Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good Morning World!

it's real shocking how i have been waking up so early these days, maybe it's because i always feel like going to the bathroom to wee HAHA! anyway it'll be a loooonnggg day for me. going to hang with peeps at the Pavilion in the afternoon and at night going to watch a competition at the Shang, so be prepared for LOADS of pics :D

woot i'm still in my pjs :P

i shall go get ready now!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

KLCC Outing!

Yesterday right after school, 8 sexy young ladies went roaming the streets of KL, well not the streets exactly but yeah we went to KL :D haha! We includes Ya Yen, Kyean, Rach, Cass, Mich, Mun, Oli and i :) This outing was to celebrate dearest Ya Yen's birthday, it was real fun! we had lunch at Madame Kwan, the nasi bojari ppl were rach, mich, yayen and i hehe!! big eaters hor! kyean and oli had char kuay teow! mun had some "delicious" corn desert hahaha! and cass ate sambal PETAI with rice....urggh petai :S

they ran out of nice bojari so we had nasi FAT! hehe

i don't like standing next to her :( hahaha! she wore heels which made her taller!!

the IN ppl! :P

After lunch, Cass was still hungry! omg i was up to my throat and she was still hungry haha! she she kept demanding for New Zealand ice cream but too bad we didn't have enough time cause our movie was starting soon, so she bought a bucket of popcorn!!

We watched Babylon, one movie i wouldn't bother to watch but we had no other choice! Surprisingly i liked it despite all the confusing in between the movie haha, Cass, Rach and I were the only ones who were laughing and giving unecessary comments HAHA! it was so funny cause nobody else laughed or said anything... kinda weird ==

Mel: why is he touching her boobies??!!
ppl in the cinema: *silent*
Cass: SHUT UP MEL! omg


Cass left after the movie, we visited her dad's boutique for awhile and started camwhoring hehe!

I remember when we were planning this whole trip to KLCC, they were thinking so hard about what to wear on the day.. it was like from formal to BEACH FEEL hahaha you guys are hilarious haha! oh yes and when Kyean kept saying beach feel i thought she said BITCH FEILD ==

intorducing mich.kyean.mel.rach.yayen.cass.mun.oli

Ya Yen, a real sweetheart.

ma girls (8)

mirrors = camwhore time

close ups :D

teehee sunnies in the sun lawl

*whistles* oolala *wink* eg. of what makes guys drool :P

we <3 style="TEXT-ALIGN: center">

haha the 'A' girls surrounding me..i feel special :D!!


lovely lads *wink*

after walking one FAT round we ended up at The Apartment!

Mich and i shared a Hawaian Cheesecake! it was sooooo goooood!

who is tall now huh!!?? IN YOUR FACE! hahahaha kidding *giggles*
The Bloggers :D
with The Non-Bloggers

Mun's Palova or something hahaha! she hated it so much, kept whining and complaining how expensive it is.

yeah that was how much she hated it! so yeah we helped eat :D it wasn't that bad :P

group pic!

and another one :D


i look like some show girl lawl!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Feelin' Great Again

purple mask

green ish gold mask

Though this holidays hasn't been all like i would have wanted it to turn out, i still had my own fun! tagging along with my mother the whole next was always better than bumming and wasting precious time at home, you could say i should stay at home to study...! but if there is an excuse to go out and not stay at home...why not? lol even if i had to wait 2 over hours for her during her meetings with clients! ahhh i can still feel my back aching! the chair i sat on for 2 hours killed meeee! wooden piece of shyt! lmao. my mind was full with all kinds of thoughts, very random ones. iphone in my hands, ear phones plugged in. secretly taking pictures of myself. thankfully no one else were there with me besides the bored receptionist who was busy reading the daily papers.

hmm nah the day wasn't all that gloomy! right after her meeting we fled to The Curve! our tummies grumbling and whining. as soon as we got there, we walked along the stretch where it was FOOD HEAVEN!

