Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here and There

Now this'll be the last time you did me wrong

No more laying up in your arms

No calling, saying you want me back

I'm packing my bags, what you think about that?
Stayed at home like a good girl do
But tonight baby you got me sad and blue
I just heard about the girl in your car yall, kissing at the bar

Got me cry-yay-yay-yayyyy

Ohhhhhhhhh, you got me hatin' on the club

'Cause you took my love
Oh you took my love
Now you got me like whoahhhhhhhh

You got me hatin' on the club

'Cause you took my love

Why'd you have to take my love


oho oh

And you can be mad at me all you want
I ain't coming in,
I'll be waiting out front

Coming out the door with your girlfriend

You did me wrong boy tell me where our love is

Stayed at home like a good girls do

But tonight baby you got me sad and blue

I just heard about the girl in your car yall, kissing at the bar

Got me cry-yay-yay-yayyy

this song is brilliant!!!!! ahhhh super duper addictive and its so darn good to dance too! shows much emotions and up beat!

well even though mid-term has just ended i am not happy cause it definitely ain't over yet! these 2 weeks will be all about the books and sleep! :D

yesterday the usual gang from 5sc3 went to the USUAL place, Pavilion. watched Push, it was actually not bad well maybe it was cause Chris Evans was the main actor :D then we went to sing our hearts out at Red Box :D

korean food at Sura, ALWAYS worth the calories :D

weeeee colour accent! :D


Red Box
my first time 0.0


Friday, May 29, 2009


how do you do it really... i wonder.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


i don't know where to begin. about how i am such a horrible friend or how i am such a horrible friend! gawddddd! i can't believe i could actually forget!!! i mean i remembered the week before and forgot the week after. i really need to be knocked on the head big time!!
did exams really get to me till this extend? :( i am just so sorry Kist! i owe you BIG!!!

here's a lil something for you :D

where our friendship grew....
(aiza's sweet sixteenth)
Kist, i still can't recall what we were laughing so hard about lol but this picture definitely defines 'LOL'

"i want shades for me birthday!!! :D"
hahaha! aww it's such a waste we won't be able to groove to Kylie Minogue's '2 Hearts' like last year by the pool side when it was raining! fun much! :D

even though i'm late, i know you still love me! :D i hope you had a fab 17th! we WILL celebrate it together gether okay? must!!! i dont care.

kissy darling, you have been such a great friend to me throughout these months. you never fail to be there for me when i needed someone to share my feelings with and and i truly rulllyyyy appreciate that :) you always make me feel better! iwuuuvvyouu :D
aww how loveydovey. LOL

you're 17 and please go take get ur driving license and DRIVE ME AROUND harhar :D

You Go Girl! ;)

hearts, Mel :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


YAY! oats and low fat dutch lady milk for lunch! what a healthy way to go :D and delicious too!! no joke! i used to take my oats plain which just requires a lil bit of hot water to cook the oats but now i have discovered milk is soooooo much better and tastier! must try :D

Kissy take care of ur throat okay? hols are on its way and you need to be healthy for our movie date!!! :D:D

omg i just realized that the (home) button on my keyboard decided to pop out =='' and i have seriously have no clue how to fix it back HAHA well thank goodness i never use it. maybe thats the reason why it poped put, seeking for my attention HAHAHAHA!

watched gossip girl epi 24 at 2am and it was reallllll good! what i expected to happen :D teehee.

eventhough Adam Lambert didn't win the title of American Idol, he is beyond talented in making a particular song his own and way beyond sexy! i mean seriously, so what if he is gay? or bi? whatever. to be honest his pictures frenching a guy were really sexy! :P

Saturday, May 16, 2009

had better days

many thoughts endlessly pondering in my mind likewise, my emotions have been changing endlessly the whole day.. having to think about exams and at the same time whatever that's bothering me or what had happened bothered me or even how im feeling right now. such a burden huh.

lately, i have been listening to songs sung by Scouting For Girls, their songs are real birt-ish very indie rock.

Always up for a laugh,
she's a pain in the ass
Every time that we meet,
I skip a heartbeat.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

when i am in a good mood.....

i just can't help myself...
yeah, that's how we roll!

kissie thinks its sexy playing hide and seek behind Jco's paper bag!

JianRick :"thank you, thank you very much!"
this was during his birthday party last year heehee!

like father like daughter, we love to camwhore!

ee janis, one who flies to different countries every week! =3

yeahhhh we Tan's are pretty hilarious :D
my uncle Vincent!

told ya so!

love, mel

Our love is like a song

i woke up this morning and i felt sexy. seriously, i did. when i looked into the mirror my hair was in a mess but in a sexy way and i was thinking to myself how i would be so cool to take a picture of this moment. damn, how it would be so cool. i still remember vaguely of what i dreamt of last night well only certain parts of it. and a part of it was that i got a hair cut! how has that gotta do with how i felt sexy? idea.

ohhh i'm loving demi lovato's new look! black hair totally suits her, i mean she looks so more innocent Mitchie thats for sure! when i watched her music video, i couldn't recognize her AT ALL! thought they made a mistake with the artist's names hahaha...
it was woahhh, totally different!
her new song, Don't Forget is pretty addictive :D

mella is on a healthy diet! :D
promise kept, x