Monday, April 28, 2008


choong kinn is a annoying pig! *oink*

currently in the ICT lab, very bored and sleepy.. the sleepiness is caused by the 3 day conference and the boredness is cause nobody is entertaining me blehh..
ICT rocks!! Pfffft....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Aiza's Birthday Bash!

Sunway Lagoon it was!

The bday gurl and I!

i woke up at around 7am geez freaking early huh? i guess i was THAT excited!! Plus I also had to pick the 2 Korean piranhas! heehee! The whole day was kinda planned out but the party was like extended hahaha! NO regrets! The peeps who came were Sachie, Jun, Tae Wan, Farris, Nazri, Hanim, Nik, Hanisa, Afiq and that SUPER tall dude who nursed Jun after the fall during ice skating lawl! sry kinda forgot his name hehe :P Ohhh man, i so feel like ice skating right now! it was a blast even though i fell on my ass cause this guy was blocking my way pfft.. and i was wearing a skirt! Farris kept saying. "what if u fall like that? *poses* huh? then everyone can see!!" hmmph! == i was so lucky i fell on my ass :D
aww... too bad SOMEONE missed all the fun after the lagoon :P KIST! ha! *snaps finger at* lol

Look how sexy Kist is when she is around me! aww :D

while waiting for the others we took pictures!

*smiles for the cam*

lookin' very amused

Hanim and Hanisa treated us to J.Co donuts! :D ignore that lan ci guy over there LOL jk jun :)

FREAKY! haha :P

"its a huge birdy!!..."


this was one hilarious ride!

can you believe this? they came all the way to sunway lagoon to jam at the lame arcade!!

teehee, lookin good in Farris' cap

in the spinning cup lawl, it made him dizzy!

Us having a ball of a time! right after the lagoon, all of us were starving!! So we ended up at the Manhattan Fish Market :D It was kinda funny how we (Farris, Jun, Tae Wan, Nazri, Hanim and I) ordered the food and it came out so fast. Aiza and the others weren't even at the table cause they went to buy movie tickets.So we gobbled our food like nobody's business. hahaha! sorry Aiza, we couldn't wait for you :(

Farris and I ordered this to share!

After satisfying our tummy, it was ICE SKATING time! weeee! :D it was my 3rd time, so yeah i can skate i guess :P my first time skating was with Mun Yee, those were great memories alright, we promised ourselves we wouldn't fall BUT unfortunately I fell once haha! oh well, it's not that bad okay.

Sach and I at the Ice Skating ticketing counter! :D

rabbito! LOL

Tae Wan was showing off his skills at the rink, i was shocked he could skate so well! hehe :D

chillin' before the movie

choc kisses and strawberry surprise!

We watched "Over My Dead Body" starring Eva Longoria, Paul Rudd and Lake Bell. It was a really big disappointment in my opinion because i expected much more. Eva is a fantastic actress no doubt! It's just that the story line kinda sucked. haha! oh well, i had my fun!

Oh yes! 27 dresses was WAY awesome!! must watch, GOGO buy the dvd :D

That very night, i was supposed to attend Jo's farewell but i couldn't make it and i'm really sry Jo :( I'll miss you! Don't ever change and I wish you all the success :D oxox!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Zhao, meow!

!! *waves* okay, this shall be a super duper short and sweet one yea!

So, Zhao and I go a LOOOONNNGGGGG way back deep deeeep into the grave lol , We are like childhood bubbies ya know. How sweet is that huh? I've known him since we were like little toddlers, he would spit his food at me and I would pull his hair even though he had very little then haha!
Now, Zhao is all grown up! A typical teen with raging hormones and great imaginations! Oh yes! he is also very tall, yeah i know I'm short but he is TALL TALL! haha, he told me that he ate tonnes of long beans very single day when he was a kid. He is also very friendly, funny and hyper! haha :D
Yeah, Zhao's a nice guy, even though he teases me alot! haha!
For example,

Zhao: omg! you wrote ur NAME at the bottom of ur bottle?!?!

Mel: NO! my mom did...

Zhao: hahaha! *shows everyone my name on the bottle to everyone in the canteen* MOMMY's gurl!

Mel: HEY!! what if it gets lost hmm???

Zhao: you're the only one owning this pink Nike bottle you know??

Mel: huh? really? *dumb look*

Grr! haha its okay I'm a very forgiving person so yeah. Well I guess he is quite entertaining :) uhuh! Glad we are friends bud :D

ooooohhh Zhao, stop wrinkling ur forehead when ur around me, cause you just might look really ugly next to me!!! :D

Love, Mel

Wednesday, April 16, 2008



yup yup, ur now a sixteen year old young LADY! :D isn't it awesome??

