Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beyond Cool!

what's new? i'll tell you what's new for me! SAM TSUI! the ultimate theatrical singer ever! i discovered him a few hours ago when i decided to go on youtube to hunt for Glee soundtracks and i found this!

Cute young American boy look :) with absolutely breathtaking vocals! go take a look at his other videos :D


Friday, February 26, 2010

The Floating Flower

this washes down all the fats and oil :) yes, one of the reasons why i drink tea by the litres. :)
if you hate tea, think like me! :D

Mommy :) what's better than motherly love, awwww :3

Dad, the one who keeps telling himself he's the most handsome =.=

Olivia Tan, me younger sister! AWWW pretty eh? ;)

anyway, this is some random post. pictures were taken in December as u can see the date on the pictures :) it was the day we went to discover Taylor's Lakeside Campus. ended up in Sunway Pyramid of course :)

today was a good day for me yet pretty lonesome. 4 hours of ice skating today, it felt really good to skate, though the crowd came wayyyyy too soon! and i experienced unnecessary staring by some weirdos. maybe they were trying to learn how to skate like me :D LOL made a new friend in the rink today! her name is May Kay and she's only 12 years old :) awww, a really sweet girl and really tall for her age. so anyway we started practicing together :)

well TTFN :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flawless. Not

Today was one happening day, or shall i say it was a rather AMUSING day :)

What have i been craving for these days? well, nope! you've got that wrong. not food :D but Ice Skating! sadly, i stay so far away from pyramid :( boohoo to that. so i guess i have to wait till later or the day after to go skating! oh wait, can't skate on Monday because i have to stay back for our report writing! darn uuuu! haha oh well. Tuesday maybe :)

Yesterday i got my facial done at the usual, Body Perfect. so my face is pretty much white head FREE! the gorgeous beautician said "oohhh a lot of white heads! very stress ah?" after she said that i was thinking "ohhhhh farkkkkkk... this is gonna hurt badly *bites lips*" HAHA and yes, truthfully it did! A LOT. tears and all. going through all that pain only made me think of a consolation, which was.. "mel you're gonna look great after it all" yup. throughout the whole thing.

I can tell tonight will a sleepless night for most Buddhist.. prayers and rituals.

ANYWAY! most exciting part of the post :)

Went to the gym along with two dumplings :D HAHAHAHA JAYKAY. Kim and Oli Oh and not forgetting Mommy :D
shall we fast forward to our tea at Big Apple :D yes we shall! while chit chatting, having the time of our lives :D laughing our asses off as usual, eating some "low calorie donuts"... all of a sudden Oli wiped her mouth with a receipt. O.O!!!! when i told her it was a receipt that she was rubbing over her lips, she just LAUGHED and wiped her mouth again like as though she had planned that all along!! yeah well, she thought it was tissue. blur case much!! HAHAHA too FUNNY! i love you woman! never fail to tickle my laughing cells. XD

Mel: why did you wipe your mouth again when i already told u it was a receipt?
Oli: because i already wiped it ma! so my as well wipe it all since i was already wiping lor!!!
*laughs like siao por*
Mel, Kim & Mom: *ROFLLLLLL*

yes well there were a few more moments but i shall save those for another time! :D:D:D

gudnight all :)

Friday, February 19, 2010



My Winter

An overdue post on the Singapore trip in mid December last year :)
it was definitely one of the most refreshing trip right after SPM. it was a great trip as i felt like i was away from it all, all the drama in KL. i finally could take a short breather without any whatsoever worries or disturbances. i mean it's not like i've been suffocating, but all i needed was just to get away. that's all :) and going to Singapore made it all better. i mean it felt like a whole different world for me. damn, i really need to start traveling.

granny bought Xmas cookies while waiting for the bus to depart at Corus Hotel :)

camwhoring with my DELICIOUSSSS Subway!

was next to a Kikina throughout the whole journey! :D Kim, the cousin sista!

soon as she had her Subway for breakfast, she was fast asleep! 0.0

what could be better than Facebooking while having yummy Subway? :)
damn it was cozy :D

Granny has the date on her forehead lmao. :D

I've never planned to ever dye my hair only until i had no choice which is when i start growing grey hair, i always consider dying my hair as a damage to my natural super dark brown hair. i'm sure most of you who are close friends of mine know how i feel about soaking coloured chemicals into my scalp. Anyway, i had utterly contradicted myself thanks to Kim who wanted to do her hair so bad and HAD to influence me as well. at first, i had slight regrets on having my hair dyed and highlighted but after awhile i got used to the fact that its light brown and shines under the sunlight. :)



Kim got red highlights done :)

Day 2

a gift from Kim :D thank u cousin!
my first ever Converse shoes! Red it was :)

Grandparents and i,
we stayed with our Ee Jasmine

there she is :) does she look like me? a lot of my family members say we do. hmm :)

on the public bus on our way to the MRT station :)
my aunt stays literally at the furthest residential area, which also means it is really far from all the happening places like Orchard Road, WHICH also means we had to go through about 13 stops to get to City Hall 0.0? yeap, Pasir Ris.

you know what, i love the MRT life! damn... i can imagine if i were living in S'pore, i would be hopping on and off MRT's like nobodies business, meeting friends from one shopping center to the other :D

When we arrived at Ion, Orchard Road. :) frigging awesome mall! $$$$$$$...

mmm yummm!

Grandma and i at a Cantonese Restaurant which i forgot it's name.

:) Goodmorning world



Mom and Granpapa :D just look at his cheeky smile!

hiao poh and toilet

her face, pricelesssss!

the Jap shop which sold from clothes to food! :D pretty cool yo!

where the richest and fabulous shop!

a very wide ranged of books and stationary were found here!

magical ain't it? :)

to be continued....

Monday, February 15, 2010

When The Mood Sets In

Happy Valentines Day

Thursday, February 11, 2010


right before heading down for the Mtv Asia Awards! Genting. :D one of the Best nights! :D

Bruno :)

mirror me.

Delicious ;)

In Camerons with Grandparents :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Update

Hi, :) it has been awhile. haven't been active. at all! but ah well, it's ,my blog so i say when i should blog. pfft.

Anyway, currently at Kim's :) haven't been here for quite sometime due to my long hours in college everyday! my schedule is pretty sucky as it either ends at 4pm or 5pm! unlike any other courses which ends way early most of the days and you would be able to see them scooting off to Sunway Pyramid or home :) peeeeeshhhh. thanks to my classmates who are a bunch of monkeys, i do not dread going to college day...after day :D heh.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! gtg now. home sweet home! byebye me lovelies :D