Saturday, July 26, 2008

Missing you...

i have been thinking soo much lately and it's stressing me out! so don't bug me.
hmm updates? well next week is gonna be fun thats for sure... events after events!

starting from tomorrow morning in tasik titiwangsa, a bunch of sri gardeners shall be attending a 4km walkaton! woohoo!! :D can't wait to burn burn all those calories baby! this event was organized by TESCO the students of 4sc1 helped with the event, its for charity btw :)

ohoh and this is something i forgot to upload previously!
warning: you might fall in love! ;)


Friday, July 25, 2008

Girls Night Out

hot young ladies
fine dining

this was one special night for me. as most of you know how i was not all that friendly with this particular bunch of girls, i still went with pride. to be honest a week before this outing, Tien invited me to join even though she knew about the whole situation about them and i not being friends anymore but i wasn't willing to. what changed my mind was when the big day arrived, Kyean invited me to join them for the night. even with the invitation, i still couldn't make my mind up whether to go or not. anyway in the end i did and until now, i don't regret it! you can say, "i mean whats the big deal? this whole outing is for Li Tien not anybody else" but still u know, i don't like feeling left out and i'm so not frigging thick skin to just go and get crash at their party! i know some people would do it cause they're so incredibly desperate for friends but i would never be so pathetic to just tag along when i know that they don't have a liking for me. so thick skin meh?

anyway, throughout the night everyone acted like everything between us was fine and all, i think that was really cool how we could actually get along after the drastic change in Feb. you know i've noticed alot of things have changed this year. i guess everyone starts to move on at this point you know, which is sometimes is for the better. your great example.. me, who just stopped hanging out with the people i use to hang with for years! look at me now, i'm good friends with ppl who i never really had chance to get to know because i've been hanging out in a gang where we tend to not hang with other ppl but ourselves. no doubt i loved hanging in a closed group! we were very comfortable with each other and we could click so well. i mean isn't that normal? alot of ppl ask me, "isn't it better if you were to hang with them rather then having to be alone during break and lunch?"

guess what? i would rather be a loner than go hanging with a bunch of ppl who ignore me, i mean isn't that like even worse? you'll not only feel left out but also so hurt inside. unfortunately i'm not the type to show you my emotion and feelings towards something, i would just keep everything inside and just ache like crap, especially in this case.. which is not good btw. that was the reason why the slightest thing she did snapped my last nerve. sometimes i really don't know who to blame, but i knew it was for the best.. not hanging out with them would make me feel so much happier and this whole thing gave me the green light to move on. don't get me wrong though, i never thought any of this would actually happen but it did and i was pretty disappointed in them.

So that night for me was some sort of forgiving and leaving the past behind thing. yes, confessions were made and patching things up as well. but you know somethings i just can't forgive entirely.

Now i'm really glad things are cool and the coldness between us has faded.

okay so here comes the awesome part of this post!

my pirana tien who made this night possible! love ya loads girlfriend!

Michelle and mua :)

the most of us! missing the bubbly one, mun yee


Kyean and i! oh the only one who calls me Meow-lissa. iyer u weirdo LOL

Mun Yee and i, i see cat resemblence :D

okay she ain't THAT tall alright :P

hahaha, and on our way out with met with Joseph and gang! nooo he didn't bring a bball to pav! HAHA! he just bought it :D

when we girls visit pavilion, we will never fail to visit the loo! what to do, a gigantic mirrior right in front of us haha!


Saturday, July 19, 2008


Kim: *dances like monkey*
Mel: ==
Kim: *continues to dance like a monkey*




The Reason Why...

my headline is titled pirana is because ever since i watched Pixar's Finding Nemo, i went all hysterical about the scene where the little naughtly girl with braces goes "PI RAN HA" hahahaha! :D i kinda got really addicted to that word! yes i know, i'm abit nuts but it's seriously such a catchy word! likeeee "pi raaa naa!" "awww what a piranaaa" hahaha! i like spelling it as P i r a n a btw.. and introducing my one and only Pirana aka Li Tien!

Mel: ahhhh please don't eat me!! :S

we kinda gave ourselves pirana as our nickname when we were in form 2, it's something special we share! :D *wink* how i wish i could turn back time, when everything was just all about fun and great laughters.. *sigh*

Anyway, Tien has been back for 3 weeks and she is leaving tomorrow :( so last night was the last time i'll be seeing her until she comes down from Australia again this December :) about last night, our date was at Bangsar Village!! woot woot! we chose Delicious since its was de place to have a satisfying meal! we were hungry so yeah hehe! it was quite awesome how we got to catch up with things and gossip soooooo much! hahaha!
right after eating was CAMWHORE time :D

an angry pirana and a constipated cat

bringing out the best of us!

we got bored warming our butts in Delicious so we went for a looooong walk and ended up at Starbucks for a drink ! :D

busy viewing my pictures

high on starbucks!

Tien: *naughty look*
Mel: ==

Tien: *showing me a pic on iphone*
Mel: *snaps*

kawaii (",)

first she stares....

then attempts to eat my boobs!
btw i was trying my BEST to act cute HAHA you should have seen how tien who was trying real hard to teach me how!..oh god i failed so badly, sigh

i look like i have a tongue piercing haha! and tien, very very attractive :P


Mel: lets ask him to take a picture for us! * points as starbucks waiter moping the floor*
Tien: hahahaha OK!.. you go ask :D
Mel: but he is busy.. =/
Tien: timer! :D:D
Mel: good idea!!! lol

us bending way too low
bimbo moment!
awww, love ya girl!

hahahaha! this is was hysterical!

showing off our handbags!

our LAST last pic of the night!!
when our bladders were going to burst in no time hahaha!

Hey Tien!
have a safe flight back to Australia alright, hope u had a terrific time hanging out with me and the rest of us awesome essss people! and don't you worry about having a boring and dull life over there cause there will be a hottie waiting for you in Australia when you reach the airport, i'll pray for u! hahahaha! :D

will totally miss you my piranian, give me a ring when you come down again yeah!
tonnes of love,
Mel xoxo

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just a week....

For one week my grand aunt also known as my "ee poh" and her adorable maid stayed over at my place since they came down from Penang for the hols. I honestly enjoyed their company while it lasted. Sometimes it's really nice having other people in the house besides the 3 of us. The house doesn't seem so quiet and boring!

my ee poh who claims herself as an "indian". loves her hindi movies and especially the ones staring Sharrukhan (btw she dreamt of him last night *ehem*) haha!

SARI! my best friend for the week, she is so TINY but a real tough cookie!


oh yes, this was one hilarious moment that i have gotta share with all of you even though most of you guys already NOTICED!
the one and only JUN turned from a coconut head.....

to mr EGG/BOTAK/RAJA's BUTT?? *err* HEAD!!!! HAHAHA!
dude! you guys should have seen my reaction when i saw him!

mel: *stares...points and laughs like CRAZEEEE!!*
jun: *gives the typical jun's "cute" look*
mel: omg JUN!!! now i can see ur round and chubby face sooooo CLEARLY!
jun: *feelin so insulted*

aww ur still sexy Jun! we love you <3 :D

nights y'll