catchy and up beat, it makes u wanna just get on your feet and shake ur booty! XD and of course they have sexy appeal!

OH and i was so sad they didn't get BIG BANG to perform! =(
Singapore too small for a BIG BANG i suppose? rofl.