Sunday, May 29, 2011


I have yet to watch Justin Bieber's movie Never Say Never because i'm one hardcore fan! I AM A BIELIEBERRRR!!!!

hahaha i kid. i'm no fan girl so yeah i do not go screaming "MARRY ME JUSTIN BIEBER!!"

well when i was notified that JB was coming to town my first reaction was, oh damn are people gonna pay big bucks to go there just to throw bottles at him or something like that? sigh. i really don't get them haters! it's true it's true, everyone has got their own opinion about absolutely every single thing that exist on planet earth. but why would you wanna go to the extend of making parody videos about how 'sucky' he is, are you really that obsessed with his so called 'suckiness' or how 'gay' he looks with his hair (his previous hairstyle). geez give it a rest will ya? i Believe these people mostly are instead feeling the opposite which is probably loving him deepdeep down inside OR just plain envious jerks.

so anyway i surprised myself by actually attending JB's concert when he was here in Malaysia! (which was awhile ago, better late than never! never sayyyy neverrrr HAHAhahaaHAHA) :D

nothing stopped us from watching JB live, not even the heavy downpour.


sk was drenched while looking for the much needed plastic ponchos! so many failed attempts! we were pretty much stressed out most of the time haha.


look how icky the place was after the rain!


when we finally got hold of them oversized plastic bags and ready to enter! the most ironic part was when we were geared up for the rain, it had already stopped when entering :O


sk and i had major failed attempts on trying to win tickets on hitz and red fm so we end up buying the cheapest tickets. :( cheap things really not nice leh.



love your "bieber" face sk :D
i still couldn't believe my ears when i heard him scream when JB sung Never Say Never! EPIC!


not the clearest picture but i love it... maybe cause my nose looks angmoh-ish high :p


yeah we could barely see him :( see what i mean by cheap things really not nice? Lol

i was really surprised he sounded great real live, like seriously, it sounded as though they were playing straight from his album! the first few songs he sung were alien to the both of us cause we're such AWESOME fans :P well we were definitely not the only ones :D

the girl who got to touch and hold JB's hand on stage while he sang One Less Lonely Girl can go dai man. hahaha! joke. sk was crazy jealous!! trust me i was really amused :D


Sun tanning doesn't cure ugly. HAHAHA LAWLS!


still smiling even after getting bullied by fat malay kids who almost made me deaf with their ear drum breaking whistles and not to mention how they had to splat some chickens on me!! along with some chilli sauce! *glares back*


the night didn't just end at the concert :) JB not only brought the rain but also contributed to the KL jam :D we took about an hour just to get out of the car park! lol barely moved half of the time.

we supper-ed at In House Cafe, it's a 24/7 cafe in Cheras :D bonding session between the grandma and grandson (inside joke) heeh :D

wokay that's all for now! MORE to come ;)

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Saturday, May 28, 2011


thoughts of mine often ponder into a puddle of uncertainties and that is when tears start to fill my eyes...


Friday, May 27, 2011



this tough cookie has finally gotten her first belt :3

i might have looked really calm while receiving it but in actual fact i was jumping up and down deep down inside and probably grinning my heart away. taking this achievement as a really big stepping stone into being a great fighter. it is . a lot of people ask me 'what made you join kickboxing?' i would usually just say 'cause i enjoy it' well honestly since i'm typing out right now and therefore allows me to think a little more, i'd have to say it's probably the intensity of it that i love. how it feels when i am throwing a punch or building up a roundhouse kick, how your body isolates into the movement. two words, adrenaline rushing. and most importantly, i never fail to enjoy myself during training and it's all thanks to the Awesome people around me.

oh and btw i got a double promo, means i skipped red belt. sorry i just had to brag ;) *chuckles*

would like to take this opportunity to thank Master Bathi for being there to coach me every step of the way and most importantly making me smile and to always looking forward to every training session. you soooo ROCKS Master! ;)

it is 8.24am right now, time to get ready for class. :)

ps: i know i've been missing for almost a month now but i'm definitely gonna be blogging often as my streamyx is back and since 1 month of my life has been missed out, there's gonna be loads of back dated posts coming your way ;) stay tuned! xx