Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back For Good

5 months of hiatus and I'm back. still so utterly lost for words but I'm definitely back. opening a new chapter, a blank fresh sheet awaiting ink. things from now on are gonna change. change for the better of course. i deserve much more and shan't settle for any less.

my holidays are pretty much planned out, well in my head anyway. i foresee loads of happiness and smiles throughout these few months and hope it will continue on and on. can't say this year has been the best year for me, more downs than ups but i'm still hanging on. still strong enough to put on a smile for you! or rather my infamous grin. heh.

i turned 19 on the 22nd of november. took me awhile to realize that it's the last of my teens, 20 next year! oh how time flies, it's amazing! who knew i'd even reach 19 right? HA HA jokes. that's still damn young and i shall live my days happy and healthy. speaking of health, i've already made a commitment towards myself about how i'm gonna keep fit and monitor whatever that goes into my mouth right after my finals (which starts tomorrow btw and i'm here blogging fml yeah okay wtv i'm taking a break? lol) so anyway, one morning i was going through Fay Hokulani's lifestyle blog for hours, pretty much drooling over her sexy abbalicious body! never felt so inspired and motivated. if you're as mad as to go through almost every post (which i did *guilty*) you'd find a before and after picture of herself in one of her backdated post. she used to be plump. she wasn't as privileged as many other girls who are permanently slim which make things so surreal. and so, i made my vows, to myself of course and yes! so excited to start! press the fast forward button shall we?

you shall see more of me so stay tune!