Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hols To do List

Zee List

  1. partay
  2. SHOP!
  3. hang loose
  4. SLEEP!!!
its 2am and yeah thinking abt no. 4 over there makes the list kinda useless.. I've not been sleeping early and thats like kind of a BAD thing cause late nights will cause me panda eyes and a horrid next day! god, well i really don't feel like sleeping right now plus Kist and gang are like watching No Vacancy at her place without me! sigh, i don't know why my parents are soooo darn strict!!! I've like never ever slept over at my friends place except for my cousins..pfft! shocking right?

Last Friday was soooo much fun, trust me. After school I went to get my hair and nails done at A Cut Above in Megamall before Manda's party at Top Hats. I finally got a hair cut after like 8 figging months!!! i know right? anyway, i painted my nails Barbie pink yo!
I left the mall at about 630pm and guess what? FREAK JAM!! well totally not surprised since it was a Friday night. I was 1 hour late for the party, I was like some VIP or something hahaha! Kar Keat was like "where are u??? everyone is here except for u! hurry up" and Jun the bimbo was like "where are u? hurry up!" haha! u see the party could not start without me XD nah jk. I was like texting Farris and Raja, both of them were in the same massive jam. Coincidentally Farris and I arrived and left at the same time!!!

We arrived there not knowing which entrance to go to so we kinda ended up in the wrong party! hahahaha it was like a private party full with adults and wine =S how would i know, pfft!
Amanda's party was really cozy, there was a caricaturist and a band, The Childhood Dreamers which is our school band. YUP! i got the dude to sketch me :D

Ok, it doesnt exactly look like me but whatever! haha, the dude was like "do u wanna be a mermaid?" LAWL!

I ALSO GOT A TAT! sexy or not? haha! teeheeeeee!

one of the most craziest and nicest friend i know, AMANDA!! :D

Just look how ROCK the cake is!! hahaha :D:D

The dude who loves to bully me and surprisingly i can't get really mad at haha! Jun.

My cheek to cheek partner! Sachieee, i love you gurlfriend!

Lizzie!! one of my close guy friend in class, he is just so hysterical!

Someone you can really talk and share your thoughts with, Raja the great!

Famous for his puppy dog expression, just look at that! awww, such a sweetheart! Farris.

The lightings are pretty..

Deng and I =3

aww, manda and alex XD

oh dear god, he needs HELP badly. hahaha!! insane billy boy who "drunk" way too much!

De caricaturist!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Today, in the morning i got a text message from my dad saying David Cook won! my heart fell and i started screaming!! uhuh that was how bad i wanted cute stuff Archuleta to win... right after i got the news, i went telling everyone in school and at that same time wining GOSH! and guess what, majority wanted Archu to win.. except for punk rocker sue yii! totally pfftness. sorry i totally spoiled the surprise but i just HAD to haha!!

*pouts* why WHY WHY!!!!

im sooo bloody upset David Archuleta didn't win, cmon! he has all zee qualities of being 2008's American Idol! sigh.. guess life ain't so fair sometimes. For the second time Simon's views didn't materialize. Simon is sexy.. HAHAHA! randomness.
David vs David wow.. who knew that this year's season would turn out so ironic and coincidental! u think?
some hot lucky chick grabbing David A.!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

3 Day Conference at Taylors

TAYMUN's first conference! and also my first. Great experience i say. This year i decided to join MUN instead of PA (Performing Arts) for a certain reason :) I think that i wouldn't learn much if i were to join PA. It's not like the PAD is that outstanding, so yeah. Joining MUN was a wise choice for me in many ways, I've gotten to learn much in just this few months.

Okay, back to the conference. It was held at Taylors College, this conference was only between Taylors and Sri Garden. I know right, we were debating with a bunch of college students! They we not so intimidating cause they were all newbies like me! I was the delegate of Portugal! hehe, Sri Garden has been involved with MUN for over 3 years now. The experienced peeps are Zubin, Saiful, Suzuki, Hera, Antonio, Kist, and a few others who i don't quite remember at the moment.

The first day was the best i must say! ESPECIALLY in the bus! gosh, i had the GREATEST LAUGH!! LOL *chokes* lawl!

Here are some pics!

"I'm gonna miss you 2 GURLFRIEND! *sniff*" lawl! aw Carmen was sad cause i was leaving her..

a small part of Taylors College

Steven and I


very sexy Saiful XD

Hanim seducing the cam :P and Irfan err. hahaha!

Jack who was the most Passionate speaker btw he is only 13 going on 14, i know right.. and Steven HAHA! love that expression of urs Steve!

Antonio looking very FORMAL.. tsk tsk, Mr. last minute :D

a very pretty picture of Kist!

hahaha! wooo, don't look at me like that Raja! lol

we're ready to roll!

My partner in crime lol =.=
the Delegate of Portugal!

Zubin, our cool President :D

Saiful, Suzuki and Irfan!

Kist and I, at this point we were having a wild time at the back of the bus!! *wink*

Shaun, hahaha! now he had a great laugh :D

Delegates :D

HER NAME IS MELISSA TAN as well 0.O haha! so cool eh :D

*cough cough* Hera and Jack, haha! i wonder what were they talking abt, kinda forgot lol

Joshua, the delegate of Myanmar! a very confident young man :)

Suzuki: whoops! i blocked ur face HAHAHA!
=.= the Kiosk kings Saiful and Suzuki hehe

they love the bus this MUCH!

The last time i saw YOU Mr. basketball player! hehe, well i bet u are having a ball of a time in Australia right now!! I'm so jealous, i really wish it was me migrating to Aus instead :( haha oh well. Joshep, even if u meet new and more exciting ppl over there.. dont u dare forget MOI alright! :D and u said it YOU ARE GONNA MISS ME teehee :D

Jo and sweaty me haha! oh well at least he looks great with his PERFECT SMILE! :D

thats it for now.
ciao :D