Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

Time is of the essence right now, barely 3 weeks till my finals and i'm feeling so panicky. Haven't been blogging at all lately and i feel like choking myself for abandoning my blog but my tight schedule has been frigging hectic. After the 18th of Nov, i'm a FREE BIRD! :D

me likey this happy picture of lz, lz's mommy and his younger sister :)

this baby of mine is 1 month and 3 days old

I dedicate this day to Maths and i will not procrastinate! *determined*


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lunch Date

Sushi Tei, Pavilion

Sunday afternoon tea with the Tengku :) decided to go for Jap because she wanted to have some green tea -.-

she also had some overpriced japanese tofu -.-''

my unagi roll thingi :D yummy! very substantial :) recommended for big eaters. Couldn't finish it so i shared some of the protein with Kissy.

purchased a new beanie from Forever 21,
it was plastic bag week so i had no choice but to wear it :3

the awesome friend of mine who is super proud to be part Chinese :P

Not many hours spent together but we had great long conversations just talking nonsense and "sipping" our snowflake :D Love you Tengku :) till we meet again. HARHARR!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Much to share with you all but so so so little time!! :( It makes me sad that I haven't got the strength to be some kinda Superwoman. Today is gonna be fun :) an outing with the girls. Mun Yee is frigging late, gonna spank her bum bum later >=(

Ahhh I seriously have a lot to blog about! Well, them updates will be posted soon :) so...

Stay tuned :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Love You Still...

I've added this to my favourite list :) This is such a cute song! I'm pretty much addicted to it since Sean introduced it to me! Super awesome song. At first I thought it was some vulgar bullshit song when he sent it to me but it was the total opposite! The dude sings Fuck You like it's a good thing :P

Give it a listen and you'll get what I mean :)

Another song that was added to my favourites and was also recommended by Seanster, haha yes I bully him a lot by making him send me nice songs nyek nyek! Their songs are somewhat like Jack's Mannequin :) who i LOVE a lot as well! YouTube them now!!

*dances along to Fuck You*



Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Laff You Guys :)

We managed to warm up the seats on the first day of its opening :)
Starbucks on campus, superb!

Woah my lips look so thick here they look like sausages! nyek nyek.

Kevin acting cute at the back there! :D SOOO KAWAII :O
Look how they're so blardy engross with Plants VS Zombies! If you're wondering, it's a game where Plants VS Zombies lah, what else? LOLOL

Sai Keet, the annoyance in the class :) what you don't know is the real annoyance is one with the face of a creepy doll :D

see! I annoy my mates like hell :P HAHA! this is Kevin, I call him Cabin to annoy him :) see what I mean?

Chester and half of Douglas :O I annoyed them when they were playing poker!
edit: OMG IT'S FRANKIE! not Douglas! HAHA SORRY LAH :(

Here's Darren, well this is a little different! he annoys me most of the time =.=
Call him gay and he'd prolly give ya a grin :)

FIC ruling Starbucks at Lakeside ;)

Realize how all my expressing are the same in every picture? Don't ask me why cause I have no idea either! Was on hyper mode that time :P hehe.


My October Fest?

Have been so caught up with college till there wasn't enough time to update you on what has been going on lately :( well I'm here and so I shall update ;)

Just yesterday I watched a late night movie with the bf at Pavilion. It was one of Zac Efron's latest movie, Charlie St. Cloud. A few weeks ago I saw the trailer and thought that it would be a good movie. Guess I felt way too lethargic and sleepy yesterday and before realizing it, I fell asleep in the midst of the show. So I pretty much don't know what's it about cause I already dozed off on to his chest before reaching the climax of the movie. I do remember that I woke up half way and saw the main actors, Charlie and Tess about to do have sex? and Lz was trying to cover my eyes? -.- geewee that was the only climax I had managed to see I suppose? rofl. I couldn't care less lah, sleep was way more important at that point and time :P and so I continued sleeping till the very END! Woke up feeling all cranky. Sorry babe! Didn't mean to, must have been my subconscious mind taking over and yearning for more sleep! lol I even continued my sleeping journey in the car and straight to the bed! nyeknyek. I did brush my teeth before dying off though. :3

Anyway bf said that the movie wasn't all that great. Not sure how true that is but imma take his word for it :)

Oh oh, last night was the first time in my life seeing so many Indians at the box office. That's prolly because for the first time the cinema was showing a Hindu movie! Quite awesome yesh? At least they cater for all races now :)

Mom and I today went on a movie date and we watched Eat, Pray, Love. A very meaningful and inspirational 2hours and 13 mins :) worth every minute! Won't wanna spoil it for you so just go and watch it!

I tell you, after watching this movie you would be craving for Pasta, Chapati and Gelato instantly! Like how mom and I did! and of course Romancing in the heart of Italy! That would be Perfecto!

Dinner :)

"What's the word for Italy?"