Monday, January 31, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Happy CNY to all of you! it's the year of the Rabbit, so...
DOUBLE the Success,
DOUBLE the Fortune,
DOUBLE the Love,
DOUBLE the Prosperity!


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gleefully smiling at, nobody..

rabbit girl
olive oil

just by looking at these two pictures has already brightened up my day. it maybe a cold, gloomy day but i feel utterly satisfied with everything that is right in front of my eyes now. things may not be perfect but what's life when all is perfect anyway? no hardships, no challenges, just a bed of purple roses (just because..) life would just be annoying especially if there are unicorns jumping the meadows. say whatttt?

will be going out much later for a little shopping with the Olive at Megamall/The Gardens. ditched her the other day because i had dinner with my family and i feel truly bad for letting her be a loner in the mall so there would be some making up to do, an extra hug maybe? ;)

so sad the Rabbit won't be able to join us because she has to see her grandparents! huhuhu. "you are gonna get a spanky tomorrow!" says me. rach and i was chatting earlier and we were talking about how unexcited we are to have fun in the sun at Sunway Lagoon tomorrow. i mentioned that we are getting old and lazy and maybe those days are really over? i still wonder why, hmm?
well then, what made us want to go anyway? we are opportunist! hahaha the Olive managed to snagged off 8 FREE tickets for all parks and so we will be going as we do not wanna waste good tickets :3 hopefully we'd be SEXited (kyean's favourite word lawl) by the time we arrive :)


okay i'm famished now so i'm gonna go find something to munch on!

hungry Mel

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stick out like a sore thumb


Monkey Love


one of a kind


Glow with me..


how my teeth looked like before braces, big difference no?


"where ma bling bitches?!"


who or what is responsible for these self absorbed pictures?

my brand new 13.3" MacBook Pro!

finally managed to convince my mom to get me one and ever since then i've been flying sky high! i want to thank my mom again for this amazing gift, never could have imagined owning a Mac. so it's pretty much still so surreal. i have yet to further discover it's great functions and still need some getting used to, it's actually really easy to navigate thanks to the multi-functional trackpad that works wonders! usually when i'm using my Compaq, i would badly require a mouse because it's uncomfortable to use the trackpad as it's small which would usually cause my finger to ache at times whenever i move it around that tiny box and it's sensitivity is really low and that makes it sooooo hard move the cursor around. OH! and not forgetting the unsuitable material used, you know when it creates a jerky movement? gets me exceedingly agitated lor :/ i already feel so stressed out just describing how bad it is! lol.

Mac's trackpad is the complete opposite so imagine that. heavenly to use and no mouse needed at all!

One of its significant feature or shall i say my favourite? still need to fiddle with it more and learn about what more it can do. i should probably ask a Mac expert, any volunteers? :)


well it's time for sleep, good night world!


Brace Face No More!

9 months of baring up with leftovers getting stuck between my braces, not forgetting the continuous sufferings of getting cuts and ulcers as big as my pi kang sai! HAHAHA no lah omg, just saying :P if you don't know what that means, just continue reading ;) to be honest, i actually got really used to wearing braces so it was pretty much a love hate relationship. i loved them being as tight as possible because i'm vain! tighter equals having to get rid of it faster and therefore the pain is really nothing but just a pinch.

anyway all i wanna say is that I SOOOO GLAD THEY HAVE BEEN TAKEN OFF!!! like foreva :) no more awkward facial expressions when about to snap a picture cause i'm way too shy to show off my grills. pfft. nothing can stop me from grinning anymore!

hope these won't haunt you in your sleep :B

WOKAY! think these are enough to make your eyes bleeeeeeeed :3

on that day itself i got to have my favourite TomYam! trust me, Amarin in Megamall serves the best clear tom yam goong! tom yam expert over here, hello hello.

don't be deceived by it's CLEARNESS!
will sting ya HARD! ;)

mommy and i, I WUV YOU heaaappsss :)

the luckiest girl over there, you'll know why in the next post!

this what my mom has been busy with, pwetty plants which are so cny feel :)

yummy treats from Japan! thank you Tien :)

okay i want to sleep now so, GOODNIGHT!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Their Unconditional Love

grandmother and i on the way back to Malaysia from Chiang Mai.

Granny's birthday was on the 20th of January, unfortunately for her getting food poisoning on the day itself.. we had to postpone the birthday dinner :( hope she is feeling much better now though. happy 75th birthday phorphor! i love you, cutest phor ever!

With no doubt, i actually genuinely love spending my time with my grandparents and you know why? cause they are so COOL! trust me i know best! :) we enjoy each others company wherever we are, whether it's just having dinner or even hanging out at their cozy little suite. yeap, we are tight! lol not the right word maybe but yes i can say we are close, very. it's never a drag to give them each a peck on the cheek but on the contrary very happy to do so. happy in others words i feel warm on the inside whenever i do so and feel glad that our bond is that strong.

i honestly cannot imagine them not being part of my life. i want to see them see me get married, have children and everything that comes along with it. life is uncertain but i'm very sure they'll be there, by my side, always.

enjoying their Black Canyon Coffee :)

now here's a pointless picture of me! :D

it was late and definitely had already passed my bedtime so i was prolly a lil bit eccentric :P look at the way i tied my hair up!

taking these babies off on the 27th which is TOMORROW! :) can't wait to look normal once and FOR ALL! my bf can never say i have bad breathe anymore :P well even if it does stink also, he has to love it. i know right, i is the grossness!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dance, Sing and Scream!

