Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flawless! not.

pimply pimples, please go away and never ever come back!

hehe that's what my white board writes. recently i started getting pimples on my chinnnnn! holyshyt. it started with one and the following days 2 more poped out at one go and my nose turned redish, that made me panic as i do not want pimples on my bloody nose ==!!!!!!! aiyayai i wonder whyyyyy i mean it has been for years i've not gotten any pimples on my cheeks, nose or chin, maybe god thinks i have been enjoying a pimple free life for too long har har har! i guess i will need to apply more bedak sejuk to suck up all the pimple juice and dry it till it drops off HAHAHA! maybe i should take a picture of bedak sejuk face mel and post it up! HAHA bet it will haunt you day and night :D

speaking of day and night, you guys should listen to Day 'N' Nite by Kid Cudi (Crookers Remix) you would love it more if you watch the music vid though :D so gogo youtube it haha! it has a really great beat to it! something you would wanna groove to...hehe!

beanie baby! you fascinate me ;)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

just finished watching Baby and Me :)


Thursday, April 16, 2009


HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY AIZA! :D you might be older than me but your still my little aizaaaaa hehehehe and still Miso's dwarfy HAHAHA! dont whackkk meeee or swear at me lol :P
i'm sureeeee you were extremely happy this morning with all the awwwwwwwwesome surprises! heehee!

i'm so glad we are friends! i still remember last year, you, me and sach.. we used chat, gossip and talk non sense in class until we got the teachers so mad at us! hahaha.. miss that much! =3 plus you were there for me when i needed a friend the most :) thank you soooo much! x

at her bday party last year!
omg it was fun to the maxxxxx!

anyway, happy birthday aizaaaaaa :)! may all your wishes come true...
lots of love,

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ready.. Get set... Go!

for the first time today, i chased after the school bus, what a panic attack lol! oh well at least lz and jac had a good laugh! == bimbos. hehe!

well well, everyone is busy getting ready to win next friday! sri garden's sports day. who will win this year? RED? YELLOW? GREEN? BLUE? hmm we'll see :D but i'm guessing Red will be given the victory of becoming the champion! and you know why? duh, cause i'm in red house! HAHAHAHA! shush :P okay, crap talk ends now. i mean there's no possible way that Red is gonna be zeeee champion this year thats for sure, SADLY :( c'mon 200 points below the other houses!! devastating. depressing. heartbreaking.
but you know what? REDs still THE HOTTEST and you can't deny that fact! burn baby burnnnnnnn! red forever ^-^ HAHAHAHA!

event's i took part in:

1500m race - 5th place
800m race - 5th place
tug O' war - 2nd place

hmm not good but not too bad! hee, satisfactory in other words :)

it has been months i've not watched movies with my mom in the cinema so today we decided to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic at Pavilion and it was one of those really great chick flicks! there were real hilarious scenes! we laughed our heads off, we as in everyone in the cinema :D Isla Fisher was definitely perfect for the part of Rebecca Bloomwood, i mean even though i didn't finish reading the book due to its tiny font sized words i still can imagine how she would turn out. cheeky and perky! oh and i loved how they dressed her up, her clothes were really over the top! i mean you could actually see the vast difference between her and the people around her, always outstanding!


the girl in the green scarf