Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Something that might ENTERTAIN you :D WATCH IT!!!

March Intake

March intakes orientation day. we had to welcome them into our course. there were games and snacks! hope they actually had "fun" :D

Jan and March intake FIC people combined!
(all the leeeetards at the back are showing a "F" sign as in FIC btw -.- Hahahaha!)

Evan and I were the emcee's :) please ignore my hideous smile :)

i'm not sure what were they looking at that was so "interesting" but.
HAHA nice picture dontcha think? :P

Jackson and Azhar's master piece :)

Chester, the manwhore. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA joke. no hard feelings :D

DOGless :D

Azhar who NEVER fails to wear a BLACK teeshirt!

Evan :) a good camwhore partner HAHA

Darren who is the angel in class :) HARDLY ever swears 0.0

Rejoice hair advert :D he looks so cool *cough* :D

Posers! :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


this past 2 weeks have been rather UNHEALTHY! bedtimes were turned upside down and now i have an inflamed gum. sucks much? today i flossed my teeth for the first time in a thousand years perhaps? haha! the experience was quite on the bloody side. for some reason it felt kinda good! the fact that i was removing bacteria and all the leftovers out HAHAHA i know VERY nauseating. ok i shall shut up now. haha. ANYWAY! ping pong aka pimples and whiteheads have been invading my face. good bye my good ol flawlessness :( sigh. my aim is to sleep as early as i can :) starting from today :D HAHAHAHA. maybe tomorrow :P


When the Best ain't at it's Best

OPI nail polish came out with limited edition, Alice in Wonderland collection which are very gorgeous and were all themed accordingly or rather somewhat related to the movie. so the other day i decided on getting my nails done, it had been awhile seen i got me mani and pedi anyway. my usual spot is at the Cut Above, Pavilion its part of Parkson by the way. the colour entitled Mad As A Hatter was what i chose, it's the second bottle in the picture above. a very dense rainbow of colours. very packed glittery lacquer. my toes were fully and evenly painted, so in my opinion they looked like disco balls HEHE :) my manicurist suggested that i don't paint my finger nails fully glittered so it wouldn't look too over the top.

the base is very baby pink and as you can see them glitters are at the tippy top of the nails :)
this picture was taken after getting my nails done the SECOND time. despite of it's pretty colour and attractive shimmers, DO NOT BUY or USE this colour! i don't know how OPI actually approved of this bottle of lacquer because it really isn't long lasting AT ALL, and we all know that nail colours with glitters are supposed to be long lasting. it was just 5 days and the paint started to chip off! as for my toe nails, damnnnn the whole layer of paint "poped" out in a PERFECT condition which were all shaped of my nails! they're popping out one by one -.- i was so flabbergasted. i even thought of pasting it back using some glue HAHAHA! i guess i don't need to waste on nail polish remover :D HAHA! geeweez. according to manicurist, Mandy (a really sweet lady who REpainted my nails for FOC, shooo sweet hor =3)
the colour Absolutely Alice has the same problem.

i have googled about this and TRUE enough! people have been complaining about the exact same thing! it's so disappointing because just look at those colours!! GORGEOUS LAHHH :( what a waste. AH WELL.. :) you could give the other non-glittery colours like Thanks So Muchness and Off With Her Head a try and tell me if they're both long lasting! :D


Sunday, March 28, 2010


for the first time yesterday mom and i had dinner at Yo! Sushi, Pavilion. our FIRST time in our entire life's initiating to have sushi for dinner! wow.
Our conversation while eating sushi

Mom: we are so "cool" now :D
Mel: HAHAHA! i know right! Sooooooo "adventurous" hor :D

HAHAHAHAHA!! this is shocking news okay :D everyone knows how much my family and i DISLIKE japanese food :)

and by the way :) we still do! HAHAHA cept for the edible ones which are cook and not overly SWEETENED -.- ever realized most of their food are really sweet. it either too sweet or too salty! geez. i all the Jap food lovers out there, NO OFFENCE :D hahahaha! as the saying goes one man's meat is the other man's poison :D


Hair Styles

the Spanish Senorita

Nic says this is a Fail Minnie mouse
a successful bow, still working on it though :)

the Barbie Doll look

Friday, March 26, 2010


I have started drawing my sexy/sultry cat eye make up once again :) it has been too long since i have walked out of the house looking like a cat. meeowww :) for the past few months i have been too lazy and not in the mood to actually take the time and effort to paint my face up. i am so psyched up in improving and learning more techniques and skills. have been watching tutorials on youtube and damn they're really useful as they makes things WAY easy for me. never felt so enthusiastic about make up before to be honest :)

Today mom and i made a trip to Pavilion (main reason was to have SNOWFLAKE ^^v) and purchased RM500 over of MAC cosmetics! i finally bought a tube of foundation, yeah i have never applied foundation before besides Special occasions where i go get my face done up by one of MAC's artist.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Love Affair With Food

Kesha's Blah Blah Blah song is soooooooooooooo gooooddddddddd and appropriate to get high and hyper on! AWESOME lyrics to it too :D "just show me where your dick at" 0.0 "so just hush, baby shut up" HAHAHAHahhahahahA!


1. to have a satifying Korean BBQ meal.

