Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yokoyoko Burns

Didn't go to school today and i blame it on Jun Woo who did a very malicious act on me that frigging caused my neck and shoulder to ache like mad and miss SCHOOL ! a little movement of my hand and head, it hurts so bad. sigh.

Anyway, updates!
I attended my darling Jiy Ni's sweet sixteenth birthday party! it was quite a blast. Loads of people turned up and joined in the fun. I don't think I'll list all of them down though. She celebrated her party at her home in Damansara, her weekend home. Damn, i want a weekend home as well!! >.< so yeah, the theme was white! I was so surprised everyone did follow the theme. The birthday girl's intention was to stand out by wearing red and her plan worked!

& not forgetting Jayden the mischievous poodle over there!

Nick looks so scary cleaning his 'parang'. He just got back from jungle tracking.

The most bubbly and crazy person I've ever met, Carmen!

The birthday babe! Jiy Ni
This is such a fabulous picture of her and the cake!

Mel.Sylvia.Mich Lim

The emo trio *bites lips*

Us bringing down the house with our hotness!!

Jine's room. she has the heart i have the star!

Camwhoring on her bed, rawr.

Group pic! well not everyone was exactly in the picture anyway.

Pink objects surrounds me.

Jine and Kelvin =D

My boy friend Steven and I! *wink*

Jine looks hawt here. Carmen.... freakish! hahaha =D

Shocking pink is so my colour!

stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Asian Open Dance Championship 2008 held by WDC

Monday morning I woke up with smudged mascara under my eyes even though I cleaned it up with my MAC cleanse off oil base when i got home at around 1am. The waterproof mascara by Lancome is very stubborn alright.

Anyway, I attended a Dance competition on the 9th of March which was last Sunday!
I bought tickets to watch the afternoon events but when i got there most of the Latin events were OVER!!!! geez i was so bump out.

Uncle YS: why so late?!?!
Mom: huh? late meh? i thought latin is only at 12pm......
Uncle YS: nooo, it started at 930am.

Me: =.=!!! *what the..*

We found out that they switched it! Fantastic!
Cause usually standard events would start first and following with latin events.
Fortunately we got to see the last 2 categorizes which were the Amateur Asian Close, final and Novice,final. Tze Hao and Su Li were the champions for the Amateur Asian Close.

Since we were already there and paid 40 bucks we stayed to watch the standard events.
It started at around 2pm. Waltz, Tango, Viennese waltz, Foxtrot and the Quickstep!
My favourite dance is the quickstep, its so lively and fun! The tempo is so up beat! I only like watching the pros dance standard, the locals here make me fall asleep unfortunately hahaha! I guess I've gotta give some credit to them since i myself don't even know the basics of Waltz hehe!

When my mom and I heard that there will be so many international dancers who would be competiting during the night, we bought 2 tickets! Totally last minute huh? well we weren't the only ones. Janet called me up to ask whether I was there and to buy a ticket for her as well. Rm250 the cheapest! Expensive? Nope! It was so worth 250 bucks =D

Dancers from USA, Estonia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, England, Korea, Slovenia, Slovakia, Canada, Norway, Ukraine, Australia, Macau, Denmark, Germany, Singapore and our very own Malaysia competed that very night!

Sexy Janet and I

The prettiest lil girl, Shefa! A really good dancer =) Champion for under 12 category!
don't play play okay!

If I'm not mistaken she is Lorena Cravero from Italy. Her costume is really pretty =)

Us with Tze Hao and Su Li

Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe. They are the no.1 couple in the whole wide world for the Amateur level! Yup! they competed in Blackpool =D

Franco and Oxana

An awesome shot!

A very sexy couple!

Us with the 1st couple for the Professional Open, Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe!
Such amazing dancers!
Their a married couple btw =D

2nd Franco and Oxana, from Germany!

5th Andre and Natalie Paramonov from Toronto, Canada!

4th, A Russian couple if not mistaken.

Janet and I, the 2 stubborn kids who were sitting on the floor even though we were told not 2! muahaha!

Leonard got restless!

Rabbito and mousie haha!

Can't wait for more competitions like these to come by!

Love, Mel

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


It's hyper time!!! *jumps and dances around like a loose nut*

the big time vain pot!

Livia's birthday eve :)
she was reluctant to accept my kiss :(

macho macho macho man! HAHA XD

cousin Nicholas and I at the Pavilion.

FOO was stealing Li Tim's shot with his erm HUGE GRIN haha! :D IU night.

easy and breezy ;D

motherly love <3

Shaun.Andy and I in the bus on our way to 'My School Rocks'!

loving the cool and fresh air of Fraser's.

balancing on the root of the tree. a very bad attempt though haha!

Joey G and I, C U T E! but M A R R I ED! sigh

the clown and I! hahaha Ho Yin :)

yes, strange indeed.

Sue-Shen and I, GIS' Mufti day! woot! crazy heads was de theme alright..just look at her head!! tonnes of gel and hairspray wasted tsk tsk!