Sunday, June 28, 2009


Korean food + Ms. Cheah + Friends + ME = Laugh till tummy ache! tears were involved too!

yes, a fun filled gathering at Seoul Korean :) food there wasn't as great as the ones i have tried but who cares? company was no doubt very very enjoyable :D

will update on zeeee night, need to steal my awesome pictures from kj first TEEHEE!

Mel :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The way you make me feel....

alive. that's what you are. always and forever the King of Pop!

the most sensational performer ever!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

i am pissed. why? don't ask.

*applause* =)

hardworking me woke up early in the morning to make branch the other day at home! i am not sure what inspired me but i had such enthusiasm to cook for the past few days. i actually enjoy cooking and baking but really just too lazy to learn hehe. even when i was small, i loved to watch my grandma bake or cook in the kitchen and when i had any opportunity to help around like shaping cookies or even help sieve the flour, it was excitement, yup that was fun to me :) something that made me happy. despite the fact that my grandma is extremely particular about people helping her in the kitchen i guess she trusted me till a certain extend, hehe :)

you know what i realised after cooking? you automatically feel full.. 0.0

mel's salad HAHA
balsamic sauce, olive oil, feta cheese and bacon bits on top :)

potato meets brocolli dish hahahaha!
yeah something i came up with lulz

and the tradisional pasta with minced beef, corn and mushrooms!

well i was happy with my accomplishment :D boleh makan la! HAHA
i shall do better the next time!
oh oh andddddd i wanna learn how to make kimchi jigae so that i dont have to day dream it all the time :p


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One most loved!

random facts about Bruno.
- he likes coffee, preferably black.
- nothing stops him from getting a hold of his toys, NOTHING!
- after a bathe, he goes insane and starts running up and down,
from one room to the other like the roadrunner!
- loves to sniff random objects.
- farts quite ALOT
- doesn't like my cousin, kim. ELAGANDA lol
- watches every movement of yours with dagger eyes, bit freaky huh?
- begs for food all the time =S
- attention seeker lol
- loves to hold my waist HAHAHAHA, can u imagine?
- hates it when i dance =( ass.
- has a habit of resting his face on tables, lulz.
- gets hyper when he hears the word "walk".
- my beanie, no idea why he just looks like a beanie lol
- most pampered dog ever
- rebellious
- wee wee's when he sees the cane, haha!
- jumping jack!

phew. more the next time! x

Monday, June 8, 2009

"The French Village"

Sunday afternoon spontaneously decided to take a drive to Colmar Tropicale after so many years, used to love it there for its quiet french village feel and also to visit the rabbit farm hehe those were great memories i can never ever forget.

smile till its limit :D

perhaps his ugliest face eh?

and mine! :D

love this

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

you paint my world

multicoloured kuih!

painting the world other then purple.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Papa day

i guess you are the funniest person in my life. i can never forget this one day when you applied mom's make up, it was horrifyingly darn scary! if im not mistaken i vaguely remember i actually cried! i felt that he was gonna turn into a woman, i mean what did you expect me to think? cmon' my dad applying make up!!! and i was really young so yeah. just thinking of it now tickles me, i mean which father out there would ever do such a CRAZYYYY thing?!!! honestly. well except John Travolta :P he's exceptional!

you also never fail to embarrass me or try your best to humiliate me in front of my friends! like how you love to kiss my cheek and hug me in front of them.. what can i say, funny is what you do best. cause you always end up making my friends laugh! harharhar. :) yeah well its okay, i still love you! ^^

Happy Birthday Pa! :D

pre birthday dinner at our favourite place, Gourmet Inn which we call "Ah Dry"
HAHAHA inside joke :D

don't you love hotel toilets :D

love, mel