Sunday, November 30, 2008

I want an Edward Cullen, he is perfect.....but he doesn't exist.

my blog's incredibly boring and dead now, yes i knew that for the past few weeks. i do have a good explanation though, due to some settings problem i'm not able to actually arrange my pictures in order which i'm pretty pissed off about cause its totally refraining me from blogging about EVERYTHING i've been up to for these couple of days which involves LOADS of pictures, sigh.

holidays has been wonderful so far! although i feel a big fat guilt in me for not studying at all this whole month so i've made a promise to myself that when December starts, i'll start opening my books and TRY to absorb as much knowledge as i can as a slight preparation for next year. i hope what i just said will materialize and will not be forgotten haha.

To everyone who hasn't watched Twilight, YOU have got to watch it!!!!! i've read the book and it made me LOVE the movie soooo much more! I went to watch it on Thursday. went to Kist's place to have lunch first with the whole "volleyball" gang! and apparently they only played for 10 minutes == wtf right hahahaha! i didn't join them for vball because i was down with a bad sore throat and cold. i was quite antisocial the whole day cause of it, you know how i'm usually all bubbly and talkative :D Kist calls that noisy. =='' BUT i know she loves me noise!! LALALALA :D hehe.. btw i'm as healthy as a bee can be now!!!! LOL if that makes sense? :D

you should have seen how Kist and i were salivating over Edward in the cinemas! even the crowd were squealing and omg-ing whenever Edward appeared on the huge screen and obviously they were all Twilight fanatics like us! damn. loads of scenes were frigging orgasmic!! excuse me, mind my language..but its so true! we made pretty unnecessary noises which made the couple beside us giggle! they definitely had a good laugh at us all right haha!

WARNING!!!! (spoiler)

Baseball Scene

When Muse - Supermassive Black Hole started to play.....

Kist: *all the excitement in her* OMG!!!!! MUSEEEE! *starts singing*
Mel: *amazed by how Vampires play baseball* omg this is like exactly how they described it in the book!!!!
Kist: *still singing* omg u know right!!! this is a song that ppl wanna lose their virginity to!!!
Mel: what?! really? HAHAHA!!!
Kist: seriously!

After that, i got to acquire the taste of Muse! and Supermassive Black Hole is Hell Of A SEXY! and come to think of it, what Kist said was kinda true in many ways :D HAHAHA!

...random thoughts...
Edward Cullen is mineeeeeeeee! Jacob is all yours! *GRINS* trust me Jacob Black is the HOTTEST character in the movie i tell ya! *wink wink*

I rate Twilight 8/10!


Saturday, November 22, 2008


thank u guys sooooooooooooooooo much for wishing me! especially the ones who wished me at 12am there and then!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! xx

and also another BIG thank you to my cousin who blogged about me! hahahaha! i actually laughed reading her hilaaaarious post :D go read the entry at Kim Tan !

OH and a super duper special thanks to KIST, my bitch.. who went all the way to McDonalds in the middle of the night just to wish me on msn! and she also had some other ppl with her, like Shaun, our student council president and Joshua, haha the most knowledgeable form 1 dude i have ever met to wish me!

I'm so thankful that I'm surrounded by really great people!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008



1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

Starting time : 11:47
Name : Melissa Tan May Ling
Sisters : 0
Brothers : 0
Shoe size : 5-6
Height : 5'2 plus?
Where do you live : Taman Supreme, KL
Favorite drinks : SMOOTHIES! esp. when it contents all sorts of berries in it! heaven!
Favorite breakfast : An English breakfast
Have you ever been on a plane : Yes
Swam in the ocean : nope :P

Fallen asleep in school : Yes! who hasn't?
Fell off your chair : Yes, but i can only recall vaguely cause it has been awhile since i last fell of a chair!
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Nah!
Saved e-mails : Yes
What is your room like : It's painted baby pink, pastel purple and pastel green! yeah it's rather girlie! i still display all my barbie dolls in my cupboard (anyone wants them? pls tell me!) my mom says its messy but i say its freaking home man.
What's right beside you : my iPhone, wallet, an empty bowl, a calculator & my Juicy Couture bag.
What is the last thing you ate : Waffle =3