Karaoke at Mun's is the ultimate way to get high WITHOUT alcohol! :D

The party continued with STEAMBOAT at Dragon Door in Cheras :)

"Pork SOUP Pork Soup!!!"

"I don't like pork soup cause i'm not a fan of pork..."
this hypocrite drank 2 bowls of PORK soup later on... :D

"I just want my FOOOODDDD! SO HUNGRY >=["

and yes the pork soup at Dragon Door is DEEEEEElicious :) we finished every drop!

here is a picture of Tienie, the spoilt one who is snowbumming (i just made it up cause it's so cute bumbumbum!) in Niseko, Japan right now :P

"hi my name is LiTien and i love my pasta extra extra SPICAYYYY!"


You are my Super Star ♥

greetings world, it has been awhile :)

I'm now currently scouting for a brand new laptop because the Compaq that i have now is practically ancient (well not really but it weights a gazillion! and with these weak arms of mine, it kills to carry it around.) and i never had a laptop of my own, as in i always had to share it with my dad. not that i am complaining or anything but it would be really great to just see files that only belong to me. by sharing a laptop also means sharing memory space and so there isn't always enough as yours truly over here loves to upload pictures, videos and more pictures! memory runs out like KUHRAAAZEEE :(

so ANYWAY, i was thinking a MacBook Pro! went to check it out yesterday and YES i so want it! after looking at it i really don't have the mood to look any further because that is what i want for sure. let's see what the parents say :) can't get my hopes up though! haha, just really excited about getting a new laptop, i mean a MacBook Pro! (which is really uncertain btw :3) will update on what i might be getting soon.....but for now i will just feast my eyes on Jang Geun Suk cause he is such an eye candy!

have you watched Marry Me, Mary! ?

Hello~ Hello~ Thank You~ Thank You~

he also starred in He's Beautiful, another AWESOME kdrama! i can watch it all over again :)


how i would like to start 2011 :)

till then

Thursday, January 13, 2011

You cry, I cry

things can only get even better love...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


my granfather looking awesome with his Ray-bans

I feel my heart racing, excited for something that is apparently absolutely nothing. just gonna waste time at home bumming around till dinner and since everyone else is busy with their own lives, i shall pretend to be as well. i'm still in my what i like to call, granny pajamas and with hair oh so greasy. i probably should take a bath by since it already in the evening. but what is the point when i'm just gonna bum around within these walls. i can gleefully say that i'm happy to be home in this state and with great company by my side, a lazy dog. my housing area is thankfully very quiet and so the only noises heard will be, me typing, the pedestal fan oscillating, birds chirping and the wind chimes. the best time of the day to take a nap.

okay gonna be a couch potato in 3... 2... 1.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pit Stop

it was the perfect weather as we took a trip down in 2 cars to Cyberview Lodge for branch with my family. and if you're wondering about who that "hunk" over there is, well he is my extremely vain cousin brother who i love to bits :) we are actually quite alike.. in ways, or maybe it's just the vain bit :D

we think he looks a tad bit Korean, what do you think?
(don't say yes don't say yes! :O)

anyway his family comes down from Penang every year to celebrate Christmas with us and we are always so happy to see auntie Susie and uncle Ming :D unfortunately Nicholas (the older brother) couldn't make it as he is now working in Melbourne as an accountant. hope to see him soon too!

every single day has been quite busy for me lately, busy having fun that is! don't have much time to actually update over on this side of the world :3 though i do update
my twitter
*CLICK CLICK CLICK* quite often as i'm on the road :)

loads of Love,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shabu & AfterParty

Last night was Shabu time at Shabu Garden located in Kuchai Lama.

It was a satisfactory dinner i must say :) we individually ordered our dishes and had a pot of soup to ourselves. there were many types of soup to choose from! Tomyam (YESSS TOMYAM), Spicy and sour soup (Not Recommended), Bak Kut Teh (heard it was quite good), Clear Soup (hm no idea, must have been alright) and lastly Herbal soup (Tien comment about it being tasteless lol)

but of course i ordered my Tomyam and no regrets cause it was damn syok :D especially after all the yummies were added into the soup, made it so sweeeetttt. i was a happy child, not to mention the free refills haha :P

pictures are all edited because of the really bad lighting.

a hungry cat

Delilah who is Tien's cousin, Tien, Oli and I :)

on the other side
Mun's bf and little brother, BehBeh and Chin Mun, lastly Kyeanies :D

she ordered the spicy and sour soup which tasted like kimchi in hot water LOL

Li Tien can i steal your eye lashes? :)

shabu Monster #1

shabu Monster #2

the girls, someone is missing though :( you know who you are!

Silly oli tip toeing!!

Karaoke session at Mun's was definitely a night to remember!