Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's gonna be a night to remember....*dance dance*

High School Musical 3 was a big disappointment! HSM 1 and 2 were a million times better!
even with so much enthusiasm in me, i didn't enjoy it very much, every scene was soooooo cheesy and cliche! Gabriella goes away, Troy brings her back...they sing sing sing dance dance dance..happily ever after! hahaha, the worse part was most scenes were over exaggrated like what Sean said, they kinda over did everything! oh and the whole story line is almost the same as HSM 2, i would love to tell you but i'm gonna be nice and not be a spoiler! go watch it and you'll know what i mean haha!

but i've got no regrets watching it though, i enjoyed feasting my eyes on Zac's bod (if you know what i mean) :P and it was fun hanging out with my friends :) oh oh! and there were 2 groups of Sri Garden students in the same cinema!! when the show ended, i saw Melissa Rusli and gang and was shocked and real happy to see Shaun :D the funny thing was that i actually thought about him while watching the movie! (shaun, don't go all perasan on me huh!) HA HA HA! whaaaat, i'm clearly aware he is a big fan of HSM :)

right after the movie, we went down for Madam Kwan's. While walking, we spotted many groups of Sri Garden students! hahaha, Pavilion was kinda flooded with cream and green uniforms! hee!

Kist joined us in the midst of Madam Kwan's :D she was still wearing her prefect uniform which i thought was something else!! cause she wore it in such a sloppy manner! gosh... what would ppl think of Sri Garden prefects huh?! tsk lol

YAY! 2 days of hols for us! :D sleep somemore. today i woke up with a bad neck! barely could move! its so much better now all thanks to my best friend, yoko yoko he is japanese HAHAHA wtf ==!! sounds jap what!

thats all for tonoight me lovelies! HEHE

Tuesday, October 21, 2008



5+ inches were CHOPPED off! :D

Chris, surgery? how in the world can i undergo HAIR SURGERY! dude... hahahaha :D

anyway, I'm sure most of you know i have FINALLY!! yes finally! went for a haircut after complaining and months of baring up with my thick, long, out of shaped broom of a hair.. OK maybe it isn't that bad but it's partially true :D

on Monday, i went to the usual hair dressers! A Cut Above to find Mr. senior stylist, George... he is highly recommended by me! he does the most thorough job on my hair.. haha well that's maybe because i only go like twice a year to cut my hair?! *grins* it took him 1 hour and 45 mins to painstakingly complete the haircut! sit till sien man.. but totally worth all the butt aches :P

let me tell you something i have experienced when George wasn't around.. so this handsome macho man served me. I was so pissed because it only took him like 10 mins to cut my frigging hair!!! == gawd... and there wasn't much difference to my hair. how useless!! especially when i'm paying him RM90++!! he should be fired for goodness sake! lol yes i am one mean person :D

sigh.. anyway i'm more than pleased with the cut!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

After 1000 Years

wow where shall i begin? :D

today was awesome! went out with a bunch of friends to pavilion to hang and shop :D:D
AND AND we watched the most HILARIOUS movie of the year! GAWDDDD i laughed sooo much throughout the whole zombies-eating-human-beings part! yeah we watched Flight of The Living Dead! yeah so if you wanna have a good laugh! go watch it :D Just a warning, it might be a little gruesome :P that's why its 18SG. Jac couldn't take it, she left half way and got Lee Zen worried! aww haha she said she couldn't stand looking at the zombies face == but i thought they were real funny! especially when the zombies were biting the humans hand while a doggie! he he he!

Thought they were going to buy House Bunny, wanted to watch it so bad! oh well i shall go watch it with my mom i guess :D
Jac and i visited Forever 21 for how many times? 4? hahaha!! Jac kept on saying she wanted to get something BUT she ended up getting...NOTHING == and me the one who kept repeating myself about how i aint gonna buy anything...bought a leopard printed top!!!
well, you can't blame me.. it was something i have been looking for.

hahahahaha i'm sure you guys must be thinking "OMG MEL IS ALIVE!" haha yeah ive not blogged in 1000 years! like what my cousin just told me hours ago!
well here i am! :D

woot! exams are over! oh man i cant believe that 2008 is ending so soon... WAE???!! ooouh wae!? LOL