Saturday, July 31, 2010

Here it is!

I shall be attending World Stage tonight and it is all thanks to Nadia aka Edlin Khun! im such a lucky girl :)

A dance performance at AIA's Mega Sales Congress brought to you by yours truly ;)
mommy has been pestering me to upload this onto my blog for a long time now so here it is! :)
hope you guys love it! :D

ps: forgive my dad's bad cam cording skills :P

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bounce with me

Sri Garden's International Food Fiesta 2010, 24th July

wanna know a secret? they call it a food fiesta for a reason, people go there to eat. guess what? :3 i didn't eat, not even a bite! no coupons bought so no money wasted :D call me kiam siap all u want. pfft. i was happy just seeing my friends there :) food didn't matter even though i was starving. hehe.

soaking wet

Encik Wan my former Sejarah teacher who loves me loads :P

Rachel and Hanim :)
i'm a hillbilly yaw!

Han Wai the cutie who never fails to put a smile on my face :3

Calvin Chan the one who used to tease the hell out of me with other more annoying people, we've been friends since year 6 and despite the infrequent meets, we still remain great buds! :)

Kok Ken and Sanjeev
two very awesome people who i use to bump into from time to time in school :)
they're great company!

Andy! my super duper adorable friend :) im still amazed by his acrobatic skills :3

Yee Lan, the little latino dancer :)

a Kpop Dance performance for entertainment sake :)
they were really enthusiastic and into the groove!

Weng Siong, bus friend! we were so young :)

Brian boy who has grown SO MANY inches taller :(
didn't you used to be shorter than me Bri? gosh.

Estella! the most bubbly girl i have ever met ;)

Lz picked me up and straight off to Pavilion for a movie :) Toy Story 3, finally got to watch it after so long. it was shooooooooo cute! and i have never felt this way before but Buzz Lightyear was attractive, in an action figure kinda way thingi thing. not to mention grown up Andy :D rofl ok, weird much. the story line was actually really good, with many other interesting new toys :) for the first time i laughed so much watching Toy Story :) wouldn't wanna spoil it for the ones who haven't watched it yet. very much recommended though! even for non cartoon lovers! :) who knows, those toys might just touch your heart like how they touched mine :')

the Japanese Harajuku Crepe! mine was the strawberry with cream :D

the fatty gobbled down like more than half of it just when i was taking this picture :(
he owes me another.

we were both famished when the movie ended! gah. Grand Palace it was!

i was looking forward to the dance performance this Sunday till they had to cancel it :( i seriously needed the money, plus having to perform with Chrome L again would have been fun! i hate chu cancel person you. >:(

sorry was a bit off topic, had to just let it out.

enjoy your days ahead all! :D

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Come on, ya know you wanna watch it :D

sit back, relax and enjoy a dance performance by three hunks,

presenting... Chrome L!

a guaranteed mind blowing, jaw dropping experience! :)

ps: sorry about the disturbing screaming in the background, i didn't get to warm up :D


Gym? Lazy lah

aiyo :( it's already Sunday! one more week till college starts :( that's way too soon! last week was just a warm up of taking a break and having fun. pfft. holidays have been Great so far, honestly enjoying every moment of it and i don't want that to stop! rawr.

IFF was yesterday, was happy that i got to be in the IFF scene once again :)

the weather was terribly humid, people were sweating profusely, my eye liner smudge and i'm sure some BB cream dripped along with my sweat, loud music blasting through the huge speakers, students and teachers participating in their own stalls, MORE SWEAT, grumpy Oli who didn't want to walk with me because she's a party pooper >:( and of course met many many familiar faces! an hour there and i had much fun :)

pictures will be uploaded in the next post! :)

there you go, were you looking for this picture Chris?

don't be fooled by that smile, it was a kimchi jiggae :(
a newly established Korean cafe in Times Square.

after a manicure, hair treatment and moments of eye candy,
it was mouth watering icy soya dessert for mommy and i!

people ask, how's heaven like?

every bite feels like it :) i'm quite sure hehe

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Le Sigh

this is a temporary blog skin cause somehow my previous one is gone :( sigh. will look for a new one soon!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sun kissed skin so hot

i saw Jennifer Lopez's naked ass today!

we watched the Back Up Plan and it was oh so funny! :D and many wtf moments, trust me LOL
oh and i realized how Jennifer looks so much older than the dude, Alex. a little bit odd there. but still, a great chick flick all in all!

the make out/pre sex scenes were steaming hot ;)

tomorrows another day, tomorrows another of missing you..

Chrome L, Hot News!

Last Sunday, dug myself out of bed to go support my BFF Chris Wong hahaha, yup it stands for Best Friends Forever! awesome how we have this bimbo bond :D and of course not forgetting Leon and Harry! anyway his crew, Chrome L they like to call themselves danced to a medley of Kpop songs. The B2ST (Beast Is The B2St, Special, Shock), Super Junior (Sorry, Sorry), Big Bang (Number 1) and Tae Yang (Where You At). all your favourite Kpop songs in one :) they were burning the stage that's for sure and according to my mom, she apparently saw 2 black crows (ya know those saudi arabic women who are covered from head to toe) grooving to the beat and screaming! HAHAHA! too bad i missed that :( must have been quite a sight.

Basically they were performing for charity and also to promote creative hand crafted items that were sold at the Creative Bazaar :) they sold many interesting things.

Pictures and more pictures :)

Naega neoui special special special guy uwo-eo ~
Neon namanbogo ttalawa

Leon hou tai jak wooooor! hehe :D

Super Junior's Sorry Sorry

a candid of me

clisterper pong&melitta san

all the girls who came to support! :D

we were Chrome L

they are Chrome L

keep up the Great dancing you guys! :)

all pictures credit to Calvin Wong and Chris Wong :)

Early At Night

A day of baking with love :)

Holidays started great for me, everything is turning out well so far. have yet to go on a movie marathon, i realized that i haven't watch so many movies that were already out moons ago. shall stack up on DVDs soon :) and occupy the cinema seats till they go warm warm :D

It all begun with shaping the dough into small circles :D

nope, its pineapple!

ready to go in the oven!

they're out, ready to nomnomnom. hahahaha like how you would phrase it :P

Grandmama's Mini Pizza!

i did help :D there's no evidence here but i did :) weally.

final touches, cheeeeyyyy! XD

wooahhhhhh MAMA PIZZA! :D
hahahahaha look how thick it is man!

Mel: why are you making such a big one -.-
Phor: for the adults chiak (eat in hokkien) la!
Mel: HUH?!?!!! HAHAHA!!!

surreal much.

hi cousin Kim who "thumbs up" alot in pictures :D


went to slumberland right after having 4 pizzas, pig much. 5hours on the couch! dang. i wonder how i am gonna sleep now. zzzz -.-

goodluck with finals my bibbitybobbityboo! :)