Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tummy Growling

i feel like a pig for sleeping so much! i woke up at 12pm and i'm already HUNGRY!!!!
ahhhhhhh! i want beef now nownownownow!!!!
i shall go raid my kitchen for food now!
wish me luck HAHA!

Friday, February 20, 2009


credits to Kim, me cousin! :D
a very nicely done bookmark.
Bruno u little menace! x

we're still undecided on how we are gonna spend our day with the Japs later! lol oh well, we smart ppl so i''m sure we will figure something out :D

Endoh Akihiro,
he plays the bass guitar! quite cool huh?

i still can't find my black jeans! where have they ran to? come out come out where ever you are! gosh. == my favourite pair :(

I'll be loving you forever...

Monday, February 16, 2009

They're coming!

Endoh, such a cool name don't cha think? "ENDOH! KONICHIWA!" :D
today all of us who are hosting jap students this coming Friday got their students profile, haha! some were very cute and some were just plain funny! hahaha :)

wow, time does fly very fast! :3
the next thing you know it, SPM!!!!!! *shivers*


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lovin' you

As most of you already know, i have once again permed my hair! this time more curls to it =) this decision was something spontaneous and i love spontaneous! how i don't ever think about the after effect and definitely no second thoughts. all in all, i love my hair right now! though i did regret a little at the beginning cause it looked way too curly. i guess i needed time to get used to it haha!

do you think i look better with curls or my natural straight-alil-wavy-hair? hmm... oh well it doesn't matter, as long as i look decent enough.

yesterday was a day of love, yeap! love was in the air....
who was my valentine you ask? haha well, i guess cupid hasn't quite struck me yet!
spent my valentines in school, which was actually quite cool cause we practically didn't study thanks to all the people who were much involved with the Jap student exchange program! teehee.

awww, from my monkey boy! this totally made my day :D isn't he the cutest monkey ever? wait till you get a good view of his pink bottom :P
hehe thank you, x

its kind of a tradition, how my mom gets me gifts every year for valentines :) this year she got me M.A.C. eyeliner, corrector wedges and lip gloss OH also a purse from Jim Thompson and and and a HUGE chili red Heart pillow! yeah that one! *points at picture* :D
thanks mom! <3 this year my dad even got me something, not a typical vday gift but i absolutely love it! speakers for me iPhone! i love vday :D haha.

awww, looking sexy in my tee ;P

roses are red,
violets are blue,
sugar is sweet and so are you

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bow Chika Wau Wau....

previously on One Tree Hill.......

omg! One Tree Hill is like one of the best tv shows ever!! i've been following every season for the past years and it just gets better every season! call me crazy but i can watch all the seasons all over again and still enjoy them :D i just can't take my eyes of Brooke she is way hot even with short hair and not to mention her clothing line, c\b, Clothes Over Bros, i would so buy them! hahaha. some how Lucas isn't as hot as before, its truely SAD but ive gotta face the fact. lol you know who i think is sexy now? Julian. Peyton's ex bf, who she met in LA. and now (spoiler)

he is making sweet love to Brooke, 0.0 harharhar.

anyway, i had a long day yesterday. went of jac's place all the way in Mines City to do our english oral. just me, jac, and leezen. being us hyper teenagers, we ended up playing!! hehe! i was taught how to play pingpong by the two pros, yay! i can serve now! lol :D btw we did do our oral! at least we tried *grins*

her place was exceedingly breezy and quiet! so we decided to cycle, the bricked roads were practically empty in the evening.. so it was all ours to ride!
whilst trolling and admiring gorgeous architectures of the homes there, we met Eugene and Brian at their home playing football! hehe.

when i got home i was soooooo pooped out! it was unbelivable how i fell asleep watching oth! YA! i was THAT sleepy! zzzzzz...

my to-do list for the long weekend.

1. math homework
2. read breaking dawn! (need to catch up with Jac!)
3. recover (yeah im having a flu)
4. get my mom a belated brithday present!
5. study (yeah right :P)