Ever had...
Chicken pox : Yes

Sore throat : Yes
Stitches : Yes! thanks to Kim's dogs ==
Broken nose : Nope
Do you believe in love at first sight : No
Like picnics : Yes, but never really went for a picnic before!
Who was the last person you danced with : er, i can't remember :D
Last made you smile : Jian Rick, Yeong Wei and William
You last yelled at : Jian Rick and Yeong Wei

Today did you...
Talk to someone you like : No, sadly...
Kiss anyone : Nope, only my Baby Bruno :D
Get sick : No
Talked to an ex : er i don't have an ex :D
Miss someone : Yes, =3
Do you sleep with stuffed animals : YEAH!! i have many on my bed.
What's under your bed : DIRT!
Who do you really hate : i don't really hate anyone.
What time is it now : 12:00am

Randoms :

Q : Is there a person who is on your mind right now : No
Q : Do you have any siblings : No, i'm the only child wahaha!
Q : Do you want children : yeah! most ideal, a girl and a boy!
Q : Do you smile often : YES! me famous for me smile!
Q : Do you like your hand-writing : I love it!
Q : Are your toenails painted : not YET
Q : Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : errr no idea..
Q : What colour shirt are you wearing : i ain't wearing a shirt! :P
Q: What were you doing at 7:00pm yesterday : hmm, "stoning"
Q: I can't wait to : celebrate my birthday!
Q: When did you cry last : i don't remember!
Q: Are you a friendly person: yeah, i think i am :D
Q: Do you have any pets : 2 dogs :) nicole and bruno
Q: Where is the person you have feelings for right now : how would i know pfft :P
Q: Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now? : maybe *grins*
Q: Do you sleep with the TV on? : No
Q: What are you doing right now? : Skype-ing with Jian Rick and Yeong Wei :D
Q: Have you ever crawled through a window? : YES!
Q: Can you handle the truth? : Not very good at it but yeah i can.
Q: Are you closer to your mother or father? : Mommy
Q: Who was the last person you cried in front of? : dont remember.
Q: How many people can you say you've really loved? : 1
Q: Do you eat healthy? : Yes!
Q: Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?: i don't have an ex? haha
Q: Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you? : Yeah
Q: How often do you go to church?: I'm a freethinker
Q: If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to? : I would usually keep everything to myself.
Q: Are you loud or quiet most of the time?: Quiet.
Q: Are you confident?: Yes, most of the time.
Q: Favorite Quote: I don't wanna friend you liao!! HAHAHA

Q: Things I was doing 10 years ago: eat.sleep.poop

Q: Things on my to-do list today.
1. Go out, maybe.
2. Work out!

Q: 5 snacks I enjoy..
1. OREO!
2. Chips!!
3. Chocolateee
4. French Fries!
5. Chicken Floss :D

Q: 5 things I would do if I were a billionaire.. (By Order)
1. Build my dream home in Beverly Hills!
2. Have homes around the world!
3. Have my own fashion line!
4. Give my parents whatever they want!

Q: 5 of my bad habits..
1. Speaking to loudly!
2. Swearing too much.
3. Annoying ppl when i'm bored.
4. Shouting at ppl
5. Calling ppl names

Q: 5 places I have lived in..
1. Toronto, Canada
2. KL, Malaysia
3. KL, Malaysia
4. KL, Malaysia
5. KL, Malaysia

Q: 5 jobs I've had..
1. Dance performances
2. Helping my mom with her work. (yeah i got paid :P)
3. ...that
5. ...all

Q: 5 people I tag..
- Kim
- Sach
- Aiza
- Mich Lee
- Rach


Last Friday was a day of quality time with mommy and my new Canon camera of course! i was actually invited out to play volley ball with Kist and to Pavilion with classmates but instead i chose to hang out with my mommy, i guess felt quite bad going out every week and letting my parents wait for me, its pretty unfair. so mom and i went all the way to Curve to have lunch hahaha, yeah we are really spontaneous when it comes to getting what we want! despite our tummies growling, we still could tahan till we reached Bubba Gump! every step we took, our crave for clam chowder and shrimps got greater hahaha! :D

yeah, cheers to u!

