Monday, September 27, 2010

Bonjour ;)

I know I'd sound like a bimbo saying this but, I bought myself a new beanie! :D it's sho pretty! and as hiao as I normally am :) wore it straight away! Precisely the reason why it doesn't match with my outfit! wokay will share more of my camwhore pictures wearing it soon :) now it's time to snooze. byebye :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brothers for Life!

a very compromising position eh ;)

woi! get a room you guys :O

the boys expressing their love for him thru a song :) sho sweet!

HAHA when he just learned what did that mean, forgive him :)

Pictures from our last red box session with Jian Rick! the one who has already flown to the UK :)

we mi chu ;)



Friday, September 24, 2010

Lakeside Library

Hasn't been such a great day for me, well all emotions aside now. Let's talk about something a little happier! :) lets start with Tae Yang's hotness. I know the Big Bang fever in me faded quite an amount but how can I stop the Tae Yang obsession right? Cmon, JUST LOOK AT HIM!!

He's is definitely Oozing out sex.

Yeah well Chris, I hate to admit that I Need a Girl is pretty much STUCK in my head -.- I guess I will have to eat back my words saying that I don't like it cause it's so damn chessy! But it's actually really catchy, the beat and that body. woah! :) you win lah babi u LOL

This software, Visual Studio took up half of my day just downloading it! It's 4pm and I'm all alone in the library. I mean there are people but of course everybody is minding their own business so it does feel much loneliness. sigh. Wishing you were here.

I can't wait to test out my Zodiac sign program and see if it works perfectly! I need to be happy at least once today right? Gimme some satisfaction lah.

Should I call my dad now to pick me up? hmm. Just awhile more :) never stayed back till this late before so might as well just enjoy the view from here. Will just grab a Subway laters :) first meal of the day. Pathetic much? Gonna get gastritis man. -.-

Will continue on my first-meal-of-the-day later on!



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You Make It Impossible To Frown

Yes I'm one eccentric blogger. On a great day, I have that urge to blog frequently but the next thing you know it, I disappear off into thin air :) So mysterious right?
neon jeong mal mystery mystery ;) sorry lah bit high since I have a Maths test later in the afternoon, which is gonna cost me 15% :O that's A LOT OKAY. sigh. Let's aim for 14% shall we? :D *dies* -.- ya in a Billion years! Now I regret not taking Add Maths as a core subject in high school :( the Maths I am taking is equivalent to Add Maths. Never mind, what's done is done so all I have to do it do my VERY BEST like what Mommy always say :)

Speaking about mommy, she's down with fever :(

This is Us at Grandparents 54th Anniversary :)
Must get well soon mom! :3 *hugs&kisses*

Finally will get to go out with my pet mnkey after my test :) WAHAHA! Can't frigging wait :(

Heehee, how I look when You're on the phone :D

"There was nothing wrong with your teeth! why do you need braces?"
Well my teeth ain't very "correct" either so, it needed to be corrected :)

LOLOLOL! sigh. high school kids. tsk tsk :P

I guess it's time to get some rest for the long day later :3 so stay tuned and TTFN!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Have To Brag! :D

It's an hour to 12am and it made me wonder why didn't I blog about this Superduper Awesome event I shall be attending next month :O I am still in awe that I'm actually going!

Going to watch Adam Lambert LIVE in Bukit Jalil! I HAVE ALWAYS *takes a deep breath*.... always wanted to see him Live on stage strutting his style and blowing me away with that Amazing voice of his! Still very flabbergasted that Kriss Allen won, but whatever :( they no taste leh. hehe! Just real happy imma get to watch him soon and yes need to brag about this! :) Have them tickets and all I have to do now is to wait patiently :3

"Touch my Hand!" :O



My Cute Stuff

A sleeping companion :) SpongeBob's Eyes <3
& I'm off to Bangsar!


Melizen, 7th =)

Monthsary, have you ever heard of that word before? because the last time I read that on Facebook I thought it was a joke, like maybe he/she made it up. Who knew, I Google-d it and Boom! Happy Monthsary's everywhere. 970,000 results on that alone. Yeah I'm a bit slow.
*flips hair*

Especially young teens in love tend to have the need to celebrate that significant date every month. Truthfully, when you're right up there on cloud 9 you won't want to come down because it's always greener on that side. Lots of love, Mushy wushy convos, Hugs and kisses and just more&more of those! no details for the public lah XD

Anyway, confession confession! Zen and I do celebrate our monthsary, every 7th of the month :) we'd normally just go out for the whole day. Just a simple day out paktoh-ing :) nothing so extraordinary.

Lz and I are pretty much like complete opposites in terms of our personalities. I'm the Tom Yam and he's the Hamburger HAHAHAHA!

But we do have one thing in common :)

Our retardedness! and we are proud of it :D HAHA!

Most of the time we can actually read each others minds, yeah that's how well we both know each other. Quite scary in a way but so thrilling at the same time!

