Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Give it all out!

giving you the ever so famous pout =3
that was when i was fooling around with steps to my random playlist =)

Monday, September 21, 2009


Party in the USA! ohhh yeahhhh.... lets go party in the USA Miley Cyrus woot woot! LOL you say it's an annoying song, i say it's CATCHY! hehehe =) okay fine, i have to admit.. at first i did think it was bloody annoying but when you listen to it a few more times, you kinda learn how to appreciate Miley's "creativity"! HAHA it really does make you wanna parrrttay! makes ya wanna put your hands up in the air! wooooooooooot!

i guess i should get used to these routines, well at least for 5 weeks?
my mom got into a clumsy clumsy accident last thursday when i was in school. she texted me when i was in the midst of a Moral seminar saying she fractured her ankle.. when i got her msg, honestly... i did tear a little.. awww yeah okay i did cause it hurts mah...when mommy gets hurt my heart hurts too =( hehe, okay enough of all the mushhhiness! anyway i told her about it but she didn't believe it as usual HAHA. she thinks i am a thick skin who doesn't have a heart HAHA i guess i don't blame her for that as i'm most of the time macho and cold =3 can't help it! it's all in the genes :D:D:D:D yes yes i love to blame everything i am on the genes, even when i was a kid HAHA "GENES WHAT!!!" the adults would always get pissed off when i say that XD *sniggers*

well mommy, i've already told you that i will be your maid so yeah, you know what to do horr when you recover :D HEHEHEHE! KOREAN FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! hahahaha! yes mommy spoils me with FOOD :D:D:D:D always. ya know why? cause i eat most of the plates and she just watches *bunny teeth* :D she's jealous of my appetite!

Get your bottoms up and well so we can go jalan-jalan after trials okay?
I loveeeeee you much! *kisses noisily all over face to make bruno jealous* HEHEHEHE!

ma and i waiting patiently for our Vietnamese noodles!

i coming for you! gonna conquer you! the world of KIMCHI JIGAE! here i come! hee hee, understand my lameness? well you'll get to know soon :D:D:D

i will go accompany the "old folks" karaoke-ing to oldies.. hmm Barbara Streisand?

lots of loveeeee,

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Can you feel this? Yup, it's Love!

hello there!

tell me what you think of my new layout alright? =) i thought it was kinda pretty and neat, with the big red ribbon and all!

off to study accounts!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Love Meant Something..

now, i'm so addicted to Remember by David Choi, his voice is so boyish and sosososo good =3
his lyrics are quite meaningful =) sad... but meaningful..

I don't like it anymore how that all those days
When we don't even say a word to each other
I don't like it anymore when we act that way
Like we were never ever even lovers

I know that we're both, working our jobs
Taking care of everything we have
But you know it doesn't mean
Oh, you know it doesn't mean
It should be like this forever

Remember the height
From which we fall
And remember the days
Our love meant something

Remember the passion that we had
When did it ever get this bad
Oh, I don't want to be
The way we are

I want to give the love we have for each other
Oh girl, what happened to our love
That we've been missing
Oh girl

You remember all the letters that you sent to me
I still keep them locked up, inside my drawer
Oh how I wish we could go back to how it used to be
I know there's more to you that I, could discover

Could we light, the fire again
And make it shine brighter than ever
Girl are you hearing what I mean
Are you hearing what I mean
It should be like that forever
Oh yea


Oh, right now
I don't care about anything other than us
Cause it's about us
Oh, it's about us, it's about us baby
About us

It's not that our love is gone
We just stopped, being strong
So if we hold on, we can make it through
And love like we used to do


That we've been missing...
That we've been missing...

David Choi, a 23 year old korean american dude making it into the music biz in the US! a song writer and musician!
through YouTube he earned his fans! :)
gogo! listen to him on YouTube :D

well i shall hit the sheets now, gudnight all!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One Word.Passion

i just finished watching Honey and it was enlightening in soooo many ways! i think that was my 1000th time watching that movie! one movie i can NEVER, neverrrrr get sick off! i'm sure most of you dancers would know what i am talking about! you know, the one with steaming hot! Jessica Alba in it =D damn, you know how i felt when those dancers were shakin' their thang!!!? i totally wished i were them in the movie 0.0 how i wish huh? that would be a DREAM worth dreaming!

to also gain absolute awesome skills like theirs!

this movie did really touch my heart at certain points. especially the Benefit Dance scene! i teared ='( aiyo. what an emo =='' hahaha! yerrrr! i miss dancing my ass off so much! SPM be gone so i can groove away to the music! darn it! i wanna put my heart and soul to it when i am free and in my zooonnnneee =)

i wanna be inspired! so cmon' INSPIRE me! =D