Friday, December 31, 2010

Don't Look Back

fickle minded. those two words describe me perfectly.

as fickle as i normally am, which usually only applies to shopping. definitely not fickle minded when it comes to being friends with someone. i really don't get it, why can't the past be kept in the past? there is really no need to be so melodramatic about such things anymore. people are moving forward so why stick in the past while eating your heart out. there is really no need for any sort of verbal violence or accusation at this point.

just thinking about that particular moment makes me wonder why i was so silly to believe every word from your mouth. jumping into conclusions only ended up with an ugly scene full of tears and anger. anyhow, being angry and upset about the whole thing will not be part of my plan right now nor in the near future. forgiven but definitely not forgotten, yet.

on a slightly brighter note,

whatcha guys doing for New Years Eve?

here's a colorful picture :)


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Santa Baby

A merry christmas to all of you :) traditionally it isn't over yet so i still can wish you! well i definitely had a joyous christmas with family and friends. hoped all of you did spend your xmas with the ones u cherish most :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mobile blogger

hello! I'm now blogging from my iPhone. testing this out! I might be slow in dling this app but ah well later is better than never! =D

Mobile Blogging from here.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

JYJ - Found You, on play

I've decided to delete my blog from NetworkedBlogs on facebook. there is only one reason for that which is too much publicity. i know the point of a blog is for the public to read but i think i'd rather keep my blog at a low profile. what i also realized i that i used to blog more when it wasn't on NetworkedBlogs. maybe it's because the feeling of being all self conscious isn't there.


bf is coming to pick me up for dinner hehehe. why is he so nice? :P


Nov 22nd♥

This years birthday was definitely a special one, a date to remember forever. never thought my mom would sneak behind my back to contact all my friends and plan together a Surprise birthday party for me! it was perfect, the place, the food and of course the people who were there. everyone who i love most were there to celebrate my sweet 18th with me! friends from sri garden, ze dancer Chris, my college mates, Kim my cousin, my byfriend and my parents! it was quite like a dream come true :)

Every year on my birthday i never fail to celebrate, whether it was at home where we would invite all my friends and family over while granny would cook a feast or just going out to hang with my friends. even though my birthday last year was in the midst of SPM, i still went out for dinner with my parents and cousin on the eve. but it didn't just end there, continued with a cake and present from my bf at midnight :) i somehow always feel the need to celebrate, i mean it is a really special day!

my parents, the ones who have been always there to support and shower me with much love for all these years. i may be lacking in so many ways but what i do know is that i love you both to bits :,) thank you so much for the awesome party! especially to my mom who did everything! you so ROCKS! :D

melizen, yup it's corny but i love it!

monkey boy and i
a story of two opposites in love

this is Olivia, known her for years and counting. you know you love me beetch ;)

Rachel, she speaks, breathe, eat Korean! hahaha :P and so do i, sort of.

Mun Yee, the one who has a massive collection of make up! she always so dolled up :3 oh! can we please set a date for a slumber party soon so we can make Rachel up? LOL :D

Chris, the dance partner and a really great friend of mine :)

the crowd who were practically making the most noise :)

Darren the scholar in our class and also the sweetest :3, Weng Xian is the Kpop fan who generously shares all the good music with me! :D

Kae Chyn who has the cutest smile :D SHOOO CUTE!
Nicholas, he likes to get on my nerves and since i'm nice i always let him win :P HAHA.

These two apparently wore the same Polo shirt but in a different colour? hehe :D
Douglas is known for being the "bigbully" in class but in actual fact he's a nice guy on the inside :) i'm quite sure! Sai Keet is my grandson, can't really recall how that came about but haha he's the best grandson EVER! :D ilapu man.

with the 2 lala zaisss! Kevin endlessly tells me how fake looking my face is and i still am not sure why but it's a big compliment! :P Vicky is the other Kpop fanatic!

our walking wikipedia!!
Evan :D

Kar Keat looking good in his Blueberry..opps i mean Burberry hehe :P

Kah Jone, the King of Bak Kua and all kinds of FOOD :D

Ye Yang, the fatty bombom who lurve me loads :D:D:D:D LOL

my babyboo :)

these pictures looks so much like wedding pictures but with a smaller cake, HAHAHAHA!
thanks alot Chris :P

my girlfriends ♥

with the boys :) i have never seen such close buds, i think it's a guy thing. heng dai! lol

That's a one huge ass CJ7!