2. to chewwww those yummmyyyy Pearls *heaven*

3. FRENCH FRIES! with chhheeesseee :D

4. Delicious' hot and spicy wings! (they make the BEST!! MUST TRY!!)

5. Delicious' spicy seafood spaghetti! (healthy and deeeeellliicious, i practically order that all the time!)

6. Snowflake :D

HEHE i sound like a fattina :D oh well.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Welcome Back

grandparents about to aboard the bus 3 weeks ago for Penang to meet up with their friends. living in their golden years now, able to travel the world by themselves. today they're coming back from a cruise, the super posh Queen Victoria, currently the biggest ocean liner in the world. damn, they're livin' large!

just plan vainity


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


to cut or not to cut, hmm. i'm starting to miss my fringe, but i dont think i suit it all that well BUT at the same time i am so bored with my hairstyle hehe. any suggestions?


Good Evening

i love the smell of a fresh layer of paint, it makes me feel like i am in a different place. my dad recently just repainted the cabinets in the kitchen after all these years. from a peach colour to completely white. even though it would have looked better in an earthy tone but i guess white is not too bad, makes the place look clean i suppose? haha. soooooo let's see, i just came up to my room, just had some wantan mee downstairs while watching the movie Blind Side on DVD. i might have never mentioned this before but i actually enjoy watching movies at home in my own comfort zone all by myself, you could say i'm a sad person or even a loner but i just Love it. like imagine this, if there was an emotional scene or even a super romantic scene in the movie, i wouldn't have to feel awkward and wary of the fact that i might shed a tear or two in front of people :) i am way too macho for that hmmph.

a great story with a little bit of laughter and tears :)


Pop My Cherry

A Tan's day out to Pavilion! 13th March 2010

awkward hand :) Oli asked me to be more seductive. hmm this doesn't look quite convincing :(

Slushy :) it made my tongue blue! how frigging cool eh? HAHA :D

cousin Kim and Olivia, the two munchkins who i love loads :)!!!!!
i swear, every visit to Pavilion, SNOWFLAKE IS A MUST EAT!!! especially when i am with my mommy, she's their number 1 fan HAHA! noooooooooooo....

hiao woman did her nails, French Manicure's zeeeee BOMB :)

right before our movie, Up In The Air (by the way, i don't encourage you watch that movie if you dislike long winded conversations because there is A LOT of talking, i ended up molesting and biting Olivia in the cinema :))

I craved for TOMYAM! as usual, nothing surprising about me craving for TomYam or Kimchi Jigae hahaha because i'm ever ready for it!!! :D

Thai Express

HAHA this expression. the infamous LOOKATMYFOOD pose HAHAHA. how original pfft.

oh and their TomYam isn't good so don't go there! :(

camwhoring with a DSLR is SYOKKKK! this picture says it all :)

see, Syok Sendiri :) she was fantasizing about Taylor Lautner's 9 packs! :D

Tan Sisters :)

Lepak-ed at Crystal Jade to see the world go by!

this shows that i DON'T drink :D look how unnatural i look! too funny :)
Heineken is nice but overall beer just makes u all flushed and sweaty which is so not sexy haha!

Tea is the best!

Kimmy's PROFESSIONAL shot :D damn chun right? fuuuuuhhhhh! advert worthy :D

LOADS of credit goes to Kim and her NikonD300! <3>



the movie Remember Me, i highly recommend watching this if you're a Rob Pattinson fan and also for sentimental and romantic fooooools like me :)
was quite impressed as this movie was able to touch me in ways :)

Monday, March 22, 2010


have i turned any tanner? was soaking up the sun on Friday with my mates at Sunway Lagoon, yes our first lagoon outing! much fun it was :) you have no idea how much they make me LOL, yeah literally, that's why i "lap" them so much HAHA, how can i ever wear a frown when i'm with them :)

thank goodness we were relatively very early, minutes before the ticket counters were open :) bought tickets for both amusement park and wet park! i still enjoy the carpet-float slide!!! it's the most thrilling thing evvvveeeerrrrr~ Oh and :D i'm proud to say that beat most of them in the "race" HAHA except for Douglas and we all know why >:D HAHAHAHA!!!!
no hard feelings :D

anyway, no pictures from this trip, well actually not many at all! i really need to buy a waterproof camera cause i so wanna take underwater pictures yo! :D

this is a must! taking a picture with the Mascot :D

zzzzZ. silly Nicholas at the back. middle finger. FAIL XD

hahahaha! Epic picture! :D Evan and Dougie at the back looking like the SCREAM dude. LOL

we spotted lovebirds in the wave pool, they made out like nobodies bussiness. so we played dare among each other :D Chester was the unlucky one who was supposed to go NEAR them just for laughs but that Chicken was barely CLOSE to them but anyway he did scare them off HAHAHAHA!!!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Off With Her Head!!!

Imported mushrooms from the states perhaps?

Was awed by the set up, just like in the movie :)
this was in Megamall, Mid Valley

more enormous multi-coloured mushrooms!

and but ofcourse the famous tea party table where the Mad Hatter was sited with the other lunatic rabbit :)

have you all watched the movie? well i have, watched it with Olivia at Pavilion. all the big hoo-ha about this oh so famous Tim Burton movie and great publicity has given the public an excellent impression of it. so naturally i was also extremely excited to watch it in the cinema without a doubt. i mean come on, it's a Tim Burton production and i have always enjoyed his movies like for example A Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride and also Edward Scissorhands. as for all the hype there was on this show i had high expectations but sadly it didn't meet those expectations. i personally felt it was really towards the boring side and Alice in the movie was pretty insignificant to me. Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter was awesome, no doubts about that :) Helena Bonham, definitely suited for the role of the Queen :) i really loved the fact that her head was so "proportionate" to her body HAHA :D

certain parts were really adorable and funny though :)

don't cha just wanna adopt these two dumplings? too Cute!
they totally define the word Cute, ugly but adorable :D

i rate this movie a 6/10