Monday, June 13, 2011

Lucky June

I have finally gotten myself, no wait.. my dad finally got me/us a Nikon D5100 :D
when i saw him bring back a dslr, my heart let out a silent scream and i couldn't wait to grab hold of it! so much anxiety rupturing inside of me! urghhhhhh :D

I can now officially and proudly say, "I am a DSLR user!" (y) HAHAHAHA suck on that compact users! cheyy.. NO LAH :P jooooooking!

there is no doubt that my compact Canon Ixus is still working perfectly and it can take great pictures too! it has been through thick and thin with me for so many years now *sigh* wouldn't give it up for anything :)


the new toy

this beauty takes full 1080p HD videos with a full time autofocus, my dad thinks video recording is important so yeah, very good! it surprisingly also comes with an extra feature which most slr's do not have, Effects~ fancy eh? my favorite mode is Selective color (where you select a specific color and it isolates within the scene) and High key (it emphasizes the mood of the scene). the D5100 has the capability of capturing 4 frames per second continuously at a high speed. fuuhhh fast :D this camera is definitely made for me, as its Vari-angle LCD monitor allows u to view the scene at many angles cause it can swivel...which also means a thumbs up for camwhoring :D nyeknyek.

i am really glad that my dad didn't end up getting the D90 or D7000. humungous machines that weighs a ton! i would probably build neck muscles by the end of the day. i know how it feels like because i've experienced carrying leezen's D7000 before and it was no stroll in the park. captures beautiful pictures but not practical for a girl like me :3 *flips hair*

still at the learning stage, learning how to take flawless pictures. anyone keen and patient enough to teach me? :D

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