Monday, May 31, 2010

Times of Joy and Laughter

will never forget this day, Our Curvey Day outing! :) can't believe this was 2 years ago!
lets do it again guys :D

Joey G! did my flash semi blind u? hehe :D
went to watch The Click Five at Hard Rock Cafe! IT WAS FRIGGING EPIC!!!!

OMG :( QUICKSILVER REV. the free tickets. the splash. the crowd. so much fun! :)

Kissy's 16th Birthday!

this was right before SPM!
to be honest, i do miss Sri Garden even though i told everyone i don't miss it at all (don't ask why haha).. well i practically grew up within those walls, so yeah course i do miss those days! :)

Mr. Khaw, our principal at that time. haha just look at that BIG SMILE on his face :P

Sport's Day was always so happening :D
even though i am a senior now and couldn't take part in this years sport's day,
i am soooooo extremely proud of Red House who came in 1st for all categorizes this year! :D

our International Food Fiesta! ah can't forget this. could see how everybody ran their own little stall and able to earn up some cash for their club and the student council. the amount of Food and Games were overwhelming :O super fun!

Shaun Tan and I
a group of us performed to the song Summer Lovin' from the movie Grease during our annual concert in 2007 :)

My School Rocks Contest! 2007 :D
sweet sweet memories :'( gahhhh.
we're all in this together..


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life Goes On

watched Bounty Hunter yesterday with Olivia and Kist, haven't hung out with Kist for sometime as she now studies in a boarding school in Perak. pfft. she isn't having much fun there either :P hahaha! so Kissy, come back to us! come back to KL :D WE NEED CHUUU hehe.

I had a great appetite that day, pretty much pigged out XD after body combat class with Kim, she belanja-ed me to a Stroganoff at Starbucks.. it was yummy but a little on the salty side but yummy :) when i got home, everybody was having lunch so i had a super small scoop of rice with some fish curry! wah. waited for the SLOW poRk to arrive at my place, we scooted off to Pavilion to meet Kist once she reached.

Snowflake with EXTRA Ocha Ball LOL WORTH THE CALORIES :D:D:D during our Snowflake Gossip session, Yeong Wei called me to go shop with him as he needed my "professionality" his exact words HAHA! too bad movie was gonna start soon :O

In the cinema, Oli and I grabbed a Chicago Beef each.

Found the movie quite funny, Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston make quite a couple! :D

When Oli and I felt like there was something missing in our tummies. Madame Kwan's Nasi Bojari was the answer to it! :)

just look at that contented face :)
even my eyes are smiling!

Tengku ate some mushroom wantan mee thing! how appropriate. :P

i look stone? -.-

this was what i needed the most :) a day out with them.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


just for fun!

on stage

Friday, May 28, 2010

na nen otoke?

sexiest shyt ever! Rain you're such an inspiration! :)


Purple Sky

quote Li Tien "Teeth move really slow u know hahaha what am I saying. Dont u like them anymore? But dont take them off before I get to see them ok!!"

tell me she's a wetard! HAHAHAHA, i love wetards though :3

i can already see small gaps in between my teeth so my teeth do move fast :D i still can't wait to have a perfect set of teeth! i want to GRIN again, to smile FREELY, sigh. 5 months to wait.

and to the people who celebrate Wesak Day, HAPPY WESAK DAY! :D you guys are awesome! gave me more time to pig in. nyek!

Agenda for the Day:

1. makan makan at an Open House.
2. study for Malaysian Studies, ftw. just thinking about it makes me wanna cry.
3. do random things at home like eat Korean instant noodles :D

have a great LONG weekend!

the ones who keeps me breathing in College ;)


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Messed Up

when you are in that own little world of yours, your mind starts to ponder and without you realizing.. you end up feeling as though everything, every decision was a mistake... things turning out way off beam even if in actual fact they aren't at all. all you wanna do at that moment is to be alone in the corner and stare blankly into space and hopefully snap back to reality as soon as you feel that stupidity in allowing such thoughts.

you feel alright after awhile and everything is back to normal...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hana Tul Set

Byul Byul Byul by SNSD from their Oh! album is officially my favourite song right now! romantic much.ahhhh.

