Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Rose Among Thorns

Loving SOCIT more and more :)
you guys rock! well WE rock :D

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trio Once Again

After quite a long time we finally had the chance to get together, just the three of us :) for old times sake! we decided to go to Megamall because of the often time spent at Pav which was getting somewhat sickening for them. though i still love Pav! haha will never get sick and tired :P the oddness of me.

Anyway, we indulged in Delicious food :)

Oli and i shared some crab meat pasta :)

yeah we were on a diet! ;)

The super duper hungry one that day had the all time Bolognese pasta. her favourite :) but guess what? she left all the beef aside for her imaginary friend to eat. =.-

Oli wanted to get her hair cut by a NEW stylist so she ended up at Jetzen and got herself strikes of brown highlights :)

These 2 naughty girls weren't patient enough to wait for her so we strolled off to Baskin Robins :) Mun was still hungry hahaha!

Cookies and Cream if not mistaked :D look! they had cookies on top! she self proclaims that they gave it to her because she was hot HAHAHAHA! :P pfffttt :D

and i was just posing with her ice cream :D for camwhore sake HAHA

many stories were shared and a LOT of catching up :)

when Oli joined :) hahaha she was so upset when we couldn't see her highlights! aww hun, i guess it needed sometime to settle in because now they're really obvious :D


Friday, January 15, 2010


I started college last Monday and it has been pretty awesome :) i had decided to take up Foundation in Computing from the very first start when i went to check out the Lake Side Campus and no i have no regrets! surprised? well many were too :) i guess i could be mistaken for a Mass Com. student :D

SOCIT! the whole lot of us plus a few seniors at the first row! they made us play games which were actually quite fun :D spot me! well i'm very sure that would be easy as it looks like i'm the ONLY girl 0.0

with our very own Mass Communication ladies!

this is Kyean, the one who poses with anything and EVERYTHING! :D

omg. one word to describe this situation! FUNNY. even the negro dude sniggered at his seat while we laughed our asses off thanks to daring woman here! lol damn it was fun :D

ps: if one of you dude's from the picture ever see this, so sorry and we hope we're cool with this! Hehe Peace and Love :D

Olivia and i are Siamese twins!!

Yo! what up!

Hoodie's! <3

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pirans's Night Out

Just last week i finally got to catch up with my dearest Pirana sister, Li Tien :) after having to postpone a few times! pfft. ya know, we are two very busy women! hahahaha :) anyway it was a really great meet, we did the very same thing as we did the first meet of ours. which was dinner at Delicious and a drink at Starbucks! :D my Pirana and i have been friends for about 5 years now and our friendship has been going strong or stronger ever since :)

Mel: hey your face looks small from far!!!
Tien: okay GOOD! take it from far HAHAHA!
Mel: hahahahahahaha!

a really nice picture of us both :) Pirana Power! woot! :D

Our Starbucks hour :D we sat at the very same place we sat 2 years ago!

when she went : omg! it's hugeeeeee!! hahahaha!
how nice of me to get her something for christmas eh :) i'm such a thoughtful friend! hehe

she's gonna look so cute in them :D

great mind think alike, well in this case it was copy cat and she was copy i was cat!

self timer and MAJOR camwhore session :D

us super happy :D
aw gosh i love this of us with our drinks! advert worthy!

we were trying to act cute, i think i failed! =3 i looked sad instead!

look! big boobies! *poke poke*


lala version of rabbits? :D

yup, it's us against the world! in dream world that is HAHA :D

can't wait for our next meet!!! :D Love ya loads tienieeeee! ;)


mani and pedi's at A Cut Above followed by yummy satisfactory food at Emperor Q :)

due to the fact that mom just got her bottom teeth all braced up she had to eat porridge! haha the porridge tasted somewhat odd :p yes my MOM has got braces while i don't! hahaha oh well!

i had the set meal, mapo tofu swimming in sweet and spicy sauce with cod fish by the side! this was goooooooood :D



that's all that matters, :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Party Has Not Ended!

the day after Prom was Melizen Day! :D

Smiley meets retardo!

him stoning and ignoring me! pfft. what a sleepy head! haha :D

we ended up in Pavilion for lunch! my favourite food court meal, Express Teppanyaki!

hahahaha!!! what a nose flarer!! wanna know a secret? he always flares his nose whenever he tells a lie :D well that's me being over exaggerated! rwar.

this is how i look when i sleep at 4 in the morning!

Snowflake! de bomb i tell ya! all my favourite goodies in one huge bowl...
ahhh beyond heaven! whoever thought of blended soya bean is a Genius! :D

our very own Snowflake commercial! :D

wow sho handsome man :D hahahaha!

i tried copying his expression but i ended up looking like mutated white creature! :(

all these pictures brings back super funny memories that allows me to laugh whenever i look at them :D hahahaha!