Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Bella Notte..

Make up, done by a make up artist from MAC. she did a great job, it totally suits my personality! very fierce.
Hair was done at A' Cut Above located in Parkson. was quite satisfied with the hair do although i didn't imagine it to be so curly! but okay :)

i look like some Chinese lady from the 70's :)

damn, how much i love my leopard outfit that i got from Singapore's Topshop!

Lady in Red
i absolutely love my dress that i practically designed :) the idea of tassels behind were contributed from my mommy :) Gary Teh, my designer did a spectacular job!

they allowed me to keep all my things in this really big room where they actually have their some sort of hair treatments there i suppose. it's this really neat room reflective walls and all.

my back

i had to walk all the way from the salon to the valet area where my date was waiting for me in his car looking like a living doll! especially when a sea of people were waiting for Jay Chow to arrive at the valet area. though so many eyes were smiling at me, i just strutted my way to the car leaving everyone awed :)

the moment he saw me, he was loving me even more.. hahahaha!

picture perfect :)

this was a beautiful shot of us taken by Adi, the professional photographer of the night :)

Melizen :D

My boy who made it my best prom ever :)

love this picture taken by Lim Yau Hui, we all look so classy!

Ladies of the night..

Kist, my ever so bitchy and loud friend who speaks her mind all the time without thinking about the consequences or other peoples feelings hahahaha yes! well thats why i love her as she is so straight forward and real :) my lady looked awfully stunning that night :) like she always says, Elegent :)

we sexy and you know it Biatch! *rawr*

awwww, Kissy! ;)

Olivia, the one who was pratically a sister to me for over many years. she has the weirdest and saddest laugh EVER! trust me! when you see her laugh, tears would flow down her cheeks! and when we are in your presence, you can never not hear us! :D

doesn't she look like a pretty little petunia here :D awww!

2 very hiao poh's!

Tae Wan, my korean brother! we've been good friends since form 3 :) he has always been very helpful and really sweet to me throughout those years :) kamsahanida tae wan shi :)

This is Carmen, the ever so CHEERFUL one who loves to make everything happy and filled with LOVE! :D

my leng chai guy mates! don't they look dashing :D especially my boo in the middle! damn sexy in his silver suit ;)

with Kar Keat and Jian Rick :)

Us, with Shep. the one who is extremely devoted to Malaysia ;)

Chitra and i :)

Jac, my accounts teacher throughout the one year of dreadful accounts for me cause im so lame and helpless! thank you so much jac :) owe u one for that!

with Fong Bee and Kah Jone :)

with Kah Weng and Sylvia who looked super stunning in her super low dress! :D

MC: why do you think that you should be the Prom Queen?
that dude totally trying to make fun of my hawtness pfft! hahaha :P and look at my uber priceless expression! open up to see :)

the Dancing Queen

a little samba move for the crowd! :)

Mun Yee, an old friend of mine. she's always hyper and very cute with her expressions! :)

Jin Li, well that night was the first time i spoke to her :) she's really sweet!

Ms. Princess Kyean and i :) she's the most hardworking when it comes to updating her blog with a gazillion pictures and loves food to the max as u can see in her blog :) hohoho! :D

all ready to go attend our own party :D

Shep, a fun and outgoing guy who can party all night till the break of dawn! lol :D

Soon Yang, a really playful guy! but really nice too :)

Yeong Wei, one ultra creative dude i've ever met! :D

Malcolm, the man in black :)

Mou and i! he's the Sejarah expert :D knows his facts darn well!

these hotties were burnin' up the dance floor when i bumped into them and decided to take snap shoots :D

Best Dressed :D


aww, monkey boy with dimple! :)
when we were in our own world, romancing the night away...

him, the one that never fails me. the one that has been by my side for these past months since we sat in class together. the one who i know that cares and worries for me at every moment. the one who allows me to be my crazy self despite how hideous i look. the one that is absolutely the opposite of me. the one that has been giving me pure and generous love...
the only one that touches my heart in so many ways...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Prom 09'

Bella Notte it was...

credits to Lara Sophia for the lovely picture :)