This song makes me melt. also for the first time realizing that their vocals are pretty good :)


Monday, May 24, 2010

The Bomb!

introducing S Turtle , the one who is half naked in the video :D
goodnight and sweet dreams all :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Snowflake Date!

Hi, I is Chris and it's my first time eating the Snowflake X)

these two greedy people went to Pavilion just to indulge in some Snowflake :D my Great idea.. we had some spare time to waste so Snowflake was the best place to chill for 30mins :3 yeah that's all the time we had before going to Menara Hap Seng to perform for the launching of the SarangHaeYo Club :) the top 3 were invited for a congratulatory performance but unfortunately Progression couldn't make it :3 so it was only Chrome L and Epsilon that were present.

His close step to ultimate Happiness!

AHHHHH greedy me :D OCHA BALLS! i see you :D
(okay yeah i so don't look like me in this picture, like some lady from China :O)

Up close and personal. DAMN :D

Can't wait for my next visit!


Randall's 21st

Venue: McClient's Florist (his mom's shop)

the birthday boy and i, by the time got there he was already so tipsy hahaha :)

i never knew he was so good at persuading, as far as i know he is awesome in baking yummy cookies and making delicious desserts! hey Randall, i want some more of your chocolate fudgy cake! B)
for the birthday boy's sake, despite how tired i was i gladly performed a short routine to Lady Gaga's Just Dance.

this is Eric :D

Randall made him sing a duet with him HAHA! Love Story by Taylor Swift :D
if you were to look closely, you can see Eric holding an artificial cucumber, their "microphone" hahahaha, hilarious XD

he definitely enjoyed his 21st and it's all thanks to his "sporting" mates :)


Friday, May 21, 2010


MY SIDEBAR IS FINALLY BACK WHERE IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE, By the side lah -.-! if any of you realized my whole side bar conveniently shifted to the bottom of the page :( had to frigging add everything all over! pfft.

anyway off to bed, need to wake up early to skate :3


Thursday, May 20, 2010

R16 B-boy International Competition

Crews from Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore and our very own Malaysia battled amongst each other on the floor! they totally burned the floor with their hot skillful moves! wished i had their agility :) it was held at the same venue as the Korean Wave Contest, KL Live. wasn't part of the plan to attend this event because i already promised my mom that i would attend a birthday party with her, well thankfully she's understanding and she loves me oh so much HEHE :3 i still went for the birthday party at around 1030pm though, parents came to pick me up after their dinner and we went straight off to PJ for Randall's 21st!

2 free tickets were given to me, unfortunately one ticket went to waste! :3

The Crews!

Giller Battle (Malaysia)
Wakaka Fever (Malaysia)
Rebelz In Rhythym (Indonesia)
Big Toe (Vietnam)
Laobangfai (Laos)
99 Flava (Thailand)
Soulfresh (Taiwan)
Floor Techniques (Singapore)

Champs were Big Toe from Vietnam! :) the hottest B-boys EVER :D
was i too loud? hahahaha! :D lamelame. ahhhhh :)

lucky me who found the PERFECT spot to sit by the balcony railing where they placed the spot light on a some sort of platform!
my legs were about to die standing among the crowd when i was down there! *points*
the Korean dude on the stage has a very awesome natural American accent :)
he even raps! coolgeekylooking fella who was carrying a backpack the whole entire time he was emceeing.

Everyone looking so gorgeous!
this is what i call awesome camera skills! hehe :)

Finals, Taiwan Vs Vietnam *jeng jeng jeng*

can you do that? ;)

S Turtle! :D that was written at the back of his shirt, guessing that's his nickname :)
i have a video of him showing off his skills, might just post it up when i can!

Koreans who have INSANELY MAD popping and locking skillz! *salute*

look at how happy Chris is when he is next to me :) SIGH. :D ecstatic.

Leon and I with his not-sleepy face! HAHAHA yeah that looks really wide awake alright :)

with the Celebrity Fitness' Hawt Ladies ;)

CUTE CUTE CUTE! the best looking Taiwanese B-boy that i was lucky to find while i was on my way down! AHHHH :D
Mel: can i take a picture with you? *GRINS*
B-boy: you wanna take a picture with me? 0.0
Mel: yes yes! :D
B-boy: okay :D
Mel: thank you :) seeya!
B-boy: (okay i don't remember what he said but i'm sure it was something nice BAHAHAHA sigh. syok sendiri much?)