Starbucks tasted sooo good after walking so much!

haha pls ignore my retardedness lawl :P

we headed to IKEA to buy some drawers haha!

eskimo kiss!

Mom and I having a great time camwhoring!

its decor!

reminds me of the olden days :)


I know it looks burnt but its actually not burnt! hahaha.

Shrimp with garlic bread!


anyway i had a a fun time with mom!


Btw i ain't able to paste my pictures after cutting them! i'm so mad right now. If you know whats wrong PLS PLS PLS tell me why! thank u.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Canon

my baby Bruno, a super intelligent 3 month old pup!

colour accent

i'm loving it every moment!

today's quote of the day "padan muka siallllllll!"

LOL that was hilarious :P
well at least now you know how i feel!!! :)


Saturday, November 15, 2008

How can i ever forget?

"yesss! give me sexyyy!! work it babes!"

sweetiepie! i love u :) the only one who is ALWAYS happy to see me! Carmen!!!

hahahaha :D
ppl who i will never forget!

KIST! she hor damn diu one!!! always wtf ing everywhere. she like to eat carbs!!! always whining and LOVES to corrupt my mind!!! sigh, but oh well most importantly she loves me la HAHAHA!
JUN! my korean friend who never fails to have a cat fight with me whenever we're together! i don't know why but i can't get really mad at him even though he annoys me like hell!!! i know you lovee meee woohoo!!

its 8:07 am and im awake! why am i doing up so early? gosh.... maybe i shall go back to sleep later! wahahaha! looking at all those pictures makes me miss school so much =( and to face the fact that next year is gonna be my last year in Sri Garden is pretty depressing.. sometimes i wish how ideal it would be to just turn back time and do things differently, but seriously... whatever had happen in the past was meant to happen. so i've got no regrets with what i said or what i did in the past cause i wouldn't have truned out this way if it wasn't for all my actions in the past, so i'm actually quite glad how my form 4 ended for me :)

I'm currently still in shock?!!
...................... excited!
...................... sleepy... HA HA!

xo xo,

Friday, November 14, 2008

my GOLD!

Mom: something is waiting at home for u! your FAVORITE!
Mel: *half a sleep* == a camera????????!
Mom: i don't know, you go home and see for yourself.
Mel: ohhh it's a camera for sure! *celebrates inside :D:D:D:D*

OH yeah! my daddy bought me a Gold Canon IXUS 870 IS for me birthday!!!! gawdddd i'm sooo happy that i don't ever have to face any troubles of taking perfect shots anymore! my previous camera was a sony and it was the definition of lousy, i do not recommend anyone to buy a sony camera! period. even though sony digital cameras are slick and colourful, they don't catch my eye anymore because i know how unfriendly and MEAN they can be grr.

and ohh kim, you don't have to bore me with your "grandmother" naggings anymore to get a new camera! YAY! :P

sigh, holidays are finally here but why don't i feel how i'm suppose to feel? haha i guess i'll miss you guys!


Saturday, November 8, 2008


oh yeah!!! ULCER FINALLY RECOVERING after one whole WEEK of suffering to eat slowly and carefully and not to mention the pain i had to go through! hell i tell ya.... especially when it was on my gum :(

well this week of school has been quite a bore, nevertheless i still had my moments of laughter and fun! :D SG's year end concert is tomorrow and i ain't going which is pretty sad cause i never miss such events! but oh well, it was pretty last minute and i will be going out with classmates to pavilion AGAIN!!! HAHA :D gonna watch a movie or two i think..

i've been sweating and working my muscles to the max lately!!! arent ya proud of me? well i am proud to say, i think my whole diet plan is working! and i am starting to love sports now! teehee :D played badminton with lz, steven, austin and ben today after school, felt so alive and hyped up! i know right, Melissa playing badminton? HAHA weird :P my first time playing this year! not too bad i suppose!

Good Luck to all who are running for student council!
xo xo,