Hello Kitty polaroids for special people :3

my birthday cake which came along with a step by step manual on how to cut it :3
Royal Icing

i promise you, i wasn't aware that the Malaysian Tae Yang was right behind me!

see what i mean? absolutely UNAWARE! hahaha :3

and finally, alone with the cake :)

mom surprised everybody with each a souvenir!
will upload a picture of it another day :)

he seemed more like the birthday "girl" :( YOU STOLE ME LIMELIGHT :( hehe.

More pictures coming up and it may take awhile unless i decide to be a little more hardworking.

credits to kimmy for the beautiful pictures.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Roses

when lz surprised me with cupcakes lighted up in his car boot along with a bouquet of roses, a bucket of frigging delicious caramelized popcorn and orchids all the way from Singapore :3 despite the chaos and troubles he had to face in the airport (the saddening story of 2 Ipads stolen at the Singapore airport!) he still came to wish me at around 1am. i was sooooo happy, literally grinning my ass off the entire time. he even got his good friend Kah Weng to help out in his little surprise by bringing the cupcakes to Ye Yang's (another friend of his) house which is super near my area so it would be convenient for him. wahhh all the inconvenience just for me? am one lucky girl indeed :) everything was planned before he left for Singapore :3

by the time i ran up to grab my camera.... =( huhuhu.

yes i know i should have blogged this much earlier, sigh. no excuses but well have been really occupied and my birthday post is still on the way haha! oh well. i will definitely make time for it tomorrow.

missing you baby, especially how you make me smile :)


Friday, December 10, 2010

Say, "Oreo!"

while i stand proud and tall, i say "that boy over there in that picture, with Oreo stuffed in his mouth... is my Boyfriend!"

the first thing he told me when he gave me this picture of himself was "I joined this competition because you love Oreos." awww what a sweetheart :3 as you can see, he entered the Oreo Moments competiton right after his work out at the gym, no time to even take those gloves off :) SO CUTE RIGHT? lol i laughed my guts out when i first saw it and am still laughing whenever i see it now. oh and if you look verrrryyyy closely, you can see sweat on his singlet around the chest area! stinkerinaaaaaaaaa....

a sweaty gymster who was famished after hours of body building and was extremely eager to munch down some Oreo cookies! cooookiiiieee monssstarrrrr :D

this is funny, but what was funnier was that HE ACTUALLY WON! :D

we were right in the midst of a movie and they called him up to tell him he won the competition :) wah i was quite proud HAHAHA! so he won a heap load of Oreo cookies along with... i don't know what else.

and naturally since he won Oreo cookies, he would prolly give me some? NOPE! not even half of the cookie or the yummy cream in the middle :( rolf. well i didn't bother asking for them cookies anyway and as time passed by.... the cookies were longggg forgotten. plus i can't imagine myself gorging in Oreo cookies, what a GUILT trip that would be. pfft.

ANYWAY :) who need cookies when i have this picture! and it shall forever be a great story to tell, maybe to my grandchildren in the future? lol


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Away and Back

a short trip to the 2nd largest city in thailand. yeap, i was there in chiang mai for a few days with mom and grandparents, dad couldn't go cause he had to take care of Bruno our boxer lol. a light and easy trip that ultimately concluded to just shopping, shopping and just more shopping :) yes am one happy child. though what truly was disappointing was that the tomyam i had there was just mediocre :( i can find much better ones here in KL!

the thai people are extremely polite, perhaps it's their culture to be well mannered. unlike us, kuala lumpurians haha :P one thing that grasped me when i was there was that i looked so much fairer than usual. i looked at my skin and said to myself "holly shyt! why is my skin so white one?" lol the people over there adored my skin for its fairness :3 *perasan* HAHA nolah.

lz is prolly in madrid right now and i'm at home :( lucky boy. i have his Camry but my parents won't let me drive!! WHY :( auntie chiam also trust me with the car hahaha. pfft. oh well, imma try my luck by asking again soon! my parents just don't want to take the risk? "why drive when we can take you?" they would say. "butbut i wanna be independent :(" i'd tell myself.