Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A man's Best Friend

praying and hoping for you..

our first darling, i still remember like it was yesterday when you sat foot into our car.. it was late at night when we picked you up. parents were still shocked i decided to take you as you were extremely active :) and still is at heart. when you were young, you were the most mischievous creature on the planet but grew up to be the most obedient and unbelievably intelligent! i dare say, the best companion.

the amount of love you have given us was like no other, always warm and unconditional no matter what. every chance you had, you would never fail to touch us whether it was by just rubbing your nose on us or licking us.

the only thing you yearned for was Love.

and just for that i regret that i didn't give it my all, though i am entirely sure you are in the perfect family no doubt about that.. i mean what can be better than us? you have a pa, ma and che. hehe, not forgetting ur lil bro, Bruno. :) we will stay by you through it all, very much certain about that. so no worries okay? :)

seeing you like this couldn't stop my heart from aching, i guess i have always had this special place in my heart for you old lady :) hehe. i will just hope and pray for you to get well and for you to stay with us for as long as possible... i not only hope but i know you will, i know you are able to cause you're Nicole. the one who we always say will live with us forever :)


Friday, October 23, 2009

Batu Caves

an overdue post. Kah Weng's 17th Birthday Party at his home locate in far far away Batu Caves 0.0 haha! much thanks to Gan and his driver who was so kind to fetch the cheras gang (Ben, Bee and I) together with Jian Rick to Weng's!

the view from his balcony is AMAZING! Batu Caves is what you see directly across from his home! hahaha he told me that alot of indians wanted to buy his lot cause of the view =3

FATMAN Steamboat was stationed at his place so it was 100 sticks of fish balls!!! HAHA nah kidding, i only had a few sticks =P Oh and most of us discovered the fusion of Pepsi and Longan mix =D tasted not bad and i feel like having some now! hahaha!

omg i promise you, i have never seen so many kids in one house before! hahahaha such a big family! awwww i wished i had that! Weng is already in the midst of child care training at this age HAHA so Syl, no worries! *rofl* =D

love the effect =) all hail Canon =D

yeah most of us who attended =)
some are hidden though =(

Weng and his Princess =) everyone say, awwwwww! =D


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Iphone Pictures =)

.......far far away

my cookienaaaaa, foofoona, gigina, mimina, BEANIENAAA! 0.0 HAHA

Awesomeness and i wearing the SAME top but in a different colour!
awesome people think alike no? =D

Friday, October 16, 2009

At Jacs!

Hey there peoplesssss!!!

currently FORCED to blog by the oh so dominating Jaclyn Kong! HARHAR yes, she bullies me all the time =D what a meanie beanie! anyway spent the whole day at her Casa! had a pretty great time studying accounts, as some of you know she's my part time accounts tuition teacher =D since i'm here blogging, i would like to take this apportunity to thank her for sharing her knowlegde about accounts with me even though i am slow and lame at times HAHA pfft!


and i just realized how UNFIT i am =( cycled for like 10 mins and i already wanted to fall flat! my ass hurt like nuts thanks to the steep slopes >=(

i shall go to the Gym with my cousin tomorrow morning and sweat it all out! i lovveeeee the feeeeeling when i'm all sweaty and how my face turns soooooo RED!! it makes me feel that i had worked hard =D and surprisingly people have been commenting on how i have slimmed down? really? well i am flattered but how come i don't feel it =( anyway need to work harder to look FABULOUSOOOO for Prom! =D gosh Jac and i have been talking about our plans after SPM and i'm so darn excited =3 hehe!

well MOMS here!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

7th October 2009 <3

in actual fact, i am a cat who wishes to have 9 lifes... okay. random much!
anyway i should actually be studying some ICT stuff but i'm not right now, taking a break? hehe!
yeap! finallyyyyy, my last paper! ICT. cmon' mel i know you can do it! MAINTAIN THE FREAKING A!!! 0.0 *fingers cross* sigh. the pressures on me bloody hell. and how i can even party well after trials when i have a ping pong (pimple) smacked RIGHT in the middle of my lip crease == it's not only fug it's so painfully annoying as i can't rub my nose like i always do! vigorously. lol.

so trials are over soon but spm is just RIGHT around the corner. no stress no stress no stress.... HAHAHA. =( must MUST push myself to the max! ping pongs or no ping pongs~

BRING IT ON! Fight To The Finish

AWEESSSOMMMEEEEEEEE!!! all cheerleaders and all dance lovers have gotta watch this! damn! why can't we Malaysians be like them?

now this movie i have to buy!
i watched a few parts of this movie on YouTube but ofcourse owning the DVD would satisfy my soul for dancing HAHA wth.

Center Stage 2, Turn It Up!

the main actress is co-staring in Bring it On btw. one of the bitches lol! super exaggerated bimboness. trust me! but in this movie it's the opposite! she's sweet and nice =) and her dancing is really what i love, something i would wanna do! =)
super great for solos!