Wednesday, November 25, 2009


here is something extremely random and pretty entertaining i must say! :) Enjoy!

awww look how innocent we were last time :)
this was when we were in form 2, at Megamall's Starbucks early in the morning cause i got the M.A.C make up artist to do my make up for me before my first very Latin Competition! these 2 sweethearts of mine were there for me throughout the whole thing along with a bunch of seniors hahaha! there were happy, embarrassing and sad moments throughout the day for me :) if you guys remember...
thanks for the great support i really needed it at that time! it was much appreciated! :D

with Carmen and Olivia at Dance Mania 2, Istana Budaya :)
it was quite a great night as i got to be their Surprise guest dancer haha, Ginny specially requested cause i promised i would dance for her but never knew it included the whole hall :S hahaha! will never forget that incredible moment, gosh.

Look what i found :D geng geng gennnngggg! :D you know i know.

aw, i really love this picture of you guys! way adorable! :D
olivia, mun yee and sachie.

work it Biatch! the oh so infamous Whatever sign, which we used to use LOADS! :D

camwhore in my room, haha i have so many of us with different expressions!

last year's Quicksilver Rev.! had a superb time together :D had a hard time picking out a place to eat as most of the restaurants were so full! so we ended up in Sushi King.
Bleh, never again huh lol.

International Food Fiesta 07'! loads of food and much fun :)

this was right after watching SG's Production of The King and I :) was quite impressed actually! would miss those kind of events, sigh.. :)

hahahaha silly us making a fool out of ourseleves! hardiharhar!

well those were all just memories :)
sweet and unforgettable memories..



when you feel all alone though surrounded by a sea of people.

Time For Miracles

God, how much i admire your talent Adam! you extremely ROCK my world with your Sensual and Amazing voice! and not forgetting your sense of fashion and style is utterly breath taking!!!!!! you give the music world a different flavour and how unique it may be, it's different and what your fan's Love about you!!

How it would be Great if Adam Lambert were to come to our country! AHHHHH!! I hope that would be SOON! :D


Sunday, November 22, 2009

It was Extra Special

I'm officially a 17 year old teenager waiting to sit for those dreading hours of Undang right after sitting for SPM. yeap! Birthday's right in the midst of SPM. so awesome :) well it's okay though at least it isn't ON one of the dates of my papers! *phew*

Well today is definitely the first time not celebrating my birthday after all these years, i have never missed out on any of my birthdays throughout all my years living as a human being! damn. hahaha, lets look on the bright side :) i save money, u save money! HAHAHAHA omg cheapskate talking here pfft. i ain't that cheap :(

it's a good change anyway :) Birthdays are always special no matter what, no party or party! because when the clock strikes 12am, your phone starts to sound and lovely msges you start to recieve! ain't that special enough? the feeling of people actually caring, feels pretty great! well methinks! :)

so i would like to thank all of you who made my Birthday oh so special! :) xoxo. Especially my parents who brought me out last night to Delicious, Bangsar Village we invited Kim to join us as well, my kuraaahhhhzeee cousin sister hahaha! oh and who loves Onions XD she's gonna marry a Garlic though! HARHAR. our family inside joke, excuse us.. :) she sacrified eating pig's brain which her mom cooked to come to my mini party! wow big sacrifice! lol it's okay there might be some left overs! hahaha ;D

yes, indeed! Happy Melolo Day to me :)

Kim! :) always with her thumbs up hahaha!
mom: every good meh???? =S

mom, the definition of Coffee! <3

my favourite drink! lychee and lime, way quenching and *slurrrppppps*
slurpilicious. LOL whattttt :P

Kim's peanut butter something smoothie! FATTINA!!! lol 300times Body combat! HAR!
oh and the black stuff on top is pepper which my mom added into her drink HAHAHA!

we shared a Ceaser Salad!
i love poached egg and...Peter Chao! they're not only for Gays pfft :p

my Crab Meat Spaghetti which quite nice!
highly recommended!! :D
but my favourite will always be the Spicy Seafood Pasta! it's healthy and spicy! <3

kim and dad had The Seriously Delicious Burger! yum!
kim doesn't like that pickled German vege on top of the cheese! eat your vege woman!!!

Yay! cousinly Love!

see any resemblance? :)

When we reached home at around 11:40pm

these 2 really love to argue and tease each other, gosh!
hahaha! look how i have to bend down :p yeayyy! only with them i am able to feel tall! well that's better than nobody to "look down on"! hehehe :D

and guess who came to wish me :) my beloved lz, harhar! he bought me a blueberry cheesecake from his self pro-claimed restaurant Zen and a present! :) ain't that sweet? everyone say awwwwww... :D thank you so much :)

that's my mom stopping me from my crazy doings i suppose? lz lighting up the candles and kim observing me hahaha :)

hahaha kim elaganda-ing Bruno, i pity him :( HAHA! me talking to yeong wei, thanks for the call! :) and lz fixing the candles hahahaha!

ze Cake!

yup! a pretty awesomeeeee brithday celebration :D