Bubba Gump it was! Famous for its SHRIMPS! yummmy....
Has anyone watched the movie Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks? i have not watched it either :P anyway, the onwer loved the movie soooo much she opened this restaurant which everything was related to Forrest Gump! :D really cool concept don't cha think?!

a cute shrimp no?


when you need service, you tell them to STOP!!

and when u don't want to be disturbed, u tell them to RUN! TEE HEE!


mom's linguine shrimp dish!

first time seeing sooo many different brands of hot sauce!
(they're all glued to the shelf, so don't even think about stealing :P)

this one caught my eye! 'Jump up and Kiss me' at the bottom it says Hot Sauce with Passion ;)

the infamous Fish and Chips! damn it was so fresh i didn't have to use knife!
(thats not real newspaper btw)

walked across to ikea after our very satisfying meal.
this picture clearly expresses my love for you!! :D

and finally.....the picture of the week!

de 'A' pose! oh yeah baby! im in! :D

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Finals

sigh, how could you disappoint us Lee Chong wei?!
i watched the first half and when he lost soooooo badly i didn't bother to watch the second half. yeah all the Malaysian fever instantly died, ah well at least he will be bringing back a Silver medal!! Unfortunately for the China player Lidan, he wasn't hot except for his body (muscular arms oolala) but it didn't really do much justice to his face lawl! not only that, he was way too confident and arrogant. If not i would have supported him..

Haru haru Melissa Sa rang hae!!!- by Big Bang

yes yes start downloading people!!! :D:D:D

Sunday, August 3, 2008

MTV Asia Awards!

A bunch of us monkeys went to Genting to attend the MAA! I KNOW!! how awesome eh?
After all the boasting and excitement, the day arrived and ended so quickly..sigh.. btw to go for the MAA you've only gotta be invited cause you can't buy the tickets. So yeah we were a bunch of lucky ppl :D it wasn't only luck it was great effort as well, especially from sweet Brian! thank you oh so much! :D Kist and Brian hitched a ride from me and together we had a whale of a great time!
My parents and i stayed at the Theme Park Hotel for the very first time, thank god they renovated the place so it was very nice and neat! Kist, Kim, Sue Yii and Marc stayed at the very colorful First World Hotel :)

I brought 2 cameras along with me and i used them up to the fullest!

Mel: ahhh there is a lalat in the car!
Kist and Brian: *looks around*
Mel: there!
Kist: OHHHH i thought you said LALA! hahahahaha
Brian: *smacks the shyt out of the fly*
Mel and Kist: ZOMG!!! LOL

aww doesn't Brian look awfully adorable is my hat? he wore it till we reached genting :D

thanks to Kim my cousin, i bought these real funky red shades!

"we kids are very excited man!"

first world and i

Brian and I :) right before the MAA!

Kist and I :)

Karen Mok on the screen.

the sizzling Pussycat Dolls!


SUPER JUNIOR! sa rang hae! after their performance i instantly fell in love with them :D yeah they were that good, plus look at that! damn they're fineee!

right after the awards i met up with my dancing buds! Janet and Leonard :D their siblings btw.

oh yeah! these 2 won the video contest thing and got to sit with MY MAN!! Kyle. *sigh* now thats UNFAIR!!

after taking a picture with them WE GOT INTERVIEWED! frigging awesome! Janet and I were so hyper omg.
Interviewer: So which performance did you like the most?
Leonard: Panic at the disco!
Interviewer: so what would you say if click five is listening to this?

yeah we were that INSANE!

Brian was staring at some hot chick i assume :P

De gang! damn... we rocked Genting so hard!

after that Kim had to use the loo so we went to my hotel room still it was near by, this is the so called "family portrait" quoted from Joseph LOL

at this point we decided not to go and just hang. It was so funny coz were walking and holding up the invites everywhere we went just to show off :P

at Pizza Hut! it was sooooooooooo yummy!!! my second meal of the day at like 12 something in the morning?

Marc and Sue Yii, =3

as you can see Kist and i made our final decision to go for the post party! it was definitely a blast!

mel.leonard.janet.kist! the 4 of us danced like we've never danced before! we burnt the dance floor baby!