Well we had a surprise party planned out for her today, actually Sachie the fab made it all happen :D of course not forgetting Sue yii and gang for drawing all those wishes on the huge stickers :D Sach got her a cake which was yummy orea and CUPCAKES! Wow, im jealous. Aiza, you've got such wonderful friends! hehe :D lucky gurl!

At that point, everybody went all HYPER heh! and yeah all that hyperness led to a CAKE fight!! lol Sue yii was attacked quite badly HAHA! I got oreo and crap on my face thanks to Ben and Steven hahaha..
Mich said i smelled like FOOD, goodness haha!

I'm so so glad she LOVES my gift :D wanna know what i got her? hehehe, I bought her a Roxy blouse last Sunday. It's pretty!

thats me! cool concept, don't ya think?

Sue yii, the great cake cutter HAHA -.-
well even though she almost dropped a slice lol

whoops, someone ate the 'H', i was too late :P

Terrific NEWS People!

Just heard from Carmen darling at around 6pm that THEY WON the 1st place for Choral speaking!! How freaking amazing is that huh?! Out of like 6-8 private schools :D I'm disappointed i didn't get to support them. ah well! anyway....
Congrats to all who participated!!! WOOT! Sri Garden RULES :D

Love, Mel

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Perky perky perky!!

Last month, Jine and I went for the Charm's Cheerleading Championships that was held at Cineleisure organized by our very own Malaysian international cheerleading team, Charm. I'm guessing this is going to be an annual thing. There were 2 different events, one was the dance, cheer event and the other was the stunt event. It was an open kinda thing so anybody could have joined! :D
In my opinion I thought it was a big disappointment cause i imagined that there would be much more exciting and talented cheerleaders, well I guess I've gotta just face the fact that there are not many great, talented cheerleaders in Malaysia. sigh "Malaysia WHAT!" the all time famous phrase! uhuh very sad indeed. But for what was worth I got to experience the scene of the whole event and hang out with jine :D So yeah no regrets baby!

Me, after standing for 4 freaking hours! still strong i tell ya :D

the juniors of Dynamitez i suppose..

Jine and I :)

The Stunners, they were not bad :) was surprised they didn't received anything.

The host during the whole event, kinda have forgotten her name though. Channel 8 host.

The crowd, judges and cheerleaders on duty.


mop head che, ME, confused kim =.=
hahaha! this picture was last year when Annabel a.k.a. che che, my cousin sister came back for the holidays. She is currently back but leaving this Sunday for London. *tears* HAHA!

Kim: che che is leaving this Sunday, YES!!! *raises hands*
Che: *stares* 0.o I also don't wanna stay here LAH..makes me sleep too much -.-
Mel: HAHAHAhaha! tsk tsk..

Monday, April 7, 2008

We are the champions.. NOT

Wow sports day this year was surprisingly FUN!

great company i say :)

Well i was quite disappointed by the lack of audience though. Thats one reason why i didn't perform my best hee! NO excuse.. i know. but i LOVE crowd! call me crazy!
For one week we danced our asses off just for that 1min35 sec!
hee totally worth it though, we had great fun through out the whole thing!

We as in Carmen, Mich Lee, Viv and moi! not forgetting fantastic help from Chris, a guy i barely knew...i let a stranger into my house. oh dear.Well i actually met him at a dance competition that was held at the OCM. He added me on msn..chitchat...blabla...asked him whether he could remix songs...he said he could...sent songs to him...HAHA to cut the long story short, he ended up volunteering to help me out with the whole choreography (i did contribute a lil btw :P) ! :D anyway thanks a lot yeah! For all his hard work, Carmen and I went shopping one day before sports day and we bought him a Nike dry fit shirt and a pink Nike bottle, you know.. those *choot choot* ones HAHA! damn, we're generous :P

Viv: strip now and wear the shirt!!!
Mich: U wanna use the bottle now??? *about to open the bottle of mineral water*
Mel: the bottle has not been washed yet!!
Mich: oh ya... =.=

"Hot" Chris and us :)

Shaun, my brother :D:D
don't we look alike!?

sexy gurls ;)

Jine and i got bronze for 4x400, damn. Better than nothing i guess :D

The making ;D

Chris: don't do samba ah!.

Carmen: HAHA! im not...

Chris: i know latin one okay!

The 4 of us! just look at that, im way shorter compared to them! -.-

Carmen darling and I

the typical old balloons we use for the opening ceremony every year!

the yellow bees WON! hurray for them :D

bathed Nicole since i was already sweaty and sticky! :P

Gosh it was a tiring day alright but it was all worth the effort! btw, i got tan :(

I shall update frequently, promise! :D