Thursday, April 29, 2010


Shattered all over again..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello New Chapter!

Awesome Memories at Taylor's PJ Campus :'( *sniff*

wooots! ;)

we planned to scare Darren who was on his way to the Annexe but it failed quite bad, we ended up scaring each other HAHA!


KAPOW! LIKE NO OTHER! hahaha fun times.

woooah Dougie's Alien ware 0.0

The Annexe is what i miss the most actually :3

Mamak moments!

aww! the library where the boys used to play their games and chill in the cubicles while i camwhore or do my work of course ;)

Nicholas and Xian bringing sexy back :D

the one who always winks in pictures haha i realized :D

Dawgie :D

Head scarf day! :3

Kieran's anime version of me :)
lopsided boob! HILARIOUS.

at My Cafe, just a 5 minute walk from LCS :)
that's my favourite grandson Sai Keet! realized how the rice is GREEN! lol


Our first day together :)

wow, it felt like just yesterday when we were freshmen sitting in the hall where everyone looked like strangers. us girls would spotting or looking out for hotties in the room. same goes to the guys. all the anxiety and excitement in meeting new people and making new buddies. everyone dreaded staying at Leisure Commerce Square, let me list out a few main reasons why.

1. everything in the building is relatively old and rundown.

2. it can be quite unsafe as there are not only students in the building but outsiders as well. (this point in mainly for the hot chicas ;)

3. the air con vents were designed in a way that its facing on the inside of the building, so when walking across that part of the building, you would feel maximum heat and basically a lot of dust particles. not a very pleasant feeling.

4. people smoke at every possible corner!!!!! tsk.

5. the computer labs practices bad ergonomics.

6. the toilets stink quite bad. (the one in the computer labs smells of dried saliva. haha)

7. hygiene level not at it's top notch. not even close.

These are just the few. despite it's imperfection I miss that place :) we have left a part of us there. During our time studying at LCS we started to love the place! we even came to a point where we didn't wanna shift :3 yeap that's how comfortable we were there. besides the fact that there is a 711 and the waffle/bubble tea stall there! not forgetting our chill-out spot, LEVEL 7 :D love AQ (pool, snooker and foosball outlet/cafe) except for it's terribly smoked up environment -.- but you get used to it after awhile, so its all good :) the parameter of the place is way smaller which means, LESS walking and LESS sweat. Now in Lakeside, sweat shall be my permanent feature on my face :D damn it. Anyway, I'll have to get used to the new environment and get to familiarize with the place :) everything is going well so far!

More excitement and memories we shall create here in the Lakeside Campus :)


Sunday, April 25, 2010



You'll Be In My Heart

I burnt my tongue eating porridge yesterday.

The inner walls of my mouth is molded to the shape of my braces.

I'm worried about you.

Is missing you.

Just had some oats and milo.

Wonders if my teeth are brown.

There are cuts on my lip.

Listening to Teddy Geiger's songs.

Feels good.

Kimmy's Photoshoot

A few of my favourites :)

Olivia and I
lovely :)

back to back

Solo shot!

a candid! he was trying to seek attention from the Snowflake workers who supposedly kept staring at me -.-

the youngest kid behind there =3

bring it HOT or else don't ;)


I Kissed a Girl

woke up in the morning with my teeth aching, wonder what i was doing while i was asleep. most probably i was dreaming of eating some thick and juicy chuck of beef *salivates* or something like that, hilarious huh? imagine me munching and chewing in my sleep XD yes i am one deprived child at this point and time since i got my braces done on Thursday, food has been the last thing on my mind! sigh. all my cravings are no longer there, how is that even possible? geez. my bestie is now porridge :)

anyway coming back to what happened when i was asleep..ahhhh too bad i can't recall what was my dream all about. like i always am, a deep sleeper! proud to say that! :D means nothing can wake me up from my heavenly time! pfft. not even a clucking chicken alarm clock! wahahaha!

Mella got a second piercing! finally :) no, not on my belly button, neither a lip ring OR a tongue stud. HEHE, i would never do that silly :) got it on my ear. right side! spontaneous it was. psssst i did it without mommy knowing! rebel much? harharhar. oh come on, i'm 17 going on 18 *GRINS*

Getting my braces fixed with dark purple rubber bands and the next day going to Poh Kong for a piercing! i'm living up to my teen hood ;) what's up next for me? a tattoo maybe? 8D ...........*silence* HAHA!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

One AIA & LUSEB Mega Sales Congress

Woke up at 4am for rehearsal, damn that was way early! Felt so nauseated for the first time after practice. I really salute the event management crew who only slept for an hour or probably less. Including mommy who was busying reciting her speeches, did i mention my mom was the emcee for the whole day :) how frigging awesome is that? she was invited to emcee, she supposedly speaks well and is well-versed in her English language hehe! Mommy your the best! you Superwoman ;) she typed out all her scripts and burnt the midnight oil like crazy! the best part is that she did it for the company and in favor of her good ol' friend :)

before going down to the ballroom :)

Mom in action!

RedOne, Konvict
Gaga, oh-oh, eh

imagine this big float "floating" above a sea of people!

The Finale!

doesn't that look fun? sadly didn't have the chance to touch them two bola's :(

funny how they were all doing the Gratitude Dance! 0.0

let in the colors of Life

Dad, the one who bought a brand new handy camcorder just for my performances! :D

Olivia was proud to be an Aia agent for a day! :D

with appreciation from Uncle Teck Lai ;)

Uncle Teck Lai the man who made it all possible :) a million THANK YOUsss!!! He was the Organizing Chairman of LUSEB, representing the agency force and also a family friend of ours :) known him for years!
A brilliant man!

During Happy Hour! Carlsberg for all!!

the two amazing dancers who groove and shake it like there was no tomorrow!

by just looking at his size was i surprised that he could do THAT!


they were definitely bringing the roof down! ;)
was shocked to see that dude over there, gotten to know him when i performed at the A Cut Above event, he was part of the Michael Jackson tribute dance :D unfortunately i didn't get his name :( OH! while he was dancing, he flicked his SWEAT onto me! you have no idea how eeky that felt lol cheeky fella!

the most supportive parents in the world! :)

to be continued....

Friday, April 23, 2010

On stage

Today shall be the one and only day i will be bumming around at home and won't be out gallivanting the streets. It feels great to have everything going so smooth and well these past few weeks. Everything as in my big performance for Aia's Mega Sales Congress and also not forgetting the 31st Cut Above Anniversary dance performance. It's really heart fulfilling when i am able to do what i want without having to think about anything else and just doing my darn-est in it, which is to Dance. I really hope that more of these kind of events will be lining up for me in the near future! Although i feel a tad bit stressful at times when going through the process of it all everything is good at the very end. What's ironic is that everything or anything a person does, stress would usually come in the picture because what we want is to achieve or in my case, to put on the Best show. I always go all out whenever i am on stage, no doubts about that. Just oozing out all that feeling and emotions through just listening to the beat and rhythm of the music is the best feeling ever! nothing else can beat that feeling whenever i am on stage.

Lady Gaga's Just Dance was what i danced to in this picture.

have a nice weekend everybody :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Private Time ;)

Venue: One World Hotel
Date: 15th April 2010

This is what happens when the the two of us are left all by ourselves in a hotel room ;)

Siamese twins :D
Satu Hati Dua Jiwa

Our fail lala poses!



we so happi oh =3

hehe! pretty anot oh? ^_^v

i slept in the bathrobe as i totally forgot to bring my pajamas XD
woke up sweating hahaha!

I am ready for my close up! harharhar

HAHAHA the clown :D

I is siao! :D

goodnight all!