At Signature GSC, waiting to enter the cinema. Step Up 3!

an awkward pose just for You babe!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Short &Random

button nose, no wonder I love button mushrooms :O

KIMCHI JIGGAE! ya I'm that obsessed. -.-

Love is a battlefield. It's a song from the 80's.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

6 years of Friendship & Many more to come!

we're all gonna miss you Jian Rick :( have fun in London, but not too much fun all right? hehe! you're a big boy now so you better be serious and study hard :3 play hard too of course! take good care of yourself and don't forget to miss us here who are stuck in Malaysia :3

I just got back from KLIA, a bunch of us sent him off, see how lucky you are Rick? pfft. You've such great friendssss haha :) it was pleasant, not Much crying. Loads of hugs and kisses though :)

Bon Voyage my friend! xx

Thursday, September 9, 2010

8th Sep 2010

That day started with a bowl of fish ball mee hoon soup! It only filled half of my tummy, so I continued my meal with the Champagne snow skin moon cake from Ritz Carlton. Ohhhhhh yummmz! worth every single calorie! :D

Mom and I got sick of staying put at home so after the pour outside we headed out to The Gardens for some Food and a little shopping :3

The usual cat eye make up, the best type of eye make up for my eyes :) easy and fast!

Added my Dolly Wink bottom lashes for a slightly different feel :3

Mom and I were famished and needed food instantly! Went to our favourite Canton-i.

when my braces went out of alignment :( it hurt like crap! :( somebody call the doctor.

lovin' my new pair of Shoes ;) Bimba and Lola.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No Directions

Sometimes things don't always or can't always go the way you want it to be. That's part and parcel of life right? There's not much choice but to just go with the flow and while you're at it, just make the best out of it. Or else you'd prolly just sink.

ahhhh what am I saying? pfft.

*drifts to another thought*

Bread, Love and Dreams is one Fantastic Kdrama! the best I've ever seen so far!
trust my words and watch it :)

irrelevance! :D
Wokay this is some random post. I'm tired, bored and partially frustrated. Don't ask just give me a hug will ya? :)


Korean Food & Fake Lashes!

Pictures from the other night, dinner with the parents :) can't believe they chose Korean food over Thai. I was craving for some Tomyam that night :( but ah well :) Korean is always good!

ZenS Korean BBQ Restaurant

Steam Egg is definite Love! I tell you right the texture of it, walaoeh! superb! and it's just Egg :)

Bibimbap! :) healthy.

nyomnyom..slurp slurp

Parents and I love the place for its ambiance, isn't like those typical Korean restaurants where it's usually quite noisy, hot and you feel like you're absorbing beef/pork lard into your pores.

Mummy :)

Dad who is starting to enjoy Korean food thanks to my great influence :P

my first time with bottom lashes! bit fail but it was my first time :) i didn't use all of them cause I was too lazy and hungry to continue! waaaaaa eye bags quite zhialat!

bought them Dolly Winks last week after contemplating for so long (as you know it ain't cheap AT ALL RM55.90 each and using my own money doesn't help at all), just the bottom ones though, cause i have quite a few pairs of top fake lashes already. Truth? ACTUALLY was partially broke that's why i didn't get the top ones.. sigh. I desperately needed a new liquid eyeliner, so i got the deep black to try.. which cost me another RM55.90!

Olivia told me not to get them as it takes a longer time to remove it. Well what she told me wasn't true at all because it was really easy to remove! Guess it isn't waterproof? :( I will have to experiment with it soon :) Feel like getting some top fake Dolly Wink lashes! :D


Monday, September 6, 2010


Sasa and Adrian in Centre Island, Toronto, Canada :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Won't Listen

Flying Maggots? hell no. stoopid dawg.

Fact: I can never lose weight by just going to the gym, the most effective way is always Dance!

Drive Me Crazy

Yes, I'm back to being an active blogger. My disappearance has it's reasons and one of them was because that there's some stupid error with my blog page and I still can't seem to figure it out. I think I'd need somebody's help :( any of you who are blog spot savvy would like to help me? need it badly, pretty much frustrating the hell out of me right now seeing my blog in this condition, yeah that's why I didn't blog cause when I look at it I wanna cry T.T.. I can't click the link to my Older Posts at the bottom of the page and I'm not able to even locate gadgets on the sidebar! Damn tulan okay? pfft. hmm my complains will just stop here before my mood goes the extreme and also because i don't wanna bore you with my rants, mmhmm least now it looks a lil bit better since i have modified it zzz.

Never mind that, I'm proud to announce that I've finally gotten my driving license :) yeap passed my driving test on my first attempt which was quite a breeze and now I am licensed to kiiiieeeel ;) Don't think I'll be getting a car of my own anytime soon, but it's okay :) don't think it's really necessary for me to get one right now anyway. I'm grateful that I have no transport problems of any kind. Mom and Dad are usually always keen to take me places and not forgetting Mr. Chiam ;) The best part is I'm allowed to drive their cars :O

surprisingly a decent picture :)

Since the one week holidays have started all I usually ever think about is my work, yet I can't get myself to touch them. How shall I motivate myself? or how am I gonna snap out of it and stop procrastinating?