Chris: aiyooohhhhhhhhh!!! -.-''''

shooo cute leh? :3

the last picture of Us :)
the group of boys who we asked to take a picture for us were extremely and weirdly shy 0.0


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Foodie Time

Right after the Korean wave contest, my parents and I went to Pavilion for some FOOD! my first meal of the day at about 5pm. ended up at Dome, had my extra fattening CREAMY SEAFOOD PASTA!! AHHHHH satisfaction to the max!

the Mother who is always at my performances :)

Coincidentally we met Chris and his girlfriends!

Joined them since parents had to go for a company dinner :)

i had to walk next this LALA guy :O HAHAHAHA! :D:D:D

they had Carl's Jr. for dinner :) i nibbled on fries heh.


Jeannie! :D nomnomnom :)

and we went off to watch the R16 B-boy Competition ;)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Korean Wave Contest !

All it took was 1 week, a week to learn the steps and practice, every night 10pm till approximately 12am from Monday to Friday at Celebrity Fitness, Megamall. every night was like some sort of hide and seek game entering the gym ;)

This project is one of the reasons why i haven't been updating my blog so often. things have been hectic and tiring much with college, ice skating and of course the dance :3 but throughout the progress of us dancing together and being as a team has made me realized how connected we are as a group. it's really cool to be able to see us so in synced and of course looking so hawt as a trio!

When Chris called me up to ask whether i could join their team, by the way our group is called Chromed L (Leon and Lancerie) quite creative i would say :) anyway coming back to the call, so yeah he called and asked me, surprisingly i didn't hesitate to yes! there was no holding back because these kind of opportunities don't just fall down from the sky all the time! all that was in my head was to just Dance :) whether we were gonna win or not, it didn't matter(okay maybe that's a lie :P) all i'm saying is that i did it for fun and to gain experience!

Woke up at 7:30am that morning and Chris came to pick me up at 8am :) he was my chauffeur for the whole week! HEHE you know i love you HAHAHA. :P bleh.

our signature pose!

too ugly :)

we were about 1 hour early! mosquitoes were feasting on my legs :(

The fcukingAWESOMEstage! bring on the spot light!
this was before our rehearsal :)

had to go to a Korean salon that had sponsored to cut the boys hair for FOC :D
Hair T's Korea, just right next to Dao Rae in Sri Hartamas :D

During the hair cut....

the korean hair stylist :)

WAHHH leng chai's in the making... 0.0 HAHAHAHA :P

me making up :D

woah! two versions of Tae Yang :D

this pictures oozes out so much hotness!

course i had to :)

Sexiest couple right there ;)

i'm still so flabbergasted by the fact that this amazing dance group weren't in the top 3! look at those fancy outfits and their super korean-ish look! wait till you watch them dance :)

i can't express my love for you two!
hehe :D

Chrome L

Chris fat hao! XD

We represented their My Hottest 2pm Fan Club :) check it out! FanClub

aw Chris we are so damn vain :) but can't deny it, we look good baby :D

with the Malaysian Super Junior :D i actually enjoyed their performance!

Epsilon, an all girl group. They danced and sung to SHINee's Ring Ding Dong.


3 song: 2pm's Heart Beat, Beast's Shock and
Super Junior's Don't Don't

listen to my heartbeat!
Cherry Boom
they danced to quite a number of songs! all from girl groups like SNSD, Kara and many more. the girl in the middle wearing black was kinda hot i must say :)

Jeanie and Chris :)
look at those happy faces, *melts*

Cyrus and I :) one of their gym mates!

JeanieMelEri :) it was so nice of them to come and support us! all of Chris' gym mates and very close friends :)

On stage waiting for the results!

and we came in 3rd! :) satisfactory but we were a tad bit disappointed that we won't be going to Korea! oh well. :) thank you guys for everything :D one of the best days!

Progression, the Champs! :)

Nikki, her performance was incredibly OUTSTANDING! :D
Tae Yang's Wedding Dress
she made it her own!