Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brain Freeze

so much to do but so little time. exams just around the corner, no room for procrastinating and fooling around. assignments just have to get in the way.. sigh.

just for laughs. :)
well off to Maths once again. won't be blogging as often.. till i break free after 14th of July :3

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Everyday I Shock! SHOCK! ♥

Thinking that by leaving at 5:30pm would be early to avoid the jam on the road, well the traffic was alright pretty smooth and everything, but who knew the jam was in front of KL Life Center. the line was crazycipatlong so Chris and I decided not to line up because there won't be a point standing there like a dunggu for godknowshowlong -.- i even heard that the ones who were right in front came at about 8am just to wait? okay, maybe not so surprising but honestly i never expected this many people to come so early. cmon we are Malaysians! the phrase "fashionably late" has always been in our dictionaries since we were in diapers. pfft. gah, guess that only applies when attending weddings and birthday parties :3

this was where we were suppose to line up :O siao or not?
after a minute i went off to the front to see if i could squeeze myself in the front
haha course that failed.
people were standing behind the grill fence, they were like packed in like sardines o.o
they mentioned that 35 people fainted!

ended up not lining up :)

the people who were sardinified started shouting "T-SHIRT FIRST! T-SHIRT FIRST!"
apparently somewhere was stated that fans who wore their Beast tee would get to go in first :D and thankfully i brought them shirts! :D

mystery mystery...

made it to the very front of the stage :3

they camwhored while singing Oasis it was suuuppperrr cute! especially Yang Yoseub.

gahhhhh Adorable creatureeeesss! :3 Doo Joon and Son Dongwoon :)

Jang Hyun Seung the pretty boy :)

love Jun Hyung the most because of this attitude and style on stage! :)
especially when he starts rapping. hot much.

when jealousy sucked the life out of all of us! :( they sang Oasis to her, it was a lucky draw. they even camwhored! she looked quite lost though haha. i think if i were to be in her shoes, those boys won't be going back to Korea haha! *kidnaps*


Thursday, June 24, 2010


in the library craving for some Kimchi Pa Jeon :(

currently stuffing myself with some sushi :P hehe. but i still want my pa jeon :(maybe i should go after college :3 HAHA... or maybe not :( i have assignments to finish. bleh. i think i'm talking to myself right now. okay. i shall go continue with my website. sigh. i LOVE coding :)
ohhh yessss i doooooo!

byebyee :D

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Story of Revenge

Title - Sing
Artist - Luna feat. Krystal

they're both from the Kpop all girl group (fx)

Title - If You Don't
Artist - Yesung

a member of the infamous Kpop group Super Junior :D

one of the Best korean drama i have watched so far :)listen to the songs, you might like them. makes you wanna fall in love. :3 ahhhhh.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just Plain Fun

Everything was made possible and it's all thanks to the infamous Snowflake dessert! Rachel and i started leaving messages on each others wall on Facebook about how yummy and addictive snowflake is and one topic led to another. spontaneity and excitement about snowflake and Korean stuff brought us to organizing an outing of our own. we dragged Olivia, Mun Yee and Christopher into our foodie outing to share :)

We decided to try a new Korean restaurant in the Korean Village, Ampang because sadly Bee Won was closed in the afternoon and only open in the evening :( you know what? i don't remember the name of this new place so yeah heh :D sowee.

this is why i call it the 4+1 outing :)
the 4 of us girls reunited

Kimchi Jiggae :3
i rate it 7/10 :O

the pork was better than the beef! hahaha.

Kimchi Pa Jeon! not too bad :)

Rachuuuuu, Little Miss Curious! X)

Mun Mun, and the one who had breakfast with her parents in the morning and was too full to share some Korean food with us! >=( also the one who said she would come and pick me up at 11am but came at 12pm instead! HAHA!

Mel: hurry up!
Mun: don't rush me la! later you make my make up ugly! haha

=.='' sweaterina to the MAX!!

in the car
Mun: soooo who you like now? CHRIS AH????
Mel: eh we are together! you didn't know meh?
Mun: WHAT?? really??!! wow! since when worrrr?? :D
Mel: *SHYT!! texts Chris*

Chris and I actually planned to trick them into believing that we were together and it succeed :)
the best part was that we felt so uncomfortable with the idea of them thinking we were together compared to them knowing -.- it was honestly so AWKWARD! can't really describe the feelings though. see i was right we can NEVER be more than good friends :) like. NEVER! lol

I love the ambiance over there, it somehow makes you feel at home :)

Rachu's self-timer

the four who have the ability to bring the roof down with our voices!
ahhhhh :D

they think they're so cute LIKE THAT!!! XD *rofl*

a must ;)

we were fascinated by the mirror 0.O

Chris's "professional" skills :P

we just had to take a picture with this fugly pillar...i mean INTERESTING XD! HAHAHA :D

we Vrooommm VROOOMMED to Pavilion right after that for more bonding sessions

Snowflake is what we crave and what we have to indulge in :)

presenting our ultimate favourite on the menu :D Soya Ice Series SET 2!!
satisfaction guaranteed :D

all of us had the SAME thing hahaha!
i've learned a very important lesson, never ever tell grandmother long stories when you're with Chris and Mun Yee cause they would steal all your damn pearls instead of actually paying attention!!! =.=

Echo Park's mirror :D
yeah, we are too vain to care what those people at the back think :)

you'd so tap that ;)

PAU FACE! XD the cutest and most lovable pau ever :D
all you wanna do is to SQUEEZE those cheeks :3

Balloon Festival :D

a fun filled outing with the ladies and guy! definitely a memorable one.. i love the fact that we still are able to share things with each other and expressing ourselves in so many ways. just laughing on the top of our voices and having to see Chris' expressions when listening to our girlie girl talk ;) heh. it was wayyy fun! looking forward to more outings with them soon! :D

Monday, June 14, 2010


so far the most CHUN-TED hairstyle ever!!!
the best part is that he can totally pull off the bad boy look :D
he got it done by a Japanese hairstylist!
Brandon is his name :) young and skill-fulled on the Ice with his hockey skates ;) a new found friend who is also a huge fan of Kpop and also dances! way cool. we are Besties now, like ohmygod! :3

he dedicated this hair cut to me, aw sweet of him :)
told him to get his hair cut like Tae Yang, well actually i just approved cause he asked me if he should do so heh ;) but still!! all thanks to me you made the right decision, yes?

a friend of his commented on how he had "copied" Park Jae-Bum's hairstyle and yes i just realized, how their both very much the same and especially when he had super cool hair art done at the sides :)

FUUUHHH!! that's what i call a REAL hunk ;)

2pm would have been even SEXIER if he was still there :( can imagine him in the rain doing Without You! he was apparently the best dancer while he was still in the group.
what a waste huh?

anyway more PICTURES will be up soon so keep coming back alright? :)