Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Quicksilver Revolution Tour 2.0 Was Awesome!

This time I used up all my tickets! Which is a good thing cause the last time I went, I wasted quite a number of tickets. I can say that i had a lot more fun this year =) I invited a bunch of my great friends! They were fantastic company! Well I would like to thank you guys for coming to enjoy this event with me yeah! *mwah*

The wonderful people who went were Olivia, Rach, Jun, Tae Wan, Ezanie, Daniel and Steven! Extra 3 other tickets i gave them away to Ezanie's cousins friend =)
We had a ball of a time despite that we wasted quite a lot of time searching high and low for my mom so that she could take care of our bags and stuff!! It was seriously a long walk for us. In between the search of this new and hidden bistro called the Zazu Beach Bistro, we took pictures! Yes, thats what we do best =)

Nie nie and i enjoying the sunshine!
(damn its burning my eyes!!!)


When Jun was searching for mommy, we sat and hung around!

While we were walking back to where we started, lucky Rachel got interview by channel 8tv!!!

Ez going all hyper! yes Ezanie we know u love the camera =D

After walking to and fro, we finally found my mother at the bistro which was basically where we started, just that it was kinda hidden behind all the crowd and also thanks to bad directions from my mom we were exhausted when we reached the bistro! jeez!
Each and everyone of us had to quiche our thirst. 2 glasses of iced water shared by 8 of us! Can you imagine? hahaha! it was crazy!

Now, this is a picture of Jun munching ice.He looks like a pau here!

Sadly we weren't able to go for the rides and enjoy the super long tunnels cause we were too late! We were so bumped! sigh..
So we ended up in the pool, splashing and going crazy!! I really need to get a waterproof camera..
During that evening, we met many familiar faces. Most of them were from my school, Sri Garden. For example, Cassandra, Audrey, Azani, Ho Yin, and many more!

Later at night it rained quite heavily, we all ran into the toilet to clean up and all. Unfortunately we couldn't go to the bathrooms which had shower heads cause it was too far away from where we were. So most of us ended up changing in a dark area under the deck. The toilet was just too nasty, i couldn't bare changing in that small and wet cubical.

Time past so quickly and it was already dinner time! We ran across to get to the escalator leading to the Sunway Pyramid Mall, where we decided to have our dinner. The whole mall was unbelievably packed with human beings. I could tell majority of them were the ones who attended the Quicksilver Rev. as well.
Most restaurants were full! Which was very frustrating cause all of us were famished! Especially Jun and Tae Wan, most of the time they were yearning and groaning.
We ended up at Sushi King and you know how i dislike japanese food, so i didn't eat. I kinda lost my appetite when i saw the food. Luckily before that Jun bought me New Zealand ice cream! yummy! Mint Choc Kisses =} my favorite yo!

Jun was that tired he had to sit on the walkerlator or whatever you call it haha!!

I love this picture of us!

The gorgeous trio!!

Jun and i! we were very pooped out!
poor jun was sick, get well soon yeah =D

I love you guys!! x

Pink is the in thing baby!!

Goodnight y'all

Sunday, January 20, 2008

It has been awhile

First i would like to start by saying 'Happy Birthday phor phor!!! I love you oh so much... you'll always be appreciated and loved.'
My grandmother is the greatest chef on the planet!
I can guaranty you, after taking a bite on her famous cream puffs you'll be yearning for 10 more!!
and do praise her on her food, she likes it!

She cooks from eastern to western!
I never worry there won't be food in the kitchen....

Introducing my grandma, yes she is famous for her cheekiness! If I'm not mistaken she was trying to imitate somebody. (Bangsar Village)

Last night, we went to Imbi Palace to celebrate her 72nd birthday! The food was yummy =) especially the soup, ya know how i love soup!! no? well now you know!

Old cucumber soup with loads of seafood for starter~

Grandparents looking very charming that evening =)

Kim the wannabe chef!
sorry Kim they didn't allow any monkeys in the kitchen =(

We all went to KlCC that afternoon. Kim shopped like she has never shopped in her life, very normal of her though! She spent so much on Roxy and Billabong goods and she also bought a miserable pudding for dessert at the Isetan !
Kim: its an alternative to creme' brulee!
oh yes I collected my l'occitance membership card =}
I'm telling you, the staff at Quicksilver love me =)
It's kinda sad that no cool bands like The Click Five are coming down this year =(
2 years back The Click Five came and it ROCKED! great company and loud music yeap!...........the best combination! =D

Today is one of the most memorable day!

cupid strikes my heart AGAIN!
why oh why do you have to be so cruel to me.....
though I'm full of satisfaction and happiness!

goodnight y'all

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Starting It New And Fresh

Sunday was a Blast!

I promised my mom i would make pancakes so, today i woke up at around 9 in the morning to make pancakes for my mommy and i!!

It was supposed to be breakfast in bed for my mom but we ended up at the dining table hehe.

Making pancakes was easy! Even though i had some trouble shaping them into perfect round cakes, they tasted great! Especially eating them with raspberry sauce and butter. yumm!
Though the best pancakes were the ones served with syrup and butter. A classic =)

These are the pancakes i made, aren't they the prettiest?

ha! i wish i made those with my bare hands hahaha!

The best pancakes you can find in KL is at the all time famous 'Paddington House of Pancakes'! uhuh hell yeah 'They Flip it Right'! *thumbs up*

In the Afternoon

It rained so heavily this afternoon, it was not only pouring it was uber windy and that caused me to fly along with the umbrella when i opened the umbrella. At one time i lost control of the umbrella and it flew away! I had to run after it hahaha! it was fun alright chasing after it. Hilarious indeed! My mom and i burst out into laughter =D

Yes! it was something like this =D
just that this one looks a little bit fake haha!

well thats a wrap for tonight!


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fabulous 2008 here i come!

I am currently going all hyper on Kim!!!
Anyway, Happy new year y'all!! wishing u guys a fabulous year! =)

Last night, yup! new years eve, I attended a dinner and dance at the Rain tree Club. My aunt jenny invited me to join them.
It was a blast!
There were entertainers to "entertain" us, some fusion dance group, an Elvis Presley impersonator and a band!

I sat at the so called "kids" table with Kim and Feng. Coincidently there were two dudes from my school sitting at the same table with us!
I met Max, my once-in-a-blue-moon-we-meet-up-friend. He came together with his dad and elder brother who brought his lovely girlfriend along as well. Oh yes and, there was this cute guy by the name of Joshua at same table whom i just met on that night itself!=)

At the beginning, everyone on my table were awkwardly quiet, which made me, Kim and Feng felt really weird. After awhile, everybody started to mingle among each other....finally! haha!

Max and i

Kim fooling around as usual!

Feng and i having a great time! woot!

The bunch of disco kaki(s) who burnt the dance floor!

King and his pretty girlfriend =)

Max being all cheeky!

Sweaty us after boogie-ing the night away!

The crowd!!

The thorn among the roses!

I say, this is the best new years eve i have ever had! although i did miss spending it with my parents.
Well usually every new years eve i would be the only youngster who would be surrounded by old folks playing mahjong! Which is also quite fun because they are cool and sometimes they allow me to play a few rounds with them even though i am crap at it. hehe!

Welcome 2008!