Sunday, December 30, 2007

With no regrets

It feels so nice going back to dance again after such a long time. 8 months is way too long!
My feet and body took too long a rest which weren't very good because now my toes are aching. I guess i'm back to square one, learning the basic techniques. Cha cha walks, rumba walks, samba walks and other technical stuff. I'm glad i continued cause I was at the verge of losing the little bit of foot work I have and most importantly my interest in the dance.

My favorite dance is the rumba. The rumba its known as the dance of 'love' but Robin Sewell would interpret it as a dance of 'lust'! which is actually quite true in certain ways. A very sexy and passionate dance.

I am pooped out!

ps: my cousin Annabel bought me a juicy couture bag ! *grins*

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

....yet satisfying

A Merry Christmas to everyone!
hope everyone had a turkeylicious Christmas! Cause i did!!
My stay at Cameron Highlands resort was definitely a great experience. Just one thing i wasn't very thrilled about was the weather there, as it was rather sunny in the afternoon. Thank goodness the coolness of the air complimented it so it wasn't so bad. The journey to Camerons was terribly long! Glad we made a few toilet stops, we stopped at Tanah Rata after a few hours and had
yummy Baskin Robbins.

Mint Chocolate is de best!

We arrived in Brinchang which was a dull and crappy old town!
after all those hours sitting in the car my ass ached and i got bored passing through sooooooo many strawberry farms with awfully huge strawberry statues! it was like a never ending journey through strawberry land. Well sort of! haha!

Finally when we arrived at the luxurious resort at 2:30 pm, just in time for a late lunch!!


My granddad drinking his complementary chrysanthemum, doesn't he look cool?!?

At the buffet table, there were loads to eat!!

The Jim Thompson boutique!

Real HUGE koi fishes!
it allows you to touch them. smoothness!

After lunch we checked into our rooms. The rooms were spacious but at the same time cosy!!
We had connecting rooms so my parents were next to our room =)

The super comfortable bed for the 2 of us =D

Cousin Kimberry and I =D

The Queen of the Royal bed!



My beloved grandparents and i

We had Japanese for dinner on the first night! yes I know whatcha thinking. 'mel hates japanese food'. Anyway, there was a Japanese restaurant in the resort itself. Gonbei, one of the good ones according to Kim, the one who adores Japanese food so much. She was actually the main reason why we ended up eating Japanese. haha! Thanks for the experience kim!
and that was my first and last Japanese dinner, i shall promise you that!
The appetizer, it was actually quite tasty!

Raw prawn, tuna, salmon and scallop! i couldn't bare taking another bite on the raw scallop... after eating half the prawn i gave the rest to kim.

The steamboat. This was the only dish i could chew and swallow properly! except for that pinkish pickled stuff.. uber sour!

Tempura was good.

Fantastic green tea ice cream! this i can eat again though! de best =D



Thats a pretty reef!

hahaha! woohoo!

I ain't good at snooker =( haha

The very next day was Christmas eve, so after breakfast my dad and i went around the resort taking pictures!

A very bad jumping picture of me!

My dad and I


Jim Thompson Cafe

The lounge

Green fences
At the highlands golf course!

Visited the Village Spa in the resort! it was Bali style!

The outdoor beds where they do massages without oil

The bath spa for the couples

My daddy!

Time passed by so fast, and it was already time for a Christmas eve dinner!

The Menu

The appetizer, salad with prawns

Oxtail soup with barley

Asparagus with cheese

Turkey with chestnut sauce

Christmas pudding

Super duper sweet!
tasted nice though, but unfortunately i am not a sweet tooth...

Gorgeous couple
My grandparents!

My beloved parents

My aunt and uncle aka kimmy's parents
look how cheeky my uncle is hahaha! i think he was trying to bite her, HEE!

Aren't the buns the cutest?!
introducing my aunt Jenny at Christmas Eve Dinner!

Momster!! =D

The 3 musketeers =D

Grandfather <3

Yes i know, not very graceful, but it'll do! =)

Sexy and sleek

A gypsy in the house!

On our way down the steep hills of Cameron Highlands we stopped over at the BOH tea plantation and factory. I've not been there in ages! the last time i was there, the factory was in a better condition. Guess that was because it was a lil newer then haha! Sadly, now its all rundown.

Welcome to BOH Tea Garden and Tea Centre says Mr. BOH!

My dad and i hiked up the plantation to enjoy the panoramic view of the entire estate!
It was pretty steep hiking up but a breathtaking sight!

The Boh tea plantation is beautiful! i truly admire their work on it. ummph!

Thats a wrap
Goodnight! mwah.