Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back For Good

5 months of hiatus and I'm back. still so utterly lost for words but I'm definitely back. opening a new chapter, a blank fresh sheet awaiting ink. things from now on are gonna change. change for the better of course. i deserve much more and shan't settle for any less.

my holidays are pretty much planned out, well in my head anyway. i foresee loads of happiness and smiles throughout these few months and hope it will continue on and on. can't say this year has been the best year for me, more downs than ups but i'm still hanging on. still strong enough to put on a smile for you! or rather my infamous grin. heh.

i turned 19 on the 22nd of november. took me awhile to realize that it's the last of my teens, 20 next year! oh how time flies, it's amazing! who knew i'd even reach 19 right? HA HA jokes. that's still damn young and i shall live my days happy and healthy. speaking of health, i've already made a commitment towards myself about how i'm gonna keep fit and monitor whatever that goes into my mouth right after my finals (which starts tomorrow btw and i'm here blogging fml yeah okay wtv i'm taking a break? lol) so anyway, one morning i was going through Fay Hokulani's lifestyle blog for hours, pretty much drooling over her sexy abbalicious body! never felt so inspired and motivated. if you're as mad as to go through almost every post (which i did *guilty*) you'd find a before and after picture of herself in one of her backdated post. she used to be plump. she wasn't as privileged as many other girls who are permanently slim which make things so surreal. and so, i made my vows, to myself of course and yes! so excited to start! press the fast forward button shall we?

you shall see more of me so stay tune!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Halo! YG Day! 2011

June has been one crazy&happening month! i had my first semester Finals going on (so much for happening ;)) in between studying and everything else, Chrome L decided to compete in the Halo YG Day! which was practically a Kpop dance competition to celebrate the presence of YG Entertainment in Malaysia (like finally). the YG family especially consist of Big Bang, 2NE1 and Se7en. we sent our audition video to Halo Music and got shortlisted for the finals on the 25th of June which was last Saturday!

Where was it? 1Utama near Armani Exhange. at first we all thought it would be indoors like in the middle amongst the shops or something like that, BUT it was such a HUGE letdown! it was outside near the taxi stand, no stage was to be found and the scorching weather didn't make things any better. our SPIRIT to dance went bye-bye....

Fortunately, things turned upside down when we saw the crowd!

I would like to thank all my beloved/frigging awesome friends who made effort to come all the way just to support me :'( so touching! much appreciated! you guys are the best made my performance so much more meaningful and since it was the first time seeing me dance live like that for the most of you :3 i really hope it was up to your expectations hehe!


with the kickboxing boys, Ariff, Benny, Arif Lee and Aiman!
also made a new friend, her name is Wafaa :)


"pa what are you doinnngggg?"


Kenneth looking like one of The Beatles nyeknyek :P
was surprised to see him there!


my superlovely grandson, Sai Keet HAHAHA!
were you trying to act Cute :D it totally worked :P


camera shy Nicholas! ignore the grinning ass on the left -.-


Weng Xian was a happy child because he just got his Red Beats Headphones! Owerness :O


Ruffneckz's leader, Yoro! SUPERB dancer :)


Chris and I very hot and sweaty indeed!


Credits to Dad for all the pictures and Videos :) thanks a bunch <3


with our greatest supporters! Chris' brother and cousin, Calvin and Joshua!

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*strike the pose*


this fella surprised me by showing up :3

PhotobucketAlign Center

look! i can't even see your eyes anymore Xian!


he rode a Motorbike there! so damn yeng :O + dangerous! *nagnagnag*


with our supporters! Look at that DIY banner made by Nia Mun, she's the one in the hat :)

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Chrome L HWAITING!!!


so full of Lap :3


Sachieeeeeeee :) she has an amazing voice!


With 14 year old Shasha (Sachie's sister)!
her Solo performance really awed me!

PhotobucketAlign Center

Leon and I
the joker in Chrome L, never fail to make us die from laughter cause he is just TOO cute! (especially for his age)

credits to Calvin Wong



Ah Heng and Harry
they're committed to their work and girlfriends, no better way to describe them!


my big brothers, literally. it was just the 3 of us when Chrome L was born! don't believe? :P check this out!


HAHA Nicina so cute!

I'm sure you guys must be asking yourselves "SO DID YOU GUYS WIN OR NOT WOR?" hahaha! no we didn't come in 1st but we were the top 3 and no, 1st and 2nd runner up doesn't exist, sadly! but we did receive a bag of beauty products, Big Bang's new album, Se7en's new album, a Digi goodie bag(???) each and a RM100 voucher worth of Korean BBQ at DaoRae!

disappointed, yes we were! although we didn't come in 1st this time that doesn't mean we are gonna give up and stop practicing because this is just the beginning of Chrome L! win or lose, i honestly am very happy with our performance. despite our super busy schedule, we managed to practice and perfect our steps throughout the month of June. you could say we are pretty new to the Kpop community in Malaysia as this was our 1st competition together, the 5 of us i mean, not as Chrome L.

so much effort and scarifies were made throughout this little journey and none of that was a waste. to be able to perform and entertain the crowd like that is absolutely priceless! we are entertainers, that's what we are.

Special thanks to Chris' girlfriend, Siau Yin for putting so much effort into the costumes for the 3rd track (TONIGHT)! can you imagine? all those BLING BLING and everything else was all her hard work! :3

Congratulations to Ruffneckz for winning! You guys did an amazing job! :D
don't have a picture with them :(

credits to Catherine Chai
I Need A Girl

credits to Catherine Chai
Chrome L



Our Tracks
1. Tae Yang - Where You At
2. Tae Yang - I Need A Girl
3. Big Bang - Tonight

credits to Calvin Wong

Presenting Chrome L on Halo! YG Day!


credit goes to Mei Xiang (Harry's Girlfriend) for the video :)

We've just created a page on Facebook to update all of you on the future events, new covers, or whatsoever related to Chrome L!

so do come and Support Us! ----->LIKE!!!

xoxo Mel

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello there!


with my new boyfriend :3

OK! this is a pointless post, just wanted to show off my baby. Gudnight :D

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lucky June

I have finally gotten myself, no wait.. my dad finally got me/us a Nikon D5100 :D
when i saw him bring back a dslr, my heart let out a silent scream and i couldn't wait to grab hold of it! so much anxiety rupturing inside of me! urghhhhhh :D

I can now officially and proudly say, "I am a DSLR user!" (y) HAHAHAHA suck on that compact users! cheyy.. NO LAH :P jooooooking!

there is no doubt that my compact Canon Ixus is still working perfectly and it can take great pictures too! it has been through thick and thin with me for so many years now *sigh* wouldn't give it up for anything :)


the new toy

this beauty takes full 1080p HD videos with a full time autofocus, my dad thinks video recording is important so yeah, very good! it surprisingly also comes with an extra feature which most slr's do not have, Effects~ fancy eh? my favorite mode is Selective color (where you select a specific color and it isolates within the scene) and High key (it emphasizes the mood of the scene). the D5100 has the capability of capturing 4 frames per second continuously at a high speed. fuuhhh fast :D this camera is definitely made for me, as its Vari-angle LCD monitor allows u to view the scene at many angles cause it can swivel...which also means a thumbs up for camwhoring :D nyeknyek.

i am really glad that my dad didn't end up getting the D90 or D7000. humungous machines that weighs a ton! i would probably build neck muscles by the end of the day. i know how it feels like because i've experienced carrying leezen's D7000 before and it was no stroll in the park. captures beautiful pictures but not practical for a girl like me :3 *flips hair*

still at the learning stage, learning how to take flawless pictures. anyone keen and patient enough to teach me? :D